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Location and Historical significance of Berkeley California.


good engineering program, good football team, sort of close to home


It is very liberal, diverse, and it also has its own character.


Berkeley provides top notch education at a public school price tag. The drawback is the crowded lecture halls and inability to develop relationships with your professors like at smaller private schools. There is a lot of Cal school spirit, be it in regards to football, or academics.


its activism and college town and social life


It is the launchpad for a very exciting adulthood.


Berkeley is very liberal and there are crazy people all around with different opinions and viewpoints. There is a lot of diversity and a lot of clubs you can join for whatever interests you have.


Berkeley is unique in every way imaginable. Nowhere is as liberal. Nowhere has such a unique mix of urban surroundings, beautiful lush greenery on campus, gorgeous nature just off campus, and the ocean so near by. Additionally, San Francisco is just a few minutes away by the easily accessed BART. From Berkeley, you can literally be in any type of environment in only minutes. Also, there are very few schools with such a history of prestige in research combined with such pride in team sports achievements.


It's a big university, most of the other schools I applied to were small liberal arts schools. I am happy about my choice.


intelligent students


Huge campus, with over 40,000 undergraduate and graduate students enveloped in a diverse and uniquely historical setting trying to individually find their path to adulthood. You are provided with great learning and social resources, but it's mostly up to you to find your niche and friends.


It's the most prestigious.


There is no stereotypical Berkeley student. We have a diverse student body that is very tolerant of the various groups and ideals on campus. Even though there are so many students on campus, you really do feel like you are part of a community. Everyone is very friendly and always willing to help in any way they can.


It is a college town in an urban environment. It has everything you could want culturally and academically. It is diverse and interesting, and never gets boring. It really fosters an atmosphere where stuyding can happen and is even fun. It has a rich social history which makes it great today.


Berkeley is a multifaceted campus and there is no "typical student." There are greek types, artsy types, hippies, pre-med students...everything you can imagine, making it a campus that cannot be easily stereotyped. I liked this about Berkeley, and I chose it because the students, not matter what kind of person they were, questioned things more deeply than your average young adult.


Make sure to pay attention to your social life, because Berkeley academics can sometimes make you forget that you are a college student. Get out, forget you have a test and paper due on Monday, and have fun.


Berkeley can be overwhelming if you don't hook up and make some friends early on. Be a joiner, or live in a co-op, or form a study group--just don't try to do it on your own!


Berkeley's unique characteristic originates from the diversity of culture. Like a big "melting pot" of people from different nations, campus life seems to open so many new doors for new things for a typical student to experience. Among one of the most amazing things, although it is my guilty pleasure, is the convenience of being able to try new foods. A quick five minute walk away will be Thai Basil, serving delicious Thai cuisines, and across the street is La Burrita, Berkeley's most famous Mexican parlor. There is definitely a good reason for the "Freshman 15" here.


The environment isn't pleasing and the school doesn't make efforts to make the student's lives better. Students are on their own, so there tends to be a lot more drinking/drug use.


Berkeley's all-star staff, environment, and size allow an incredible amount of versatility and options in your education. It is in a near-perfect location, amongst cities, nature, unique shopping, and outstanding physical beauty. The co-op scene provides an alternative to frats/sororities and dorms that for me has been a very important part of my experience. You can take classes with renowned professors, and also ones taught by other students! To describe Berkeley in one word: versatile.


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Study abroad. The opportunity to live in another country is one of the most rewarding and interesting experiences one can have during college...and the resources are there to do it!


Berkeley is a great school, but don't expect anyone to hold your hand. It is the number one public school for a reason. Classes are very overwhelming if you don't stay on top of your shit. Even if you flew by high school with no problem, that doesn't mean you can maintain the same habits here. Trust me, Berkeley can and will kick your ass if your not careful.


i love my school even with all of its flaws, i couldn't ask for anything better!


Berkeley food is very good. UC Berkeley's dormitory food is the worst thing in the world (rated 2nd worst in the nation or something?). While living one year in the dorms is important to meet new people, plan on moving out to save money and actually enjoy eating.


I love Berkeley!


when i say that Berkeley is real, it's because it lets you be you. when you get out of college, you have the security of a world-class degree under your belt, but if you decide to live your life as a bartender - hey, that's great.


i know this can sound so religious, but i just love Jesus and i know He has such a big heart for each person on this campus! He loves everyone and wants to give restoration and healing to this city of Berkeley.. "let there be light" and let the truth about Jesus' love be revealed!


This survey didn't have my major in the list.


I can't believe I considered going to Davis. Berkeley has challenged me, changed me, and left me with some of the best friendships I will ever have. I can't imagine any other campus that could have offered me so much. I will be graduating with high honors at the end of this semester. My senior thesis is getting published in Clio's Scroll, Cal's student-run undergraduate history journal. I have accomplished things and grown in ways that I never dreamed I would be capable of before I came here. This school has inspired and empowered me. And I will will forever cherish the time I spent here.


I love UC Berkeley! These have probably been some of the hardest years of my life, but I still think they have been the most rewarding. I have grown so much as a person.


This school year, there has been a great surge of activism on the Berkeley campus, from the throngs of the third world Liberation Front fighting for the establishment of a permanent multicultural center on campus, to the lone tree-sitter positioned in a tree between Dwinelle and Wheeler protesting the UC Regents. Playing witness to these events which will no doubt be an integral part of UC Berkeley history incites a sense of empowerment even in the most cynical, and once again reminds me of why I chose this university over many others.


The most important thing in college is to find your passion. With that knowledge you will always head in the right direction. If this means dropping out of school, fleeing the country, and meditating for awhile, DO IT!! Not like I did anything this drastic.


Remember, a smaller college will probably cost more but you will know everyone there, and the administration will really help you connect with your future career. Berkeley is something to be handled with some care, as it is quite easy to leave it still lost and unmarketable. Chances are, you didn't have too bad a time if you actually tried to conquer yourself and get out and do something, however. If you develop courage, Berkeley will give you more than you can ever imagine. I'd do it over any day. DOUBLE MAJOR IN SOMETHING USEFUL !!


Berkeley is pretty awesome. I highly recommend it.


I didn't want to come to Berkeley when I got in. My parents made me because it was cheaper than an Ivy. And so I had no expectations when I moved into the dorms. This university and this town won me over. I loved every minute of my time here. I love it so much that when I graduate, I am staying in the Bay Area rather than move back home to Los Angeles, but this place is so great.


Um, I always wanted to release Emus into Crossroads and we had Emus and a Van but we decided it wasnt fair to the Emus. Oh, also Honors Physics at Berkeley is the hardest most awesome set of classes ever.


Maureen Wiley is the shit!


The school and university administration is a reactionary body. Procedures for essentially everything that involves interaction with the administration are often complicated, frustrating, and time-consuming.


Go Bears.






I loved going to Berkeley but it is not for everyone.


No regrets.