University of California-Berkeley Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Truly, there is a place at Cal for almost everyone. Those who should not attend would probably be strong social conservatives and people who are closed-minded.


If you're going to school for the sole purpose of getting a degree, Berkeley is the last place you should be. Berkeley is for those who learn for the sake of knowledge and understanding; for development and creative expression rather than for some end goal. There's no doubt that you'll gain a degree and a financially viable career in the process, but the personal gains that you earn through the richness and diversity of experience that Berkeley offers is worth so much more than a certificate.


I believe the person who shouldn't attend the school is someone who isn't willing to work for their grades or care. Also, someone who isn't willing to take advantage of the opportunities the school has to offer such as study abroad.


I believe that UC Berkeley is for everyone, because everyone can find their own place here to feel at home. However, that being said, I would not recommend this university to people who are uncomfortable with new ideas and people. UC Berkeley is filled with diversity and it definitely shows as students will each have high developed ideas and morals. There will always be someone who thinks just like you, but ten others who disagree. Even then, Berkeley is a place where you can share out your ideas and only be greeted with respect.


The person has to be smart, willing to spend a lot of time to learn material, not weak minded, be able to push himself/hersef, let failure help him/her, and be able to stay positive. The student has to like face challenges and working hard.


I do not know - I have not yet attended the school.


Berkeley is a great institution, but it's definitely not for everyone. People who struggle with academic rigor or who prefer a small, tight-knit community may have a difficult time adjusting to Cal. It's easy to get lost in the crowd and feel lonely and insignificant at times.


Those who don't want to put up the work and try their best to explore their interests and pursue their passions.


Everyone who attends UC Berkeley will find that it is the perfect school for them, and there isn't a specific kind of person who shouldn't attend this university. Cal welcomes everyone; it is the most liberal school, with lots of amazing activites that each student can participate in, and everyone will find themselves enjoying their school years here at UC Berkeley.


People that are not independent or self-motivated will not excel here. The opportunities abound, but it takes a self-starter and a bit of a risk taker to be able to successfully navigate here.


Someone who knows what they want to do, who is motivated and prepared to spend the majority of their time outside of class doing homework, studying, or somehow researching. Someone who loves school and is excited about what they prospective career will be.


Any type of person can attend UC Berkeley because it is a very liberal school. It is the home of the free speech movement so everybody their is usually respectful of others opinions and backgrounds. It does not matter where you come from, if you go to Cal, you will find your special place on campus.


Anyone who wants a smaller community experience, or doesn't like a social life run by the Greek system.


Someone who needs small classes, a quiet campus, or who doesn't want to choose a major. Someone who finds politics really repulsive (you don't have to be political to be here and we do have conservative students/faculty, but the campus is active.)


People who are not willing to put in a lot of effort into their studies should not attend this school. Berkeley is a fast paced school with many students, so the students have to be self motivated and know how to use their time. Students who are easily discouraged will have a hard time at this school because the classes are not easy, and professors purposely make tests hard so that they can seperate the good students from the top students.


People who expect or need a lot of individual attention or hand holding.


UC Berkeley is a top school, so it is definitely competitive--there are weeder classes, competition and rankings in certain classes needed for impacted majors and so forth, so if you want a more laid-back environment, either don't take those particular majors, or don't come to Cal. Also, if you're not big on getting frustrated or disappointed, don't come here either for, although there are many amazing, intelligent professors and GSIs, there are also terrible ones as well.


This is a school with very high standards. Those that are not willing to work extremely hard for their education should pass on this school. It is extremely competative and takes lots of determination to follow through.


Because of its immense student body population, U.C. Berkeley is not a school for the unmotivated. Those that need to be taken by the hand through a process while being served on a silver platter will not thrive at a university like this one. U.C. Berkeley is for the self-motivated, the self-driven with an ambition that creates a path in front of them of their very own. A student who is not independent and requires the constant attention and aide of higher authorities is not the type of student that will succeed here.


A person who should not attend this school is one who does not want to work hard academically and is not open to very diverse people and ways of thinking.


The kind of people who shouldn't attend Berkeley are people who don't like large universities and can't handle large lecture classes. Its part of the Berkeley experience, I believe, especially freshman year. Also, while a little bit of intimidation of the competition is healthy towards working hard for a good grade, people who are severely intimidating could find it crippling. On the whole however, Berkeley suits a large majority of people, and its all about going out there and finding your niche.


