University of California-Berkeley Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who is dedicated, passionate, and motivated about gaining a career. Willing to work hard and succeed in life.


students that are focus on getting a good education and preparing to go to furthur degrees


Someone who is not only intelligent and friendly, but also a citizen of the world, and has multi-faceted interests. The person should be very hard-working and diligent to attend this school because of the rigour of the education. There is also so much diversity and culture on campus; it is really a very vibrant and colorful place so one must be genuinely interested in this in order to benefit from it. Going to Berkeley really opens up one's horizons and prepares one academically and socially for the "real world".


A person with a strong acedemic drive into research should attend this school. There are countless opportunites for students to get involved in labs and research, not just in the sciences but in the arts as well. One can be studying to go to Med School however decide to go into theater and they would find a place for that at this school.


Someone who is driven, engaged, and eager to learn. You have to be ready to work hard - and play hard - if you want to succeed at UC Berkeley.


One that can accept challenges and is dedicated to the art of learning.


When it comes to studying, anyone who enjoys a challenge should come to Berkeley. The adrenaline rush received while taking a difficult exam and the feeling of accomplishment after finishing the exam are unparalleled. On the recreational side, anyone with a passion for anything should come to Berkeley. There isn’t a single activity too strange or difficult for one to find a supporting circle of peers who enjoy the same things.


A student who is extremely academically and mentally driven. Especially the first semester at Berkeley, it can be pretty hard to adjust to an atmosphere of intelligence. Everyone you run into is in some way extraordinary. But the important thing to remember is that you're also one of the people others run into and see as extraordinary. While sometimes it can be frighteningly easy to get down on yourself, it's important for every student who attends Berkeley to remember that it's really not a competition. The only competition is yourself.


A student that can be independent. You will be a number here.


Anyone self-motivated and driven by a relentless intellectual curiosity will thrive at Cal. There are opportunities abound. Whether you want to get involved in the community or participate in cutting edge research, if you're looking hard enough you will find something special. That said, Berkeley's enviroment best serves those with open minds, the most important lessons I have gained from my experience here have been those that have redefined my way of thinking about the world.


Those who love to learn and explore. The liberal education there is one of the best in the world.


The people who should attend UC Berkeley are those who are passionate and motivated to learn from the best public university in California. These people should be willing to have an open mind, and be prepared to come into a world where life is everything. Cal is a place where people can be themselves, and the kind of person who wants to attend this school should know that Cal has everything to offer in order for them to be comfortable as well as become prepared for their future.


Very motivated and goal-oriented students will do well at Berkeley. You have to be willing to work hard and not expect anything to be just handed to you.


While UC Berkeley is known for its rich diversity of students, everyone shares the common ground of being dedicated to getting a solid education. Students who want to learn, network, and enjoy life would be well suited for Cal. While we are very academically orientated, we do have a balance between play and fun. So, people who want to fully enjoy the college experience (beyond academics) should not discount Cal. Football Game Days brings the "Cal Spirit" out of everyone and it is a blast.


I think a person who is used to the big city life would adjust easier to this school rather than someone who comes from a small town and school like I did. Other than that there are many different people of all different backgrounds who come to this school and do just fine.


The type of person that should attend this school is one who is competitive and open minded. There are a lot of different people here at Berkeley, many not even attending the school. Therefore, it is important to be open to all kinds of ethnicities, cultures, races, sexual orientations, etc. Students have to work hard for the grade here. Many students are used to receiving straight A's in high school and are schocked by how hard it is to receive those grades here.


The person should be a smart individual willing to work hard. It's possible to come here and not feel as smart as other students, but that just means you have to work twice as hard.


This school is very demanding in terms of academics. The grading curves are very cut-throat. I recommend this school for the high achievers. Because it is demanding, this school, as a result, is highly ranked amongst the public schools in California. Many companies come to this school to look for potential interns and full time employees. The alumni energy is very strong, as alumni always come back to recruit.


I think the kind of person who is open to learning new things, ideas, and people's opinions should come to this school. Not every view is correct, but the ability to understand different values, cultures, and thoughts of others is a skill that will only further develop your own ideas. This campus is about learning and about taking what you learn to give back to the community or to those who are less fortunate.


People who should attend UC Berkeley should be highly motivated individuals who have a passion for doing research and interrogating and formulating theories that impact a global population. Students who attend Cal should be devoted to their course work and should really enjoy and have a deep interest in what they study if they hope to excel in this highly competitive environment. With that said, do not be intimidated or discouraged by what is expected of students. Berkeley is a wonderful school that nurtures individuality and free ways of thinking. Work hard and be dedicated, and you will be successful.


I think people that want to make a big difference should come to this school. If you have ideas about how you can better the world or make changes then this is the place for you. You will have the best connections and resources to help you with your ideas and they will take you far. If you love research then this is the place for you as well. CAL is known for all of the best research projects in the world.


It's hard to pinpoint a specific type of person who should attend Berkeley. So long as you're open-minded and can accept people of all backgrounds, interests, and affiliations, there really is no reason you wouldn't fit in here. Academically, you must be hardworking and able to handle pressure without anyone here to hold your hand. Independence and motivation are key characteristics to survive in this environment as Berkeley students pride themselves on their ability to do things for themselves, without the administration coddling us.


A person that is focused, motivated, able to seize opportunities, and take advantage of the resources that Berkeley has to offer. This person will make the extra effort to see professors during office hours and develop a relationship with them. This person will appreciate the high quality education that Berklekey offers.


