University of Bridgeport Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If students are looking for a big campus, then this university isn't the one you would want to attend. It is also a private university which happens to be beside the ocean. This means that it gets very cold during the winter time and if your not fond of any cold weather, this isn't the university for you.


A person who is not willing to work diligently and allow themself to grow intellectually should not attend the University of Bridgeport.


The University of Bridgeport is a highly diverse student body. The students are incouraged to speak freely and are expected to listen quietly. Someone that has a hard time accepting that each student has their own opionion on many controversial subjects should visit a classroom before commiting themselves to the University. This University probably wouldn't be a good choice for a person that does not feel comfortable amongst other races.


A person who havent shown any progression in the 4 yrs of High School. Someone who is a under achiever shouldnt attend this school because the determination to work is low. Someone with no resume; meaning that the person has no academic achievements or done any volunteer work. A person who is easily distracted shouldnt attend this college because self motivation is the key to success. If they are easily distracted they are most likely to have their priorities misconscrewed.


Closed minded people who are not open to new people and ideas. Negative peple who bring others down.


An individual who does not want to be known should not attend University of Bridgeport because we are a small university somewhat like a community of students who come together.. Teachers will know your name and if you do not show up to class the professor will bring it to light in the following class. Also a person who is looking for an all "party school" should not attend UB because believe me they will be disappointed.


I only have knowledge of the dental hygiene portion so people who shouldn't attend this school are people who don't have a lot of free time since this is a vigorous program. Also, if you don't like science , this is not a program for you because 90 percent of the courses are science related.


People who do not wish to get to know others of different walks of life shouldn't attend the University of Bridgeport. It is one of the most diverse schools in the country bringing people not only from more than thirty different states but from many fifferent countries and islands over the world. It is not a University that people can come to with the mindset that they are better than people who are not like them racialy, ethnicaly, physicaly religiously, or sexualy.


Someone who desires success.



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