University of Bridgeport Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I don't think anything is bad about the school except for the fact that it isn't gated but that's just my opinion.


The nasty cafeteria food!


me in my tuition fees. Because it over which I was save for my Education in University of Bridgeport I believe my chosen profession will enable me to fulfill all of my desires to help others, to continuously expand my knowledge base and skills and to travel the world. My home country was republic o Chad and it far for development since 1960 up to 2003 and still need development in Economic, and in our international relation. From 2002 we have good relation with USA additionally in petroleum project, education, and community development. And step by step we will find


the financial issues , becuse my parents don't have the money for finish my college, and Im looking for some help for me, because I want to finish my Bachelor, and not want to get out from my school. thanks




Well the worst thing about UB I would have to say is the food they serve us. It is pretty hard to get use to the food because they serve the same food each day,unlike moms home cooked meals. In the Knights cafe the food is actually much better , but since you only get a certain amount of meals in the Knights cafe students tend to use them all up with in the first couple of weeks. They need to seriously improve on the food they feed us please!


The tower of Babel effect of the multiple languages spoken on campus. My School is a diverse, multicultural, mini united nations laboratory. A melting pot of cultures, languages and people. The multiplicity of foreign languages spoken on campus and sometimes in the library is often a source of distraction and even annoyance. It is customary to hear spanglish, but now we hear Chinglish as well. There is also the added use of the language as a disguise by many to speak about an individual to their face knowing full well that they were not in a position to understand.


It's an all girls school and I don't function well without men to diffuse the estrogen abundance. Also, you get fined for EVERYTHING. AND there is only wi-fi in the common rooms and the science center. that's it. there are 2 washers and dryers per floor. there is no air conditioning. the showers are 2x2 box stalls, and moldy.


the worst thing about the school is the food. For what we are paying the food should be at least a little better!


The Dining Hall closes at 7 pm and the food isn't eactly up to par. It's in a location where, if you live on campus, you're basically trapped on campus. There isn't any close malls, grociery stores, or places of entertainment, like movie theaters, close by. Academicallt the school is quite exceptional, but residential life is pretty dull. There is a shuttle bus service that isn't really needed. The campus is small, the shuttle bus only goes around campus and to the train/ferry/bus station, which is also within a reasonable walking distance.


The worst thing about my school is 1. expense for no damn reason 2. Run down looking 3. Boring all the time 4. Lame


It is in a very busy part of the city, and not the safest.


The worst thing about my school is thescheduling. I don't think they took enough time to help freshman understand what exactly they had to do when it came to signing up for class for the next semester.

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