University of Bridgeport Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


University of Bridgeport is a very friendly and diverse school.


My university is too expenisve. It doesn't pay off to attend this school.


My school is a great place to be away from home.


The University of Bridgeport is an amazing school from the studeents to the faculty. The school has an awesome history to it and that's what really makes the school.




Your success in college largely depends on your attitude, your preparedness and your desire to succeed. Never procrastinate, copy, cheat or neglect to treat each assignment as if your stay in college depended upon it alone. No amount of ability will supercede the value of tenacity and good judgement, integrity and moral breeding. Work hard, play and pray hard, but most of all, remember that success is the result of good planning, hard work, persistence and a little bit of luck. So plan well, work hard all the time and then you may not even need luck.


It needs to be improved. There needs to be a new president. I don't plan on graduating from this university.


North Central University strives to make your life and future their mission by helping you any way they can.

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