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What's the Greek scene like?

I'm not a part of the Greek scene at Cal, but it has quite the reputation. Because of the extensive array of fraternities and sororities here, interested parties can find one to fit almost any personality. You can join different Greek organizations known for hard partying, for blonde debutantes, for racial tolerance or intolerance, for familial money and status, for attractive girls, for hipsters, or for athletes. What you can't do is rely on internet research to evaluate the reputation of any one organization.

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There is something like 50 frats and sororities at Berkeley. I'm not really into the greek scene, but I did go to a few parties as a Freshman and Sophomore. They are usually packed with people. There's dancing in small well insulated (sweaty) rooms and the alcohol is usually gone by the time you get there. The Co-ops are more fun.

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