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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If i could go back in time i would tell myself to actually study and learn time management now because it will definitely be needed, also keep furthering and believing in your ambitions because no one else you tell isn't going to give you positivity towards it. I will also tell myself to keep an open mind and keep thinking ahead. The most important advice i would tell myself is to not waste a whole bunch of money on food and be prepared and don't stress about the work as much because college isn't what it's all hyped up to be.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior about college, I would tell myself to be prepared. College is a whole lot different then high school. Also, I would tell myself not to be afraid. College is alot of work, but its not hard, your capable of doing everything they throw at you. You also get a lot of freedom, but with that freedom you recieve, comes responsibility. No one is going to tell you what you need to do, its all up to you. Lastly, i would tell myself that if you just stick to your work and do what you have to do,you can accomplish anything you do while your in college. You didnt get this far for nothing.


If you think you know everything about life, guess again. College is the time where you truly find yourself. After only completing one year of college, I see how much I have changed. I have become more independent and I have discovered that the number one person I need to please is myself. Try new things. If you do not like something, that is okay because you can start over. The senior quote that you choose for the yearbook will continue to withstand throughout college and proably for the rest of your life. "If at first youdon't succeed, dust yourself off and try again," Aaliyah. You are going to make mistakes because you are human. Never forget that. Learn from your mistakes and never give up.Try and fail and try again. When times get difficult just remember it will all be worth it in the end. Be prepeared for some long nights of studying and writting papers. You procrastinated all throughout high school and that proabbly won' t change in college. Just get it done. Do not get discouraged and you will do fine.


The advice that I would give myself is to continue to work hard and not stop for no one. I would also tell myself to retake the SATs so that I wouldn't have to take remedial classes.


I would tell myself not to be afraid about the transition from high school to college because college is a million times better then college. The courses are not has difficult as people depict them to be. The professors do care about their students and are always available to help. I would advise myself to ask more than on financial counselors to help you find different ways to get more money to cover your tuition. In college there are different ways to receive more money in your financial aid packet without having to take out private loans. Also I would advise myself to not procrastinate when having to write papers that are 10 pages and more. You will end up pulling all-nighters and you will not receive the grades you want on those papers. Finally, I would advise myself take an early start in looking for law schools and taking prep courses before your senior year in college. Senior year is stressful enough with final requirements and final papers to worry about studying for a Law School entry exam.


The students time is very important to us, for that reason, Im keeping my wiches to done my BACHELOR DEGREES, ON TIME, AND SUCCESFULL, Is time to study and not lose 1 min. in other thing, is time to change our present and our future, I came from Cuba, 11 years ago, and want take my grduate certificate at soon as possible, for me and for the future in this coutry, God bless america. Nobody give me the oportunity for complete my studies like America.


I would give myself advice as to go to a trade school. It's a more short period of time and you will probably obtain a career much faster than attending a university.


The problem with going back in time to speak to myself as a high school senior is that I wouldn't be there. That person has never existed. Young, haughty, and dealing with sorrows beyond my years, I chose to become a statistic at the age of 16. School was my thorn; the beast I was never meant to tame. Lacking true guidance, I dropped out, sparking my premature entry into the "real world." However, this would not mark my story's end. Years later, the allure of academia seems to beckon my return. I am now a 25 year old college freshman, brimming with utter joy at the thought of redeeming the ashes of my education and turning them into beauty.Were I to cross paths with the frightened, broken girl of my youth, I imagine very few words would be exchanged. I would simply cradle that child, wipe her tears, pray for strength to find her, and whisper "hang tight, sweet girl." For I know what she does not yet see. When her world shattered, my dreams took flight. When her star exploded and all seemed lost, something new had emerged and turned to kiss the sun. Hope.


If i could go back in time knowing what i know now about college life and making the transition, the advice i would give myself is to save all the money i receive, get a job, always look for scholarships, and come to college with a much better mind set.


Graduating high school and getting accepted to college may seem exciting and easy, but without the motivation and confidence college may become one's downfall. College is a new door to the beginning of an adventure. The most important thing about college is not about how many parties you attend or what fraternity you join, but keeping your goals and dreams priority. It is important to have fun and experience the college life, but like they say drink in moderation. It's not about memorizing every single word in the book. Just trust the process of learning and believe that everything has a purpose. Study hard, be prepared for everything, trust yourself and be consistent.


