University of California-Berkeley Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Anti-social, non-competitive


Someone who doesn't have an open mind and who isn't interested in a variety of cultures should not attend this school.


a person who doesn't like to study.


Sometimes people can come off arrogant or unfriendly because of competition


Theres no kind of person that would not find their place among the students at Berkeley. Nevertheless, there is a particular kind of person that I prefer would avoid tarnishing the essence of education that exudes from the Berkeley campus. That type of person is one that cares only about what he can do to gain an advantage over other students. One that forgos a hollistic learning process that combines knowledge with compassion for the desire to succeed. Theres more to education than straight A's. The heartless, mechanical minds cannot get as much out of Berkeley as others might.


some one who does not have a strong sense or desire to accomplish.


An unmotivated student


Someone who 1) is intolerant of people of different origins, 2) doesn't like being in big classes/lecture halls or meeting a lot of people, 3) doesn't like rain because you see a lot of that!


A close-minded person. This school challenges you to think beyond your own identity and circumstances. You will learn a lot about yourself at Berkeley.


people who aren't open to change and diversity. who have lots of prejudices


A very conservative religious low-income out of state student.


Someone who doesn't take school seriously and just wants to have fun.


Someone that is unable to listen to opinions different from their own. Also, anyone afraid of people in trees.


Anyone who is extremely unaccepting or intolerant of beliefs or views different from their own.


People who are not willing to put forth any effort to their school work should not attend,


People who are not open to new ideas. People who come to Berkeley with a pre-career major already set in their mind tend to do well academically, but miss out on what could be the greatest experience of their lives. If you do not like to experience new cultures, no one in Berkeley wants you here.


This school is so diverse that it can work for anyone. There is something for everyone.


People who need a great deal of individual attention should not attend this school as Undergraduates. There are bountiful resources at UCB, but you need to seek them out and FIGHT for them. Being self-disciplined and proactive is very important here, as well as making sure you don't get isolated or overwhelmed by the academics: find your niche. Being conservative and closed minded could be very difficult here, as well as lazy, or just of different priorities than ACADEMICS. You have to remember this is a school catering to Graduate Students. They won't notice you without work.


I think that close-minded, anti-social people should not attend this school, because it's a very dense social environment, mixing many cultures together.