The ideal student is academically and professionally self-motivated. No one at Berkeley is going to push you; you have to be your own cheerleader and coach if you want to stay on top of your schoolwork and social life. Moreover, one has to be open-minded enough to accept criticism of their beliefs and thoughts, as well as respectfully question others. Much of the learning at this university comes from one another. Someone who loves to learn from a variety of approaches would fit in quite well on campus. Also, to be honest, one has to be savvy/mature.


Someone who loves the environment, food, culture, learning subaltern theories


Someone who wants to learn beyond the classroom. I believe that my liberal education is much more valueable than that of my formal education. I have learned to question the status quo and to look more closely at both sides of the story. If you are worried about the social life at UC Berkeley... don't worry. If you like to go out you will find people who go out on a regular basis. I usually go out to parties and other social events three times a week!


Academicly prepared


UCBerkeley is a highly competetive school, and the person attending should be highly motivated and driven to accell academically.


One who appreciates the opportunity to learn from some of the best professors in the world. UC Berkeley 's teaching staff includes Nobel Prize winners, cutting-edge researchers, respected authors and others who are at the top of their respective fields. Come to Berkeley with an open mind and a curious intellect, and you will not be disappointed!


At the University of California Berkeley you will need to be a high achieving and self motivated student. As a freshman, you will need to know how to budget your time to get all of your work completed and to not be easily discouraged if there is not a lot of hand holding from the TAs or professors. Many of the students are very serious about their work and the parties are at a minimum, especially among the Engineering students. School will need to be your primary focus to excel here.


A person who loves to learn, is passionate about life, interested in discovering oportunites around every corner should thrive at UC Berkeley. Open minds, but strong minds belong here. Hard workers and people who naturally absorb material both will thrive here.


The perfect person for UC Berkelely is someone won't mind a mental challenge, because you will be pushed to your extremes here but also someone who would appreciate the long standing history of Berkeley's liberal side and ever evolving atmosphere. The sacrifices you make here to be the best student will continuously reap rewards even after you have left this place. All the memories will be engrained in your mind and make you that much of a stronger and more well rounded individual.


A person who is open minded.


An academically serious person who has the ability to make friends as well as to be comfortable with newfound independence.


Cal is not an easy school to get into or to go through. The most suitable type of person for UCBerkeley should be someone who is motivated and knows what they want. One should be strong academically, emotionally and even physically (Cal sits on a multitude of hills). Be well-rounded and prepared to do what it takes to succeed, and also be aware that there are other intelligent and highly competitive people in the student body. Work hard, do your best, and remember that it's not all about the studying.


A person willing to challenge them self should attend Berkeley. UC Berkley students need to be able to think, form opinions, and defend them. It is not a university in which time can be wasted; it offers many opportunities and access to influential professors and a flood of information in the campus's many libraries. There are so many groups advocating different activities and passions, anyone can fit in. UC Berkeley is a place of open minds too; a student at this campus needs to be tolerant and willing to listen and talk to people very different from them.


You have to be independent and not afraid to ask for help. Academic, financial and career advising is hard to find if you don't seek it out yourself, but there are resources available for those who look for them. Conservatives definitely do not fit in at this school, and you have to be willing and able to stand up for your opinions and beliefs, as people oftentimes engage in lively debates. You have to be a hard worker, and if you want to feel as connected to the school as possible you should involve yourself in extracurricular activities.


As I said before, the alumni in Berkeley is very varied, with different types of cultures everywhere, so I believe any person would fit into this school.


Rich diversity and resources, amazing professors and lectures


Someone who is interested in learning critical learning skills such as research and critical thinking. Someone who is seeking out to become a leader in their community and reaching out to help those who do not have the same priviledges and opportunities that other do have. In an essence someone who is looking to change the world to make a better place for everyone. Ambition, determination and a good heart is essencial as you learn so many things in this school that can truly make a change.


someone who is dedicated to their studies and who wants to excel. someone who wants to be challenged beyond belief and likes to work. can be a fun city as well.


Those who enjoy freedom of expression. Those who intend on working hard for their degree.


I feel that anyone who is really ambitious or feels a need to give back to their communities should attend this school. It is a difficult school but those that dream big can really do anythingon this campus.


Somebody with a lot of motivation and perseverance. This school is not meant for those who have too many other things going on in their lives.


Anybody who has drive, academic devotion towards their studies, and who seeks to make a difference outside of the classroom. Berkeley has amazing opportunities for any student, and they should be eager to take advantage of that. Laslty, a Berkeley student must have pride in their school, "Go Bears!"


One needs to have the skills to manage time wisely and really enjoy the subject he or she is majoring in.


Any person could attend this school. This is a very diversified community in which everyone interacts with each other fully and friendly. Students will gain a lot of not only knowledge but also the passion to work with others as well.


At the young age of 18, students should not be expected to know what they want, or what career path they wish to pursue. With that said, Berkeley places high expectations on students to discover this path in two years, while maintaining strong, career-oriented, internships/jobs. The students who wish to attend Berkeley should not know what they want out of life yet, but should be ready and willing to study hard enough to figure it out in two years. Students should be dedicated to learning and excited to gain one of the best educations in the world.


The Berkeley campus is probably best for students heavily interested in politics, and those who have strong educational training.


If a student attends Berkeley, they must be a person of dedication, ambition, passion, and change. A UC Berkeley student is one that is ready to voice opinions; this school is for the brave of heart and it requires hours of study as well as a passion for academics. A UC Berkeley student is many faces-they are unique individuals who have taken on the responsibility of acquiring a Berkeley degree. With this degree, graduates have the power to face the world and accomplish their dreams. UC Berkeley students should dream big and not be afraid to pursue those dreams.