The advice I would give myself would be to be prepared to be independant and balance life. Balancing life is very important because there is no one telling you what to do, such as when do to homework, clean, eat, or socialize. It is important to also prepare yourself for the atmopshere that you will be in. Going away for college changes your usual atmosphere to a strange one, and it will take time to get use to it. I would also tell myself to not be afriad to speak your opinion and ask questions. Espcially when there is no adult to ask the questions for you. Also to be prepared to miss home, but going to school close by will make it easier to get home for a weekend. Lastely I would tell myself to balance money because when living at college where the food is not great and there is a mall nearby it is easy to lose control of how much money is being spent.


As of my college experience today, i have gotten a great deal of help in my education and knowledge of the world. In my first semester I took on classes that tought better ways to be successful in class. It wasn't hard to understand my classes and teachers. Unlike, highschool college has been something that i enjoy doing. I hope that I will complete my 2-year Commuity College education by the endof this year and immediatley go into a four year college degree program. College has given me time to think and really realize what i plan on doing for the rest of my life. Without the college education that I am now trying to obtain I wouldn't know what to do but jouin the Army or Navy. Thanks to the knowledge, information, and strength taught to me by my instructors I will never have that regret and feeling's that I could have or should have completed my education. In the end college may not be for everyone but i am grateful for what college has done for me.


Before attending college I really didn't care for learning music theory, notes, etc on the guitar. My first semester of college was filled with so much knowledge and has shaped me into a better musician. In my other classes such as English and First Year Seminar it really got me thinking. In highschool I hated to read, I hated doing homework but in college I enjoy it. College has really helped me want to learn and obtain the education I need for my field.


My college experience has been a valuable time of discovery. I have learned more about who I am and how others see the world. I have discovered that it is never too late to accomplish your goals and realize your dreams. Since completing my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, I am currently working towards my Master's Degree in Education. One day I will be a Middle School Math Teacher and pass my experiences onto our future leaders.


Right out of high school I went to a 2-year college and in the process of transferring to SDSU. I have been very pleased on the way I approached going to college and think it’s the best way. Whether to go to college or not shouldn’t be up for discussion, everyone should go to college. Whether to go to a 2-year college first, or what college to attend is the question. I have learned so much in college that I never expected; I have built social bonds with friends, and academic connection with teachers. Even if you can’t get into an Ivy League University, doesn’t mean you should give up because everyone can make a difference and going to college makes it easier for you to stand up for what you believe in while be around people like yourself. If I didn’t go to college I would be still at work going nowhere in life, while the price of living keeps increasing and my learning intake comes to a halt. People out of high school are too young to stop receiving an education and it has been more than worth it for me.


I have gotten a great deal of responsibility out of my college experience. I have learned how to manage my own money, get to my many classes on time, and handle situations on my own. I have to find ways to pay for college for the next four years through scholarships and all of this falls under the umbrella of responsibility. I currently have an on campus job dealing with my major and I love every second of it. The money that I receive from this job I use for my college expenses. The University that I attend is $40,000 a year, and it is a private University, and books are about $750 a semester term. Education its self is expensive, and I need to find ways to pay for it now, instead of paying for it later, when I have to pay off these laons. Another reason the school is valuable to attend is because this school has my major, and I wanted to have the college experience instead of going to an Art Institute and living home, so going away to college was good for me.


I believe a college experience is important to my life. It will help me toform as a perso, in addition to creating a foundation for my career in journalism/communications. It's an important personal goal for me and my mom.




My experience at the university of bridgeport, has been one of the best college experiences I have had, since I am not a social person this place was perfect for me it has helped me open up in many differest ways, such as in the the Human services classes it has helped me to be able to interact with others and gain more confidence to go out there to the world and let everyone know who I am and what I have to offer. I have been able to discover qualities I never knew I had. It has been valuable to attend because it helps many open up to different ideas and discover one self.


well i have not yet started my school year and i havent finished. but i have friends in my school and i have visted numerous amounts of times and everytime i visit i see different people hanging together and i see alot of posters for events going on in the school. they also have a very good safety plan by providing us with a PAL which is a device we carry with us at all times. also i love the attention and dedications my professors have with me as a student they try their hardest to educate us and help us develop skills for the world we face as we graduate college. but i am really looking forward to finish my bio major at this school where my professor for my major care and provide me with any of the help i may need to suceed.


