University of California-Berkeley Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The majestic scenery. The school is filled with tall pine trees, small vegetative plants, creeks and squirrels. Whenever I feel upset about a test or any other issue I just walk through campus and observe the beautiful landscape.


I brag about the variety at Berkeley. I talk about how I’ve taken classes on Sumerian, Greenlandic folklore, Dinesen the Danish writer, and bioarchaeology. And those are only a handful of the classes available; there’s something in every subject. Plus, you can work for a professor on their research, with options ranging from raising an octopus, to studying insects, to databasing Italian clays (which I did and loved). If that’s not enough, there are campus jobs in the many museums, bookstore, and everywhere. Whatever interests you, in class or outside of it, it’s at Berkeley.


amazing professors and research and culture


Berkeley is a very diverse place with students who come from all around the world. There is a huge opportunity to meet people from a variety of backgrounds and learn about their different cultures, something you wouldn't strictly learn in a classroom environment. Because of this diversity people are extremely accepting of one another, making uniqueness something to be proud of rather than being embarrassed and worried about being judged. People aren't afraid to be who they really are, a trait that I think is difficult to find among a large group of people.


I got like $60,000 in loans right now


Student at my school connect theoretical concerns to real life. For example, they contribute much to the community and are involved in much political activism.


When my friends and I are having a reunion and recalling our previous college semester, I tend to emphasize all the incredible opportunities at Cal. When you visit any "" website, you'll be bombarded with tons of intriguing events to try out. It can be overwhelming at times, but once you figure out what you're looking for and focusing on, it's quite exciting. Not only that, but since I'm from Michigan, the beautiful weather is also noteworthy for someone like me.


The location around the Bay Area is great. The weather is wonderful. Food is yummy.


It's the number one public university in the world.


When talking about UC Berkeley, I tend to brag about the plethora of opportunities attending school here has given me. My professors are at the top of their fields and are enthusiastic about teaching. The campus brings incredible people as speakers and holds many lectures, seminars, and other intellectually engaging events. The students here are enthusiastic about their interests and there are hundreds of possible activities to get involved in. The atmosphere at UC Berkeley is intellectually and culturally engaging.


It's cheap compare to private schools, and it still has strong programs and faculties. It is also well respected by industry recruiters.


I like to mention that I'm in the College of Chemistry, the top school for Chemistry in the nation. The academics in the College of Chemistry are really rigorous, but with only 200 or so freshmen, there is a strong sense of comraderie, and the freshman chemistry lecture for College of Chemistry students is always very lively. The labs are intense and interesting, the lectures are engaging, and the tests are about the right level of difficulty. I am so glad to be in the College of Chemistry, since I love chemistry!


When I tell people that I graduated from UC Berkeley I do not brag about sports, the beautiful campus, or the many nobel price winners the school employs. I like to brag to people that I obtained a well-rounded education at one of the most diverse and liberal universities in the world. I am proud to come from one of the top public universities in the United States.


Attending school at UCB was the first time I've ever felt completely comfortable with myself. This attitude is reflected in the student body, surrounding city and even amongst teachers and professors who encourage individual thought and expression as much as they embody it themselves. With such a diverse (and I mean racially, culturally, mentally) group of students, professors and city people, the educating experiences come at you from all sides.


The University of California, Berkeley is the nation's number one ranked public univeristy. It is the olderst of the UC campuses and the most prestigious. Cal is filled with bright individuals and ambitious high achievers; I have liked to describe the student body as taking the valedictorian, salutatorian, (and other intellectual students) from each high school to make the students there. Fun fact: Berkeley is ranked as the world's greenest university; the proffesors use chalk to write on the chalkboards). Also, the weather is excellent.


In my last two years, I've spent most of my time taking classes in the civil and environmental engineering department. I am always amazed at how tightly knit the CEE community feels, despite the size of the University. I tell my friends that our professors, student organizations (ASCE, Chi Epsilon honor society, SWE...), and students all interact with each other daily. Our biggest student group, the ASCE, has its own office in the department building. I don't know many other schools that give their student groups that kind of real estate!


I chose to go to Berkeley because it was the perfect balance in more ways than one. It provides a great education, but costs less money than a private school. It has a safe campus, but an open feel and a vibrant surrounding community. I brag about all the delicious ethnic food that surrounds my school, and the experiences I have because of where I live. I like being so close to San Fransisco, and living in a place with a very free feeling. My professors enjoy teaching at Berkeley, and it shows.




The beautiful campus, the range of classes, the great social life, the off-campus co-op housing, and most of all how wonderful it is to live in the Bay Area with SF and the ocean on your doorstep.


My UC is the number one public University, and we're number one in football as well.


Quite frankly, I have no shame in bragging about the history and brilliance of Berkeley. I'm so privileged to be a part of this wonderful place, and honored to get the chance to attend the best public university in the entire world! GO BEARS!


I brag about the rich learning experience and the excellent professors that helped shape my world-view.


