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What kind of person should not attend this school?


I don't think people who are just attending college for the "college experience" should attend. I think only people who are willing to learn should attend this school. That would make more room in classes and allow those who really want to get a good education and plan to graduate.


This may be a weird answer, but unambiguous people should not attend this school. The campus is very adamant on party life and students who value parties more than school can easily go downhill.


There really isn't a kind of person that shouldn't attend the University of Arkansas. No matter what type of person you are, there are activities and places for everybody. If you are the social type, then the greek life is right for you. Do you like to be active? There are many athletic complexes that hold a variety of events! Some people don't like to go out and that's okay. There are many locations on campus that are perfect for you to go and relax at! There's something for everyone at the University of Arkansas!


The type of person that should not attend this school are ones who are not willing to take a challenge, or someone who is not hard working and determined.


People who are only going to college just to say that they went should not come here. At this campus, you are the only person who cares whether or not you go to class. Nobody cares whether you have your homework done, whether you miss a test, or whether you dropped out. Most teachers do not offer help to the students so you must find your own resources to succeed in the classroom. If you are not driven and self-reliant, you are not going to do well here. It is not like high school.


Someone who doesn't like windy days, lots of school spirit, or is extremely concerned about diversity.


Someone that is looking for a more modern and renovated campus, with little tradition, as well as, not wanting to go somewhere that is very active in greek life probably shouldn't attend this school.


The type of person to attend this school should be a social, spirited, hard-working individual. Greek life is very popular here, but it's not necessary to be involved in it to be social and have fun. You should also not mind the cold weather, because it can get to be very cold in the fall and winter time. Because of all the social events and sports games that there are here, it is important to be a well-organized person who can balance both school work and a social life.


There really is not a person that could not find people like them at U of A. There are groups for all different types of people from all different backgrounds. And if there is not a group for you, you are more than welcome to start one and see how it grows!


Although some of the University's feilds of study aren't as developed as others, there is a place for everyone. It is very diverse and allows for any type of person to addend no matter what they are going to school for.


A person who isn't open to other cultures and doesn't wish to learn about them should not attend this school.


The people that shouldn't attend this school are the people who are unwilling to work and attend classes, but then again they shouldn't attend any school. There is no point in applying and slacking just so you can fail out. Why waste the money and time? When going to any university, one should be ready, willing to study when there are parties the night before that eight am class. They should take their classes seriously, because it will pay off. They should also love what they take, I believe that it the secret to success.


A student who doesn't want to attend class or study for at least 6 hours for a test should not attend this school. Also is you are not willing to be social you can apply but no one will like you. Everyone on this campus is social.


Someone coming from out of state who doesn't want to be far away from their family and friends


In my opinion a person that is not self disciplined and independent should not attend this school.


The only kind of person that should not attend the University of Arkansas is someone who doesn't want to learn, have fun, or work hard.


People who attened this school are hard workers who do not give up. If you are lazy, dont want to study, and put your main focus on school then you probablly shouldnt attend this school.


i feel that anybody could attend this school.


Someone who is looking for a large campus population should not attend this college.


A person who likes small classes and dont like interacting with the professors and students. There are a lot of students in a slightly small place. Its roomy enough but maybe not so much for people that like space. It's very diverse here though and can accomodate to almost anyones learning needs.


Someone who doesn't like to be around Greek groups shouldn't come here. The Greek life is unescapable, and sometimes it's nearly overwhelming. People don't seem to care whether your Greek or not, but you can't get out of seeing it everywhere you go.


Someone who is not academically driven should not attend this campus. Since the school has so much to get involved in, someone who is not focused can easily become distracted.


As long as people remain open-minded when attending this school, every one should come.


Anyone who is not looking to make any friends or participate in study groups. Study groups are a major part of learning the material at this school and it is easy to make friends.


anyone who whats to get a good education and have a lot of fun doing it


I think anybody could attend this school and find a group to fit in with. Remebmer it is in Arkansas so most people are conservative and caucasian but there is still a good amount of people who are the exact opposite of that. No matter what you believe or like to do for fun there is somebody here who also likes to do that too.


Someone that is unwilling to implement time management and sacrifice social time for study time.


Someone who needs a lot of guidance when it comes to advising. There aren't good advisors here, which has cost me LOTS of money in the form of taking classes I did not need.


I think this university is a good place for anyone to attend. We are a very diverse school. Ethnicity should not be a problem when you are selecting this school. Also there are plenty of chances to get involved in social activities. This is a great place for a more reserved person to go because you will find plenty of people who are also just getting out on their own and trying to find out who they are. The school is very welsoming to all types of students.


anybody who expects it to be easy


A person that is would not be good for attending this school would be someone who doesnt like to make new friends and someone who is introverted and not good at being away from home. Also if a person doesnt like to work then they probably wont be at the university for very long.


The only real way to answer this question is to say I wouldnt recomend this school to someone who doesnt want a great education, a great environment and amazing possibilites for their future. If your not prideful in everything that you do, if you are one who doesnt want to be surrounded by amazing people who come from all different walks of life, then this school may not be for you. If you dont want that next great step in your life leading you to amazing things, then this isnt the school for you. Your missing out however!


This would not be a comfortable environment for a person in search of a much deeper learning experience than just recieveing a degree. At the University, the object is to attain a degree and use your connections to land an office job with nice benefits in Little Rock. I would not recommend this college to a minority it search of a better life.


A person who does not work hard or not plan to study should not attend this University. The University of Arkansas places great emphasis on hard work in class and several hours outside of class doing homework, research and study. If a person is not able to meet any of these requirements they will not pass their classes.


Someone who wants a stong sense of community and school pride. Also, someone who wants to get involved in extra-curricular activities as well as focus on academics.


There is no person that should not attend this school. Its a large public university that has, in my eyes, very little to be afraid of. Due to the nature of the occupants however, a middle eastern male might want to watch his back.


Someone who doesn't want to advance themselves, someone who is only here to get away from parents and party all the time. Someone who doesn't want to learn, but just wants to sit in class or only shows up for tests.


The University of Arkansas is very accepting and easy to attend. The student body and faculty are very diverse. I do not think that there is any type of person that would not fit in to the academic or social life.

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