My curiosity of the nursing field was sparked when I was a little girl. My best friend’s mother was an ER nurse and she would often take us into her work place. I was amazed at how her care affected people so deeply. I thought it would be a very rewarding career to help people in need. As an adult I began to set the goals I would need to achieve to become a nurse. My nursing pre-requisites were my first priority. I also completed EMT training and certification as I thought this would be a good start for my career. I now work at Sutter Roseville Medical Center in the Trauma/Emergency Department. I have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience working here while always ensuring great patient care. I am also involved with Angel Points at SRMC, which is a community service program. Whether at work, school or play I give it my all. I am ready to take this final step in completing my goal .


Attending college has relieved much of the ignorance associated with growing up in a primarily white town. It has taught me so much aboult real life. As a child and young adult, my exposure to other cultures was limited. Attending the University of Bridgeport has opened my eyes to a world that I once feared. I have found many admirable customs and traditions amongst my fellow classmates. I have learned that different cultures can live uniquely side by side. Knowledge can be aquired in any college or university, but the real life lessons learned simply by interacting with my classmates are what I value most about my education. My experience will continue to be of value as I persue a carreer in this multicultural community.


I believe that college experience is very important especially to succeed in todays economy, change and education is important.


I attended college 2006-2009 and loved every minute of it. I went for interior design where I learned so much about myself and my creative side. I also learned to network in the design field which is a "gotta know a guy" type of industry. I found self confidence and a new level of self-esteem in my school days. I was able to work on the 2008 Las Vegas Parade of Homes ASID showcase house which was worth over $18.5 mil. I truly am a new found person from that experience. I have recently decided that since the economy has been rather fickle for me to go ahead and take out loans to be a dental assistant because of my past college experience. I found that I love social interaction, and helping people. I'd rather help the ill fated with their dental hygiene than fortunate people with making their homes even better. I feel that going to school was the best thing that could have happened to me. I found a love for life and people, and I realized my true destiny is to help people less fortunate than me with my dental assistant training.


College in general acts as a catalyst for growth within a person self and to further a person's education. It will be a valuable experience to attend because of all the doors i open with a college degree. Making the decision to attend college is a choice valuable within itself because you become one step closer to having a career. Out of my college experience i have gotten closer to having a degree and to becoming successful. In addition to this, my college experience has allowed me to grow as a person and to find who i am. The jounrey to becoming successful, meeting new people, growing as a person are all valuable experiences to endure.


College has been the most valuable thing in my lifetime. During high school I was a very unmotivated individual, shy, withdrawn, and generally disinterested in life. After joining college and taking classes from specialized individuals that seem to care more about their area of expertise than anyone in high school ever did and also being a part of the clubs on campus. Specifically the Model United Nations team that served to guide me through my choices as to what I want to major in and what career I want to enter into. It has also served to promote leadership, organizational skills, researching skills, prioritization, fundraising, time management, public speaking, and cooperational skills necessary to succeed in school and even in life. The teachers are fantastic ways to learn from even outside of the classroom as their experience and advice in life is unparalleled proving to be very helpful in deciding what to do with my life as well as aiding me to form my own opinions towards matters. College has opened my eyes to a larger world around me and is preparing me to become a solid worldly citizen capable of making important decisions.


A college education is more then just an expensive piece of paper. It is not only the cumulation of four years of undergraduate work but of twelve years of primary and secondary education as well as twenty one (plus) years of continous education. During college you take classes that not only "teach" you a particular subject but that teach you how to apply what you where taught to novel situations. You learn to think abstractly, to support your arguments and to work with others in order to further your own edcuation. However college is about more then just academics it prepares us for adulthood by allowing us to develop not only our minds but also ourselevs. Confined in the bubble that is a campus college students are able to experiment and discover what matters to them. The ultimate payoff one can get from a college degree is when you realize that it has prepared you for the "real" world, that you have gained skills that can be applied for the rest of your life and that you keep your love of learning alive long after the dimploma is hung on the wall.




