University of Bridgeport Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is that it is fairly small. I enjoy the fact that its small because you could never get lost and its easier to get to classes. Its a lot faster and there should be no reason for why someone is late for class, unless they're on a team and cant go beacause they have a game.


This school is not designed as a typical campus. It has a unique layout and it is located right by the Long Island Sound. So, a walk to the Beach is a quick trip.


The professors


The best thing about my school is that i graduated with an assoiciate's degree. This was one of my goals i accomplished


what I consider to be the best thing about my school is how much they do and want to help me. One example is receivinh scholarships. They referred me to many different websites such as yours to continue to help me pay for college.


I think the amount of support they give. The financial aid is great. About 98% of students receieve financial aid. I am currently a music major and the music program is great! I believe that's the best part of the school. The music program has amazing teachers who are composers themselves and also a teacher who is a music engineer who creates robots that play music. It's quite fascinating.


I consider the professors to be the best thing about the University of Bridgeport. They help us learn about the world around us, but also help us see who we are ourselves. They are encouraging, enlightening, and helping to shape our future.


It makes you feel welcome. The environment and student body were deciding factors in my selection. I fell in love with the campus on "Accepted Students Day". The events have always been organized with friendly students and faculty. I want to feel welcomed and invited since this will be my first time away from home. In addition it's only 3 hours from New York.


I am in the dental hygiene program and the best part is that the teachers aren't afraid to let you dive right into whatever we are learning. It may be hard and scary., but it gets us ahead of the game. I already feel like I am a dental hygienist even though I haven't een finished my first year.


The best thing that I can see is the fact that they have the major that fits into my life plans. Many universites have iIternational Business programs, but University of Bridgeport, among other colleges in this region is the onlyone that has International Political Economy and Diplomacy Major.


The best thing about my school is the opporunity to network. People from all over the country and world attend my college.


The class sizes


I like how my school has a wide varitey of majors to choose. And i like how the teachers know you by name and not just by a number. And it feels like my school is more like a family more than a jus t a college.

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