The fact the Cal is a first rate academic institution with a high performing Division I sports program as well being able to provide a smaller college town feel with its beautiful campus while also providing an urban evironment with the city of Berkeley outside our gates and big city lure of San Francisco a short train ride away. I brag about everything about Berkeley because it is the finest public university in the world and a truly wonderful place to spend four years.


I often brag about the fast internet and of the accessibility of the numerous school-supported dining locations.


When telling my friends about UC Berkeley, I mostly like to brag about our diversity and general sense of activeness on campus. There are so many people with so many different interests that I am always assured that there will be someone else like me sharing my interests, and with such a large school, it is not that hard to find. Also, there is never a dull moment here at Berkeley. There is always something to do, which makes life, and going to school here, that much more exciting.


The amazing science programs. As a microbial biology major, I like to know that some of the most important research in biology and medicine is going on at this school. Some of the work is being done by my own professors.


I brag most about the amount of people from each graduating class we have successfully obtaining jobs in their field straight out of college. It really is impressive the number of students that are offered full time jobs in companies such as Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Google, and other such companies.


I tell everyone who intellectually stimulated I am at UC Berkeley. It is easy to find smart, opinionated people that you can have a real discussion with, which is something I had never experienced before arriving at my new school. I enjoy the cornucopia of people with varying interests and points of view. I think a rich culture is one of the most attractive aspects of the university, because without it, the community would not be as engaging. The minds of the students all around me are inspiring, and lead me to work even harder in my studies.


Washington Monthly ranked Berkeley 1st in its 2009 National University College rankings. Many of the professors are Nobel Peace Prize winners. Berkeley places an emphasis on independent thinking, rather than following what everyone else is doing. Not only are our academics stellar, but our sports teams are phenomenal as well. Many of the Cal football alumni are currently playing on NFL teams. We have a strong school spirit and a beautiful campus that people travel across the world to see. It is one of the best colleges you can attend for your money, especially if you live in California.


I brag about how easy it is to get started at the college. The classes are small enough to not seem crowded and large enough to seem like you are not alone in the learning process. The instructors are friendly and knowledgable of their courses. There are a lot of things to compliment my school.


#1 public university, parties every weekend, great off campus apartments, great friends, too MANY extracurricular activities, hippies, bums & political activists, ugly frat boys, and semi-good looking frat girls, amazing friends, super expert and well-known professors, love & bonding, strong friendship, San Francisco, Durant Food Court/Asian Ghetto, weed, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, I have nerdy, but fucking hot friends!


When I tell my friends about UC Berkeley I always brag about all the diverse people here; some of whom aren't even students. There are always different protests and different people with different opinions, but everyone is always very peaceful. There are always bound to be counter-protestors and as a student, it is amazing to be a part of a very intellectual community concerned with the issues of the world.


Berkeley's one of the best universities in the world though most of us are from lower-class backgrounds.


very liberal, crazy, lots of opportunities, good professors, lots of history


I brag about the fact that while UC Berkeley has rigorous academic programs and a prestigious reputation, it also contains endless possibilities to have fun during your college experience, whether it be through athletics, clubs, the greek system, volunteering, etc. Despite its reputation, Berkeley truly is the the "complete package" as a university, a great balance between work and play.


I tell them about the randomness I see everyday as I stroll throigh campus to go to my classes. I also like to mention the glorious buildings and architecture we have all over our campus, not to mention the campanile (clock tower). There is something for every single person who comes to Berkeley, whether it be someone who parties everyday or someone who continuously studies in the library. Berkeley is the place to be!!


This campus has provided me with so many opportunities to meet people! I have so many friends! Berkeley has amazing school spirit that carries on well after you graduate. Everyone here is a fascinating human being.


Difficulty; diversity


While bragging to my friends about my University, I usually bring up the fact that UC Berkeley has consistently ranked as No.1 in public universities in the world. My school is beautiful. It is surrounded by trees everywhere and is very close to the bay. Also, the professors at this university have more nobel prizes than some countries. Lastly, we have one of the best national football teams, who try tp make us proud to be a Golden Bear.


The public transportation such as BART.


I go to UC Berkeley.


I try not to "brag" but I do tell people that it is where God wanted me to be to help me fulfill my purpose in life.


Club Activities


Most Berkeley's students are on financial aid yet the school is ranked number one in the world in terms of public schools! If it was a private school, it would probably stand even before Stanford University (UC Berkeley and Stanford are known rival schools for many decades)!


I go to Berkeley! Berkeley has a strong reputation for being a top school.


I brag about my professors as well as the surrounding city. There is nothing that illustrates my pride more than my mass email to my friends and family explaining the new role of one my economy professors in the new presidential administration. Additionally, the campus' geographical and philosophical connection with Lawrence Berkeley Labratory is something I take pride in. The head of the Lawrence Berkeley lab also recieved a position in the new administration, which gives me confidence that Berkeley is an notable institution where the best are plucked out for some of the most important tasks in history.


The music department. It is small and friendly and has a great faculty


It's the original University of California.


prestige, excellence


Recently, the lab resources available in my biology class were very impressive. I brag to my friends that even though it's only an introductory class (sort of), I got the chance to genetically modify bacteria using plasmid vectors. What kind of introductory bio class lets you do that?