Everyone comes into college with a mind set to have freedom and party, yes everyone denies it but it was truly my mind set. I was not expecting to actually learn something about myself. I thought high school gives you wings to fly but it is college and the knowledge you gain which actually allows an adolescent to fly to become an knowledgeable adult . Coming from the Bronx and being able to attend a university and lean things any of my own people will never learn in their live time gives me a sense of accomplishment. I believe these four years in my life can either make me or break me, and I know and believe I can make it.


When I can into college, I really didn't know what to expect. As the months past by, I started to realize that I'm on my own and I need to start training myself to be an independent individual because I don't have my parents to wake me up in the morning, making sure I did all of my homework, making sure that im attending classes on time. I had to learn to step up and be a mature young adult, yes I still have fun , but there is a time to have fun and time to get my work done. It's been valuable for me to attend college because I wanted to further my education and wanted a chance for me to get more knowledge about my major. My goal is to have my own company within the Arts so that kids can be able to show their talents, gifts and just for kids to learn new things. At the end of the day, I'm trying to get an education and do something in life.


I have learned to be more focused on my school work now that do not live on campus anymore. For some people, livingon campus may be helpful but for me I need to still have a home atmosphere and be alone sometimes especially doing my homework and projects. It has been valuable because now I learned to be more independent and I live on my own now. If I did not go out of state for college, I would not be where I am today. I would be home with my mother going to a community college which I did not want since I was younger. I am maturing as a young adult and I am establishing my role in life little by little everyday.


My college experience has been great. I have learned many new things.. I havve met a lot of people. It has been valuable to me because I alway thought school wasn't for me till I attended Spartanburg Methodist College. This school has opened my eyes to see different oppunities the world has to offer. Life will be so much better with an college degree and SMC helped me realize thats it nothing else really out there without an college degree. I love school because its has helped me a long way from where I been.


i took alot from my college experience. it tought me to push myself and get rid of my attitude of self doubt. I learned to herness my gifts and pu them to good use. to sum it all up I feel like my time here has really helped me find out who i am as a person.


i learned lots of things. teachers are very helpfull


i have gotten alot out of my college experience such as friends and a different college experience. i enjoy my college life, friends, teachers, and the activities. i love my school, and they do what they can on a daily basic to make the campus and university better for their students and staff


So far out of my college experience, I have definitely learned what to expect for my future career as a dental hygienist. I know many different skills and techniques to help me work on patients. I have also learned that this careers is always changing and that there are many new things to learn as I progress. ALong the way, I have also developed people skills by working closely with my teachers, classmates and patients.


At the last year of high school, which I attended in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I had no particular opinion of my own of what it is that I would like to study. Even more, I did not even know what options were out there for me to choose from. So, I opted for Law University since majority of students did so. It may not be surprising that this was not the place for me. If I could go back in time, I would definitely do my research on time and make sure that I am not just following the herd. I would make sure that I know what is offered, and to choose what it is that I want to do in life, for loving and being passionate about your profession, or job, is a very important determinant of your happiness. I would also get involved in all possible activities, and social groups or student actions in order to learn from it, to interackt and to make life long friendships. And lastly, I would say to my self, enjoy it while it lasts! And get the best out of it!


Go to every single class do HW no parties


Be very organized and do interships as much as possible


Aldun, Congrats on making it this far!! College life is nothing like you expected it would be. It's not about the girls, the parties, or anything else you've seen on television. You need grow up and change your ways, FAST!!! Get back into the habit of doing your work on time, or earlier, if possible. Don't be afraid to ask your teachers or other classmates for help when you need it, that's what the teacher is there for, and you might be able to help another student in a different subject that their having trouble with. Although it might seem like it's all work and no play, there are many clubs and teams here that you can join to keep yourself occupied with during yor free time. Stay stress free, don't make yourself the center of attention, because that would lead to unnecessary drama, keep a low profile is possible(which I doubt knowing us). Don't forget to be yourself, change for NO ONE, don't be a follower or walk in anyone's shadow. You and I both know that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Sincerely, Aldun


If I was able to talk to myself as a high school senior, there would many things I would tell my younger self. One of the first things I would tell myself is to apply for more scholarships. It would had saved me the stress of listening to parents nag and complain about me looking scholarships in addition to doing my college studies. Another thing I would tell myself is to develop better study habits. For the first twelve years of my education life, I never had to work hard to get the good grades. Before coming to college I had never sat down and really studied for a test or final. Now that my first semester of college ended, I see the bad results of my non-studying habits. Last, I would tell my younger self to be more open to break out of my shell a little faster than I normally do.


