University of Arkansas Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


I believe there is a stereotype that UofA students spend most of their time partying at the local bars/pubs nearby the campus. However, most of the students I have come into contact with have expressed their eagerness to do well in school and how hard they work at keeping their grades up. It is a small population that constantly parties instead of taking their classes more seriously.






Egg heads. Not true of everyone.


The stereotypes really vary from group to group. There's a lot of diversity so your going to find all kinds of people on campus.


I think the stereotype for students at the University of Arkansas is the same as any SEC school, we love football. However, the UA offers so much more than a competitive sports program for students to enjoy. We have a very diverse student body and the colleges at the university offer very interesting perspectives on a number of disciplines. Being located in the American South, there is a social stigma that the university and residents of Arkansas are often associated with, but once students come to Fayetteville it is easy to see this reputation or stereotype is not true. Fayetteville is a town designed for students to enjoy living in a city without the large crowds. To be honest the only problem is the traffic.


I am an international student, and I have noticed that whenever I mention I am from Northwest Africa, students from around here will be surprised and ask: "why Arkansas?" I think a big number of students consider Arkansas to be a small southern state, so they consider many students outside the U.S. will not find out about it.


This is absolutely a good way. Almost everyone on campus loves the Razorbacks and take every opportunity to express it. We wear the clothes, attend all the games, and cheer so loud that we lose our voices. I love the fact that during away games there will be more razorback fans than the home team fans. It isn't just the students who are die hard fans. The faculty and staff on campus get involved, the local restaurants use razorback decor, the sporting good stores and retail stores around arkansas sell razorback memorabilia. I have to say Arkansas as a state completely support the Razorbacks just as strongly as we do on campus. WOO PIG SOOIE!!!


Our school is said to be a party school with tons of athletes and greeks, but its not true. We're all students first, who attend classes and make good grades. We love to have fun and spend time with friends whenever we're not studying.

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