University of Arkansas Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is the recurring theme of students' tuition being used to fund additional construction projects. It creates a cycle - they take out a loan and incur debt for new construction, students' tuition goes up. Once the project completes and the debt is repayed, the process starts over, but at no point does tuition go back down. I'm frustrated by the fact that the academic institutions as a whole view students as sources of income instead of individuals seeking to gain knowledge.


The most frustrating thing that I have noticed about my school so far is the excessive expenses such as parking stickers and orientation fees.


The most frustrating thing at the University of Arkansas is that the entire campus is on hills!


I don't believe there's anything entirely frustrating here.


Teacher's on tenure don't teach as well as they once did.


Sometimes I feel like the classes are too large for me to properly learn the materials and my professor is foreign.


The financial aid office. I have done a lot of research and spent a lot of time researching scholarships and assuring my school is paid for, I have contacted my financial aid advisor several times and she is very difficult to recieve help from or very unable to answer many questions.


Not being able to get into certain classes as a lower-classmen is very irritating. Higher-classmen have the ability to choose classes earlier than lower-classmen. Also, a higher GPA grants earlier appointments to choose classes. This system does test diligence though, making it a competition to recieve earlier appointment dates.


The most frustrating thing is that they focus the campus mostly on the fraternaties and sororoties. A lot of the school is made up of them, and I feel they get a lot of the attention here at the University. These students think they should get everything handed to them, which is wrong.


The shift to a more technological campus makes many of the experience slow and confusing.


Advising! The advising system is insane. At the U of A, professors double as advisers. That means that , most of the time, they don't know much more about course requirements than you do. Your best bet is to search online for course requirements, visit your adviser, and then visit a general adviser for your college, or in my case, for the Honors College. The Honors College adviser is a full-time adviser, and he is super helpful.


There are many good things about the University of Arkansas. The most frustrating is ovbious, the hills! One of the nicknames for the University is the hill. It seems like every street is going straight up. The first week of class is the worst, your calves hurt pretty bad by the end of the week. If it was not for the hills walking to class would not be so bad.


Parking is the most frustrating thing at the University but the transit system does a great job to make up for it.


no parking!


I haven't found anything frustrating about this school, I love it!


The most frustrating thing is that when you call, you always get transferred to someone who knows nothing, who transfers you to another person who knows nothing, who in turn transfers you as well.


I don't have enough time to involve in all the activities this university has, due to my work load.


advising is terrible, sometimes classes i need are not offered. Parking is terrible.




The most frustrating thing about our campus is the unwillingness of many students to think outside the box and go over and beyond what they are told by teachers. Instead of investing in their classes in order to learn as much as possible, students are often very grade-focused, ultimitely giving them a much more limited college experience. There are some great learning oppurtunities for the few students who are interested, but many others compmlain about being boerd or frustrated by pointless classes.






It's hard to get others to understand the balance between social life and academics. Too much pressure is put on being involved socially and it is hard to succede when it comes to academics because of this.


The staggering amount of drinking and elitism from much of the Greek community.


Because it is such a large state university, and is the flagship university of Arkansas, there is a lot of politics and beauracracy involved in decision making. All the way from football coaches to student program funding--there is so much red tape, it makes it very difficult to get things done.


That is doesn't have on campus housing for non-traditional students. The population of this campus is very young, and unless you have children, the non-traditional office doesn't have many resources to help you.


I'd have to say that the most frustrating thing about my school is the parking situation, it is almost impossible to get a space near the campus without paying a high fee to park in the garages. So I park in a remote lot and have to take a bus. If I'm running late that can be a big problem.

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