I would tell my self to reconsider the school you want to attend. Also, think about getting some internships done over the summer.


i would explain to myself that you need to take school much more seriously. pay attention in class, do the work. if i had done it then i would probably be much farther along. if i had done better in highschool it would have made my college experience much easier. when we are young we dont look at our future. now that i am older i have realized what the world is like, outside the comfort of the teachers pushing us to succeed. in college you are on your own. the teachers are not going to beg you to do the work. you dont do the work you will fail. life is much more difficult when you get older. if I had done everything right when i was in highschool, it would have made college much easier. the transitions between college and highschool is huge. i've come to realize highschool faculty is like a family. the push you to succeed. in college you need to push yourself, or you will fail.


I would talk myself into developing and sustaining a love for reading materials that are filled with onreous details and sometimes very little personal interest, except that the content is critical to the outcome of some personal objectives. This would help in sorting throught the many books, journals, research papers and other written materials that becomes a part of the whole college learning experience. I would also develop a proper study rythm that yields success and is capable of duplication. Finally, I would learn to tollerate that teacher that was such a dud, for the grade.


I would say to the high school senior, compartmentalize your life. Set specific goals and divide your time wisely between the to-do's in your life. Apportion enough time to the things that matter and develop a love for reading which will become a necessary tool for success in College.cultivate good friendships and cultivate in yourself the ability to get along with even the most impossible teachers and or fellow students. For they will be right there with you in college and often times the only teacher for a particular course that is critical for your degree.


When you leave for college, don't quit your job. Ask for a l.o.a. so when you go back, you can work for christmas break and summer. You need to reconsider living at an all girls campus because you don't function well with all girls around you. You will have a tragedy during your senior year, but don't let it affect your finals. It will make you very upset but you will make it through and you will have great happiness afterwards. You'll make it through, kid. Even though you and mommy don't get along now, you two will be fine and get along well when you leave for college. Keep your grades up because you will get a better scholarship for college. Your horses are high priority so remember to keep them in mind when you'd rather stay in bed all day or go off galavanting with your friends instead. Your friends won't all stay your friends, but your horses will always be there.


the advice i would give myself is go where you want to go, not where any one tells you to go.You must remember your college experience is your college experience. It is what you make of it. don't do anything to wild but have fun. College is yes another level of school but also a learning experience. choose wise when you choose the school you want to go to


I would have done a better job and took more time out when it came to visiting colleges and applying to ones that are better for my major.


Going back in time to talk to myself would indeed be a great help, assuming I could, to me in the way I went about my trasition tthat of a college student. Knowing what I know now I would have definately chosen a less expensive college and visited the school i chose before attending. I would also have definately applied for more scholarships. This experience for me taught me that you have to be careful and thoughtful in choosing a college and preparing for it. i wasn't properly prepared, looking back on the situation. I would have made sure to have myself financially secure before coming so that i could be ready. I would have told myself to look at the surrounding area of a college. this would have made college life alot easier.


Finding the right college is not as tough as many people make it out to be. There are a lot of online sources along with advisers at high schools that the family can talk to about making choices of what school has what you need in resources and academics. Know or have an idea of what who want to major in college and find a school that best suits what u want from that major. Figure out if the campus size and the surrounding community are right for you. Making a list of possible schools and then going to visit those institutes is another good way of making sure that the school is right for the student. Join clubs and get involved with school activities in and around the campus and the community to get the most of the college experience. Meeting and getting to know people of different backgrounds and different interests can not only help contribute to the outside life once college is completed but can make for a well rounded individual. Activities can also release stress accumulated though class work and test.

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