University of California-Berkeley Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Smart, very ambitious, career and goal oriented people. If you are super social and more creative, chances are you will not like Berkeley. It is really a nerd school, but the value of education is out of sight. Come with a car - although parking sucks - so that you can at least go to San Francisco when you want, because Berkeley is a dead city.


A motivated, active, and diligent student who is capable of balancing time would be well suited in such a big university as UC Berkeley.


Curious people who are interested in learning about other types of people and about the world.


people who do not mind big classes, people who want to explore different ideas and cultures, people who are career focused, you don't have to love everything about berkeley, but if you care about your career then do the program and do it well, but be prepared to figure things out for yourself because no one walks you throught the process or pinpoint the million and one possibilities made available upon admission.


Goal oriented and focused. Be willing to spend all-nighters to finish projects of exceptional quality on time. You should not be willing to settle.


somewhere who want a school that is open to new things and very liberal.


competitive, over-acheiver, researcher, urban


Someone who is very serious about school




Students that are open to new ideas, academically and goal oriented. Students that like a suburban area and like being close to the city and the marina.


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OPEN MINDED, social, wants to learn and grow both academically and personally


Someone who wants to be exposed to a lot of variety both academically and socially. Someone who is independent and able to navigate a large university in order to get the most out of all that is offerred. Someone with an open mind.


Someone who is focused and driven. UCB is not the place to go if you're looking for a party.


Academically prepared, goal-oriented, disciplined, open-minded, inquisitive, bold, determined, creative, friendly, intelligent, mature


Someone who is academically oriented should attend this school.