University of Bridgeport Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The University of Bridgeport is a fairly small school, and that’s one great aspect. It’s similar to a home environment and a little community within itself. The teachers are great to talk to, and they are very understanding about everything. They do want you to succeed, but you yourself also have to want that for yourself, so you have to make communication with your professors. We are such a diverse school, and this way we get to learn about all the cultures existing in the world today. This is a good aspect in any college or university.




I think the people that should attend this school should be students who are focused and are willing to learn about different styles of learning..


A person who is very diverse


An open-minded person that is able to adjust to different cultures should attend the college I go to. At my college, there are people from all over the world.


Any person with a desire to succeed, who needs a diverse University that will provide exposure to many different cultures and peoples from all over the world. Anyone interested in a school with rigorous learning and very knowledgeable professors, who will not compromise content for expediency. Then you have chosen the right school. The University of Bridgeport is a mini United Nations Lab. This is where anyone with any kind of interest in people of other cultures and nations may research cultural diversity and the results of the intended or unintended melting pot.


Any person willing to overcome the narrowness of their own personal cultural norms and limitations, and is willing to venture out into the world in a mini test lab type atmosphere. Where individualism and self confidence takes on a whole new meaning and the comfort of ones own skin, culture and language is neither a blessing nor a curse, but rather a part of us that makes us unique to who we are and not a deterent to what we may accomplish.


Someone who has a car, and lots of money to travel back home as much as possibe.


Anyone who likes diversity and enjoys learning from other cultures and working together


The University of Bridgeport is culturally diverse, so as long as you work hard and remain focused you can succeed there.

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