I don't know if there is any one type of person who should not attend this school. Perhaps someone who does not like an urban environment, or someone who would be unprepared to forego socializing for studies. But really I think all kinds of people can be really happy here.


Someone who hates rain and cold weather, who hates studying and tends to be a Type B person, and/or someone who does not fare well under high pressure and little sleep.


Someone who is used to smaller settings and would be unconfortable with getting lost amongst the "many" would definitely not be a good fit at this school. It is very easy to be lost amongst the lot, especially if you never find a particular place to fit in and meet people and feel welcome. This also goes for large classes. It is easy to feel like a nobody in a class with 500 students, but if each student got help from professors or TA's, it's easier to keep up.


Someone who thinks college is all fun and parties and isn't willing to work hard.


A person who is afraid to come out of his comfort zone. The students who attend Cal are very outgoing and believe that in order to suceed, one must be able to study as well as be involved in extra activities. Someone who is afraid to make a mistake or choose a wrong path would not be one to thrive here. Learning is about making mistakes and learning from them as well as being able to achieve perfection.


UC Berkeley has a very competitive atmosphere and classes are very rigourous. Someone should not attend this school if they have not had a rigourous course load during high school or community college. Also, Berkeley's atmosphere is fairly liberal, so having an open mind and respecting others perspective is important, otherwise if you are not open minded this school is probably not the right fit. Berkeley is in the middle of the city of Berkeley, so if someone doesn't like an urban environment then this is probably not the school for you.


This school is great for anyone with an open mind so if you are very stubborn it might be difficult to live here. Anyone can attend this school since you are eventually part of all of the things going on and will find a group of people who are just like them.


Anyone who doesn't take education seriously or has a love for learning.


Someone who likes the beach and sun.


Someone that has more than career and ambition in mind should attend this school. This university does a good job in exposing students to life beyond academics through its diversity and, at the same time, unique cultures. You grow and learn a lot outside the classroom.


some one who likes private insitutions with small classes


I think everyone should attend UC Berkeley because there is so much to learn that no matter how open-minded you are (or not), it will be an educational experience both within and without the classroom.


The type of person that should not attend this school is the lazy, uninterested, and arrogant person; the type of person who thinks they do not need the education or the school.


A close minded person who is very set in their ways should not attend this school. I believe that many classes challenge you to think differently and be extremely accepting.


Someone who is looking for a small, closed campus. Berkeley is somewhat of a gigantic bureaucracy, and no one is going to listen hard for your voice unless you make yourself proactive.


lazy. not into school. anti social. people not open to other views.


Any student who wants to learn, live in a very liberal environment and live in a place that has lots to do and see.


In order to understand the kind of person who should not attend Berkeley, you must understand the kind of student that does attend Berkeley. The majority of students here share similar attributes: they have a rough plan of what they are going to do with their lives for the next 5-10 years career-wise; they take academics very seriously, to the point where that might mean sacrificing their weekends to study in the library; finally, they are so goal-oriented that even if you aren't yourself, you would be inspired to do so just by being around them.


Honestly, there are all types here.




A person who is closed to new ideas and beliefs should not attend Berkeley. It is a very diverse campus and attracts all kinds of people from all walks of life. These people can be passionate at best and in-your-face at worst. A person who is unable to deal with these "characters" would be unsuitable for this campus. As a political conservative, I am definitely in the minority at Cal, but there are definitely clubs I can join, and people respect my ideas in class because I respect their's.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is one without the passion to gain knowledge and valuable life skills. Attending college is an opportunity for personal and professional development, and I think anyone with the drive or desire to grow would succeed here. It is a challenging school, both academically and socially, so an individual who maintains an open mind, strong will, and positive attitude will do well.


Ultra-conservative people.


Someone who is conservative!


Someone who is unmotivated to do well academically. Someone who is not independent.


People who like meeting different people and who don't mind losing touch, since that happens easily. If you're looking for lots of things to do, this school definitely provides the opportunities. It can be difficult to make/keep friends.


Students who are introverted will probably not get the best experience here. You really have to be brave and ask teachers and fellow students for help, otherwise you will be eaten alive by the competition. The keys to success here are to ask questions, take initiatve, and ask colleages for help. There really isn't anyone watching over you or guiding you, you have to seek it yourself.


Someone looking to only party or coast through college.


Someone who isn't willing to work hard and take advantage of their education.