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What is your overall opinion of this school?


I love the University of Arkansas. The professors are approachable and understanding. The campus is gorgeous year-round. The students are kind and helpful and fun.The offices are managed well and are always helpful and patient.






The University of Arkansas located in Fayetteville, AR is definitely held in an high opinion for me. It's location is one of the best things about the school. Deep in the Ozarks, in the foothills of the Boston Mountains, the campus is directly adjacent to the very vibrant and tradition rich college town of Fayetteville. You can find almost anything to do around the area, from nature walks and canoeing to exploring the many activities on Dickson street, Fayetteville's major college entertainment district. Arkansas surprises many people when they come visit the state, especially the northwest part. The surrounding areas growing population enjoys a well balanced economy with many very large corporations in the area, including the grand daddy of them all, Wal-Mart. The school benefits greatly from Wal-Mart's presence especially the business college. I would definitely consider people here to be extremely friendly and always looking for a good time. Fayetteville's culture is a unique mix of various regional cultural aspects. It blends a mountain hippie retreat with a big time SEC college town. There doesn't seem to be a weekend where something unusual happens, as Fayetteville seems to operate in its own world. The one biggest complain by students is the parking at U of A. Since its built on a hill, space is hard to find. However, the administration is working on solving this problem with some pretty innovative ideas.


I love the University of Arkansas and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. Fayetteville is a great college town and the area is beautiful. There is a lot of construction right now which is frustrating at times but it also means that the school is growing which is healthy. There is a huge variety of majors and a wonderful faculty. No matter what your passion is you can find a club or group with the same interest. There are all kinds of churches and ministries. The U of A really is a great place to go to school. If I were a senior in high school again knowing everything that I do I would choose Arkansas again in a heart beat.


The University of Arkansas is a good school. I think it is especially a good "starter" school for freshmen. There are multiple freshmen orientation programs that run throughout the year to help undergraduates adjust to college life. The city of Fayetteville is a great college town. There are lots of things to do in town and the city shares in the school pride found on campus. There are a lot of Razorback fans in the Ozarks. The administration of this school is very fair and easy to contact. As a journalism student, I can just pick up the phone and call the chancellor just for a class assignment. The thing that I would change about this school is the advising. I am a student in the college of Fulbright, and the advising here for students is not very good. Most of the assigned advisers outside of professors in your department do not seem to know what they are talking about, and you can loose a lot of time and money with a poor adviser. Also, the University of Arkansas is in a transition period. The school is trying to construct multiple buildings to fill the need for the growing student population. This can be frustrating at times, classroom locations will change and the noise is hard to work around, but most professors are understanding and are dealing with the same problems. I am really glad I got my undergraduate degree at Arkansas. It is a good place to learn and grow. The campus provides a number of great study spots, like Arsega's coffee shop in the Law library. The most important thing I will take away from my experiences here is the friends I have made. The UA provides a lot of opportunists to grow as a person and meet new people. I chose to participate in Student Media and from those experiences I have developed useful skills and great relationships.


the best thing about U of A is the availability of student resources such as tutoring, counseling, the library, International student and Scholars office, Center for multicultural and diversity eduction. U of A total student population is 25 thousand. They do have good ranked programs such as business, engineering, agriculture, poultry science. Fulbright College of arts of sciences has also some good programs. I spend most of my time in the Student Union. School's administration is generally good. There's for sure school pride in the Razorbaks!! Woooo Pig Sooie! The football team did really well this season. It got ranked # 3 after LSU and Alabama. I really like the city, Fayetteville, because it's not too big so there was no distractions that mostly encountered in big cities. The tuition is reasonable so there are a lot of students from Texas who come to U of A because of cheaper tuition. Most students complaints is related to Housing because the number of students increases each year without increasing the capacity of dorms.


The University of Arkansas has the most helpful faculty and staff. They will respond to your questions, emails, or requests in a timely manner, they give advice to help you, they recommend facilities or people to help if they cannot. The campus wants their students to achieve their goals. I am a non-traditional student. I came here at 18 and soon got kicked out due to bad grades; however, when I turned 30 the University gave me another chance and have helped me the whole way through. The University has a wide variety of scholarships and grants to help people in many different situations. There are also many co. around the University that support the students. The town is very supportive and donates their money, time, merchandise, and goods to help in any way. The school also helps the community. There are many different clubs and groups on campus that donate their time to helping around town. Most of my time was spent at Grad ed building, but I love attending the games, volunteering to clean up the campus, work as a work study, and use the computer labs around campus. It is a campus full of successful professionals who want to create successful adults out of the students. The professionals want the students to meet their full potential.


