University of Arkansas Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would've known how rewarding being in the Honors college would be at the University of Arkansas. I have achieved so much in just one short semester. I have learned alot about myself and my own capabilities by the work that I have put in here at the University.


I wish I had known not to be nervous about asking questions. There are thousands of other students in the same boat, so there is no need to be nervous about anything. I know now that if I ever have any questions abou anything, I can just call a phone number in that area, and they are always more than happy to help.


Be original and do NOT be afraid to stand out! I understand that it seems like everyone around you is wearing Chacos and NorthFace but in thirty years from now, will you really be concerned with what brand you were wearing or what social group you pledged? Absolutely not! Do not forget why you enrolled in college – for an education and a brighter future! These next few years are the deciding factor between a job and a career. Make the most of this time, not only for now, but for the rest of your life!


What to major in


Buy RAINBOOTS! When it rains here, it rains sideways and floods.


I wish I had known about the in-state tuition waiver. I found out about it really late and although I had a great high school gpa, my act score was only one point away from allowing me to qualify for in state tuition.


It's a whole new ball game. College is more than just the next step in school, it's the next step in life and so much changes beyond just the kind of classs you take.


The location of the campus is on a very hilly terrain. Walking up and down hills is a daily activity for most if not all students. Luckily however, buses transit the school (for free) all day and help transport students all over campus and to locations around the city as well.


I would not necessarily want to KNOW something in particular about the University, because I wanted to learn about it as I progressed each year. I wanted to learn by experience. However, I do wish that I had been prepared better financially. I wish that I would have had a savings account or made sure that I had someone to support me financially, because one thing we need to understand as students, is that we need to have financial support because it is very difficult to study and work efficiently at the same time and be successful at both.


I wish i had known how to adequately study and to go to my professor's office hours. Studying is important because by reading the book and reviewing your notes after a lector you understand more and have a better chance of remembering what you learned. Going to the professor's office hours is important for many reason. First, it helps to get aquanted with your teachers because they are the ones that control the grades and usually grade more leniently for students who have come to them for help. They also right your recommendations for jobs and scholarships.


I wish I had known how messed up the Japanese Language Program was at the UofA. They go faster than any other language classes do, and forget the students who have a harder time learning the language.


I wish I had known, before coming to the University of Arkansas, more about the student activities. They say there are over 200 student ran clubs on campus, but I haven't heard much about any of them. I want to get involved and I'm sure many other students do, too. Being informed about how to do things and where to go was very minimal before getting here. You have to figure things out for yourself. I understand college is about being independent, but this is all new to me and I would like a little help.


I wish I had known how hilly this campus was. Walking around this campus in the beginging is hard. Eventually I got used to it. I also wish I knew what my major was going to be.


sign up for housing asap!


I wish I had known more about all of the wonderful resources that are available to me on my school's campus.


I wish I had known better study skills prior to entering college. My major of Engineering is a very demanding area of education. I also wish I had waited to pledge a fraternity after I had been on campus at least the first semester. I would have been more prepared for the interruptions of my academic life by my social life. I also wish I had made better room mate/housing plans prior to moving on campus my freshman year. I also believe attending the special "Rock Camp" orientation would have given me an opportunity to meet more new people.


That the college experience isn't always good. The first few months you feel completely isolated and alone.


This school is very Greek-oriented, and I did not realize before coming in. It's not a problem for the most part, but it greatly affects social life on campus.


How to get loans and scholarships.


There were more large lecture classes than I was expecting but I have learned to love them.


I wish I could find out more about their programs, like extra-curricular activities and Career Center.


You need to work to be sucesfull in the University environment here.


I need more money!


I wish I had known what area I wanted my degree in. Changing your major isn't a bad thing, but I did feel like I wasn't getting the most out of my time my freshman year before I switched to the business college.


That they offered personal tutors and long-term counselors for everything, including academics.


I wish I had known that the majority of people are very friendly, especially if you can talk to them away from a large group, especially of the opposite sex.


I wish I knew how big the greek system is, I am not greek and have no desire to be so that kind of affects social life.


i dont wish i knew anything before i came to the school. everything i knew previously to attending was what i expected.


The teachers and school do not set students up for success, you get the run around from all the staff to try to get anywhere financially or academically.


I wish I would have known I enjoyed Economics so well; My original major wasn't nearly as enjoyable or challenging. I wish I would have immediately enrolled as an Economics major and been an upper classman.


I wish I had heard more about opportunities such as study abroad and cooperative internships. These are things that I began to take advantage of very late in my college career and I wish I had more time to enjoy the opportunities and experiences available here.


I personally wish I would have know the plans for the improvements on campus. There has been many improvements with the facilities and with the education. The education has improved quite significantly over the years. Arkansas is now one of the top businiess schools and architecture schools in the nation. Also, they offer a number of degrees. I didn't know some degrees exsisted, but many do here.

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