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This school is extremely diverse.You meet people across the country and across the world.


My school offered the most financial help and awarded every entering student a scholarship.


What is so unique about my school compared to other schools i considered is that it is much more closer to home, the transportation is conveint, there is no out of state tution, and they offered me money in a scholarship.


The University of Bridgeport is a very small school in size (Campus, Students, Staff). You begin to meet everyone on campus and see familiar faces everyday. Everyone on Campus is really nice, as well as the teachers. Its size allows teachers to spend more time with you on subjects you might not grasp well. It's not like other schools where you're stuck in a room with 100 students and a teacher that barely knows your name. There are always activities for students so you're never bored.


Compared to the other schools i considered Bridgeport is more diverse and offers more activities. In addition to this, Bridgeport offered academic scholarships which was something the other schools didnt offer.


beach in the near campus and nice view from design building


It is very sad to hear about Manute Bol's, former UB basket ball star, tragic passing. But, it is not unusual to hear about the hard luck stories of a once up and coming shining star college athlete that had hopes and dreams of making it big after a college ball career. It is simply a know fact that many of these student athletes are deliberately recruited by colleges without any real expectation that they will ever graduate from college, gain a marketable skill, or a useful education. These young kid's hopes and dreams are simply exploited by these schools. So, when I read about Manute Bol's tragic life story since him leaving the University of Bridgeport and about his death, I was not surprised. I was not particularly surprised because of what I already knew about the University of Bridgeport's reputation, and the recent stories in the national press about the school that cast a very dark shadow over this so called university. Lately, there has been a string of bad news about the University of Bridgeport, going back long before the university was forced to sell its Law school to a local rival university, it being named the worst university in American by Radar On-line magazine, and that Faisal Shahzad, the Time Square Bomber was a graduate of the University of Bridgeport MBA program. This "University" is simply in the business of exploiting the hopes and dreams of young innocentt kid's like Manute Bol, and many other desperately poor kids. When will the University of Bridgeport be forced to close its doors?


The diversity.


The focus on the students is very very strong.

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