My university is one of the best. It has hands on opportunities for student to connect with professors, get all the tutoring and help needed to succeed, and experience great networking opportunities with alumni and professionals in our desired careers. We have the best sororities and fraternities on this campus as well as over 300 registered student organizations to get involved in.


For the price the school is a great mix of everything you could want out of the college experience. A growing population of students from around the world lends to limitless culture learning, the number of bars and cheap beer gives an opportunity to blow off steam after the midterms and the views year-round of the Ozark mountains are stunning. The greeks don't run everything but they are involved everywhere and there's always a group volunteering for whatever organization you want to donate time to. The students are friendly without being fake and I've found the teachers to be more than approachable, especially in the larger classes since so few will try to set up office visits.


The University of Arkansas is a big joke. t's pretty sad actually. The administration doesn't care about students to any noticeable extent, in fact it's a wonder anything gets done, everyones job is just to send you to another office. They recently passed a tobacco ban without consulting anyone, and with no way to enforce it. It's a pretty bad school.


Arkansas is an incredible school and I am more and more glad everyday that I picked Fayetteville to be my next home. I graduated from a very small, country school in the most southern part of Arkansas that anyone will ever come across! A lot of people from my highschool would not want to go to a big university because it could be overwhelming but I love every minute of it. Fayetteville is great because it is a college town and everyone is very social. There are so many things to do around the town.




The atmosphere at Arkansas is fantastic! This campus is completely student-oriented, and there is something to do for everyone. UofA pride and spirit is unmistakeable, and the academics offered couldn't be better! I am proud to be a student at the University of Arkansas, and a part of the Razorback family! GO HOGS!


Arkansas is an amazing university! It is a great education for your money! Northwest Arkansas businesses are booming, so there is great placement after graduation. Fayetteville / Rogers / Bentonville is a really fun place to live, there is lots to do, great restaurants and great shopping! We are the only Razorbacks in the country...who doesn't love to call the hogs?! Woo Pig Sooie! Great athletics, the prices for campus events are great!! The UofA is the only school in the nation to continue the senior walk!!


There is alot of school pride.


The size of the University of Arkansas is just right. People usually have a very limited reaction when I tell them I attend the U of A - they either don't know anything about it or just associate it with the rest of the state. I spend most of my time on campus in the business building. I love that Fayetteville is a college town because there is so much to do and so many activities geared towards college students. There is a lot of school pride, especially Razorback sports.


The best thing about Arkansas is the campus. I absolutely love the surroundings. There are cool little seating areas all around outside with awesome plants and trees everyone. It is so pretty to see why we are known as the "natural" state.


I love Arkansas. I think it is the perfect size.


I love the school and the atmosphere. The teachers are great.


We get lots of snow so plenty of snow days. We have relatively large class sizes but I find them to be just the right size. People think Arkansas is one big party school but you can always find a happy median.


Anyone could come here and find a place to plug-in. It is an average size college town with a strong school spirit! Go Hogs!


I love Arkansas. I'd change the parking situations, it sucks. But its just the right size. I have a ton of school pride, and most of the people I know do as well. Go hogs!


I wish that the school was a little bigger. I also wish that there was more school spirit and pride. I do like that Greek life is big here. I enjoy being in a sorority because you get a chance to get to know a lot of people that you wouldn't get to know otherwise.


I love the U of A. It is the perfect size. Its not too large so that you know alot of people on campus but it isn't too small. The professors here are very nice, and will help you if you need any help with your school work and most will go out of their way to do so. There is alot of school pride .. GO HOGS!


I absolutely love our campus. I think its beautiful. Our school is really big but I wouldnt change it. When I tell people I go to Arkansas they always show intererst in my experience. I spend most of my time with my sorority sisters somewhere on campus or at the library!


It's BEAUTIFUL here! The size is perfect. I feel like people from Arkansas think Arkansas students are snobby, but people from out of state think we are hicks.


the best thing about Arkansas is that it is so diverse. I think the size of the school is just right.


Razorback pride is the best thing about Arkansas.


The best thing about Arkansas is our football team! GO HOGS! one thing i would change is to have more PARKING! the school size is definitely just right! i spend most of my time on campus in my sorority house..


The town of Fayetteville where the school is located is like a hidden gem and everyone should know about it.


