University of California-Berkeley Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Goodwin college has dedicated teachers who are passionate about students and help you every step of the way.


An academic institution where talented individuals gather to further develop into full-fledged, experienced adults.


UC Berkeley has boundless opportunities that allows everyone to find a way to pursue and engage what they are passionate about in both the traditional classroom settings as well as through clubs, sports teams, greek life, professional fraternities, and various other student organizations.


UC Berkeley is a university that will challenge your view points, and allow you to grow into a scholar that will challenge the norm and ask the right question.


It is a lively liberal school with a lot of unique and different events and happenings going on every minute. Everywhere you turn something seems to grab your curiousity and it is not just the school but the city surrounding it. It is definitely a busy place with new things to see and experience so it never gets old. Aside from the surroundings, the academics is truly challenging and fills your mind with new knowledge that is difficult to do at first, but it is defintely not impossible.


Berkeley can be an endless world of possibilities or an utterly miserable hellhole.


It is very diverse and liberal with various interaction among the students, faculty, and professors.


UC Berkeley is gorgeous. Many of the buildings are old and historic, so there is a rich feeling of nostalgia. There are beautiful trees lining the walkways, and out camapnile (clock tower) is breathtaking.


Cal gets smaller and more familiar the less you allow its "big school" reputation and atmosphere to intimidate you.


UC Berkeley is full of rich and diverse opportunities, but it is up to you to take them.


Berkeley - lovable but not quite habitable at times.


University of California Berkeley has the most involved and invested student body in the country, both politically and academically, and there is no shortage of activities to get involved in and causes to support (or protest).


A hodgepodge of school spirit, cultural diversity, protests, long nights of studying, and new experiences.


Berkeley's campus is an architecturally eclectic mix of large buildings, sloping lawns, towering oaks and evergreens, and, of course, the famed clock tower. The diversity reflects the school's faculty and student body and the layout of the campus is one of my favorites of any I've visited. One of everyone's favorite places on campus is Memorial Glade, where students can be seen lounging on large tree-lined lawn (sometimes shirtless or bikini-clad) taking in rays on sunny days. Its slopes face the front of the impressive Doe Memorial Library with its towering white columns and dramatically ascending staircase. Having night classes gives you the chance to see the campus sparkle in the dark. The accent lighting around many of the monuments and the clock tower itself is really beautifully executed.


To the first-timer, Berkeley's pretty awe-inspiring. Sproul plaza, the main entrance to campus, is often lined with the booths of student organizations, and sprinkled throughout the class-bound crowd are the occasional crazies, wielding signs promising salvation or doom. With its weird menagerie of buildings of all different eras and styles, the campus is beautiful; when the clock strikes and the Campanile bells start playing their music against a perfect Berkeley sky, one thought jumps to mind: I am definitely on a college campus.


Very disverse and socially responsible.


More extracurricular activites than you could every imagine in nearly every avenue of interest imaginable.


The University of California Berkeley is a haven for social reformers wishing to pursue a quality education at a school with active student groups and Pac-12 sports teams.


Simply put, Berkeley is the best public teaching and research university in the nation with The students at the center of an unsurpassed educational experience, learning with the world’s top scholars and with their peers, a student body with a phenomenal range of backgrounds, perspectives, and talents.


UC Berkeley is a unique school that offers an environment for students from all different backgrounds and diverse opportunities to grow and become more aware of global issues.


UC Berkeley is hands-down one of the best schools in the nation--it lives up to it's name, "The Number One Public University in the World"; at Cal, there is something for everyone because I haven't met a single person who has regretted coming here.


In Berkeley, every form of life is heard and every opinion is celebrated.


The University of California Berkeley offers students the necessary tools to enhance the career of their choice while exposing its students to a culture of tradition and diversity.


It is beautiful, diverse, and filled with caring people.; it provides an invaluable education and so many opportunities that could not be found anywhere else.


An all-inclusive environment with supirior academics atheltics and social life. Diverse with many opportunities.


While a degree from UC Berkeley can inevitably aid in one's future goals, the degree itself does not shape one's life; the experiences that one encounters while attending Berkeley, from the sorority/fraternity members that will be in your wedding to discovering what your true passion is, the University of California, Berkeley provides an all-around cultural experience.


UC Berkeley is the number one public school in the United States.


Berkeley is an excellent institution, with a top-notch faculty and resources that can compete with the best ivy league schools; that said, the environment today is a little anti-humanities--the engineering and hard science departments get all the funding and there is definitely a hierarchy among students based on major, ethnicity, and socioeconomic background.


UC Berkeley is not only the number one public school in America, but it is the most diverse university I have ever visited, it offers a great variety of classes, it is beautiful, challenging, rich in culture and it has amazing food.


Berkeley is a unique school that is very different from the rest of the UC, but offers a comfortable learning atmosphere.


A culturally diverse and prestigous university.


It will take more than one sentence...


UCBerkeley is what you make of it-it has some of the world's finest professors, so schedule your courseload carefully to allow time to take classes with those professors.


It the school that well make you discover the truths in the world by unraveling your thoughts and pushing your first intincts.


Berkeley is a huge campus that lets me challenge myself and explore a wide array of classes.


The classes are hard, and chances are, if you are a science major, you will soon be humbled about your personal ability.


UC Berkeley is academically oriented and diverse with a big emphasis on sports.


The University of California Berkeley is academically challenging because you compete with students that are not only highly competitive and intelligent, they also come from different backgrounds that shapes them to be headstrong and hardworking.


Come to UC Berkeley to see for yourself. You will never forget it.


the culture, people, and classes are life changing.


Political, crazy, elitist atmosphere, with some Berkeley lovin' on the side.


UC Berkeley is a school full of intelligent, ambitious students and hard-working, helpful professors who work together on social and academic levels to create a brighter world for tomorrow.


UC Berkeley is definitely a hippie school; there's vegan and vegeterian options, pro-tests, walk-outs, strikes, and people talking about global issues everyday(as far as Berkeley is concerned, the free-speech movement has definitely not ended).


Berkeley may be far be the most challenging academic experience in my academic career; from the newly found freedom to the intensity of various classes, Cal has allowed me to push myself to my full potential in and out of the classroom.


It's a school filled with normal, left-leaning college students who want to get a good education for a moderate price, who are constantly harassed by ageing hippies; nonetheless, it is a great school where there's always something going on and so many different types of people to meet.


UC Berkeley provides not only a very stimulating and rigorous learning environment but also opportunities for students to realize their potential in making the world a better place.


Cal is a fun and great learning experience in which one grows and learns a lot about one's self.


It is the school defined not by its title or sports team or ranking but by its diverse group of students that strive to succeed, give, and make a difference in the world.


school is a mix of all cultures and ways of life, classes are geared toward foward thinking


It is very liberal with the liberal arts part of the campus not speaking to the science/engineering portion; overall, it's just very liberal but is becoming increasing moderate with the increasing number of Asian-Americans on campus who are by and large ambivalent, politically speaking.