It's a great campus. People are really nice. The buildings are new.


The University of AR is the home of the Razorbacks. First time visitors are likely to hear us "call the Hogs" if they go to any sporting event. It is a school based on pride and tradition. The campus and city of Fayetteville is a beautiful location to live and has breathtaking scenery. I encourage any high school graduates to give the University of Arkansas a look. It is the perfect size and has everything to offer.


arkansas is great. end of story. being from texas, i was a little nervous coming to an out of state school where you can't just drive home in an hour or so if you miss homecooking or just want to sleep in your own bed, maybe do a little shopping. i couldn't be happier that i chose the u of a. everyone is so real here. coming from dallas, where southern methodist university is basically my next door neighbor and having run into a few college students from there, arkansas is extremely different. there is something for everyone here. people say when you go to big state schools you may want to consider that there are thousands of people on campus and you may never see anyone in any given day-- i generally see at least three people that i know each day going through my daily activities whether it be going to class, studying in the library, or grabbing some food for dinner. Fayetteville is a great town too, no there is not as many food choices in dallas-- but then agian dallas is HUGE-- fayetteville is the perfect size for a college town, still stuff to do, but not overwhelmingly big ,and everyone comes together for those good 'ole razorback games! woo pig!


Arkans is the perfect size. It's large enough that you get the "big campus" feel, but small enough so that you feel that you can make a difference there. The University of Arkansas is ranked as one of the top universities in the nation, but many people don't realize that. I spend most of my time in the David W. Mullins Library on campus. It's a great place to study, do research, surf the internet, and even take a small nap.


It is big enough to where you see a lot of new people but small enough to where you usually know at least one person on campus. Fayetteville is so fun and great college town, I'm from Texas so at first people would ask me why I chose the U of A a lot but more and more Texas people are coming. There is a ton of school pride.


The campus is very large but that means that there is always a perfect group for you


I absolutely love the U of A. I think it is a wonderful size. It is big enough that there are always new people to meet, but still small enough that I run into people I know on campus all the time. This University is seeped in tradition. I love the Senior Walk, where they put the names of all of the graduates in the sidewalks. Calling the Hogs is another really neat tradition. It is amazing to see 70,000 people calling the Hogs at a football game. Fayetteville is a total college town. On football game days, the town of Fayetteville almost shuts down. There is so much school pride, it is really neat to be a part of this school and the traditions.


i love the atmosphere of the south. i love our beautiful campus.


The best thing about Arkansas is the atmosphere, and that most everyone here really wants to be here. I think the size of the campus is just right, where i don't feel like i see a bunch of people i knew from high school that go here, but small enough where i always can find a familiar face. Fayetteville is a major college town, i love it. It's really based around Dickson Street for people who are 21 to go out to the bars, and people who come up for football and basketball games always gather along Dickson.


I love the University of Arkansas. Coming from Oklahoma, a lot of people wonder why I chose to go to the University of Arkansas. For some reason people in OK often times express a negative opinion toward AR education. However, I believe they are simply ignorant, and I know I am receiving a wonderful education from the University.


woooooo pig sooie! arkansas is a great college town! we have the coolest mascot and extremely involved fans! our school is just the right size..i came from a huge high school so it doesnt bother me! we have so much to do...ok maybe not as much as some schools but you can def party...dickson street!! only complaint...NO PARKING!!!


It is amazing


I love the atmosphere on campus and how beautiful it is and all of its buildings. I love walking to the bus stop bc it has an amazing view of Fayetteville.


arkansas is just the right size, not too big, not too small


SOOOO FUN!!! Great friends and everyone makes you feel at home. Fayetteville is such an awesome and beautiful place. It feels like you are part of a family.


The absolute best thing about Arkansas is the Arkansas Razorbacks. Every student on campus has a special place in their heart for all the sports teams.


I love Arkansas. The campus is beautiful, and I love that it is a walking campus. I HATE the parking around campus however. There is not enough parking and the school is growing and they are not building enough parking for the growth. Personally, I do not want to school to get any bigger. I think it is the perfect size! There is a ton of school pride here at Arkansas!!!


I love going to the University of Arkansas! One of my favorite things about the U of A are our amazing athletic facilities. I love attending all of the games, and we all take great pride in having some of the best facilities in the nation!


I feel that u of a is a good size school. its good because it is a state school but not to overwhelming. The greek life is huge at the U of A, and everyone seems to love our college town of fayetteville. go hogs!

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