University of California-Berkeley Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about UC Berkeley is easily the student body. It's a unique mix of personalities with a plethora of interesting ideas and opinions. I live for the conversations that I have with the people around me.


The professors, especially in mechanical engineering, are the best. They know each individual by their name and is willing to help each individual day or night.


The best thing I consider about my school, aside from world-class academics and research, is the diversity each and every student brings to the table. Being a large school, UC Berkeley is unique in that no matter what interests you have, there will be a group of passionate, like-minded individuals ready to meet you. There is no better place to not only find a sense of camaraderie, but to nurture, develop, or discover, new interests.


Berkeley has always been diverse, which I consider is the best thing about my school. Whether it is the diversity celebrated through the races or all the different foods options available or even the students and their experiences, Berkeley has provided an environment condusive to learning and celebrating all walks of life. Through my interactions with my classmates both inside the classroom and in various organizations, I was able to broaden my horizons by learning about their stories, while simultaneously sharing mine.


I consider the diversity of the student body to be the best thing about UCB because it brings people from different ethnicities, cultures, and financial backgrounds together. It also shows that even though we come from different places we all have one thing in common we value our educattion and want to be successful.


The best thing about this school would be its wide variety of opportunities. There are over 100s of clubs and organizations ranging from gardening to fencing. As well, our DeCal program allows students to make their own classes and teach others on the subject that they find interesting. Their are many passions to be discovered at this school for one to take the time that they wish and try their hand at something they want to outside of their major.


Berkeley is huge, which allows students ample opportunity to get engaged with different activities, take a variety of classes, and experiment with their interests. This has given me space to grow and to be able to change my path and interests as many times as I have needed to.


heavy concentration on research and opportunities to work with well-known experts & professors. Also, the environment in school is pretty green and there are lots of mini gardens, ponds, forest, etc. built around campus buildings which make it easier for students to de-stress from academic life.


The campus itself is located in a city but there are parts of campus that are very quiet due to the foliage and the many trees and almost forest like spots on campus.


Berkeley is a very beautiful campus. It is really easy to find a nice corner to study and eat a delicious, inexpensive lunch. It is also a very active and diverse place. It's virtually impossible to be bored at Berkeley.


It was affordable for the most part which made the student body more diverse since more people from different backgrounds could attend.


This school is very diverse and there are ways for everyone to find their place at this school. Professors really want to be your friends and are very available to meet with you even when you're just an undergrad. It's not secluded and it's in a city, making it feel like the real world. Also, it's very close to San Francisco, which allows for easy access to escape the campus as well.


Growing up, I established what a leader was for myself because I never had a stable figure to demonstrate what one was. I have found that leadership is about inspiring others from our actions in order to better ourselves and the world we live in. This applies directly with what I aspire to do with my art and my school allowed me to do something and to become a leader. A leader for change for the better enables us and can impact our communities.


The access to all the facilities, the opportunities to intern, do research, meet world known professors and be taught by them; just all the amazing things you can do here that you wouldn't be able to do anywhere else


The best thing about my school is that it is a first-rate university, where people are serious about there studies.


I love Berkeley because I can form my experiences to fit my personality. There are so many different opportunities at this school, ranging from sports to research to theater groups to political activism, that I can find a niche for every one of my interests. Also, Berkeley provides a very healthy dialogue and a friendly degree of competition that forces students to be their best and stay polished and professional. Cal is a school where students, who are mature enough to deal with it, blossom into the people they have always wanted to be.


High quality education!


The best thing at this school is the fact that you can always find a place in here. Many people are put off by the fact that UC Berkeley is a huge university but once you join organizations on campus (which I really recommend to freshman) you begin to become a part of smaller communities that socialize and see each other on a regular basis. No matter where you are or who you come from, you can find your place. I think that this is the beauty of UC Berkeley.


I think the best thing about my school is that it is very diverse and has an enormous amount of things to do. There are over 900 student organizations to join all with different emphases. There are sports, volunteer opportunties, shadowing opportuntities, jobs, internships, externships, Greek Life, scholars programs, etc. It is a school with a place for everyone and no one feels left out.


Being part of the school choir - the University Chorus under director Marika Kuzma. I have been singing since I was little, and this choir really expanded my horizons. In addition to getting to debut unusual pieces, such as Hindemith's "When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed," we also got to sing in so many different languages. Most enjoyable of all was Prof Marika's directing - maintaining a high standard yet caring for us as singers. It is undoubtedly the best experience I've had.


There are so many incredible things about Berkeley and that is because of one thing: student diversity. It feels very cliche to say but every single Cal student is a unique and exciting individual. Everyone is motivated to follow their dreams and work to make the world a better place. Diversity also makes classroom discussions and debates very interesting- in my Philosophy class last semester we had Agnostics, Atheists, Christians, Muslims and Buddhists engaging in a reasonable discussion of issues such as abortion, taxes, stem-cell research and the War in Afghanistan. Where else can you find that? Go Bears!


The professors are the best you could ever ask for , not only are they there to help you with any questions you may have but the genuinly are there to further your capabilities.


The best thing about UC Berkeley is the wealth of imagination and intelligence here. Everyone you meet here has incredible ability and talent. We push each other to be the best we can be. Filling a campus with people like this was a brilliant idea, whoever came up with it. It creates an environment that fosters achievement, accomplishment, creativity, innovation, and, ultimately, success.


The best thing about UC Berkeley is the combination of all types of people centered in one place. Berkeley is a melting pot. There is not one majority of people but rather an eclectic mixing of race, culture and personalities. Berkeley allows individuality and the opportunity to learn not only from professors but from our peers. Combine the above with nobel laureates teaching challenging curriculum, living in the heart of an urban city, Berkeley's impressive history, and the beauty of campus and it makes for an unforgettable, irreplaceable, educational experience.


Even though academics are challenging, I think it is one of the best because they offer challenging and interesting courses in a variety of areas. There are a wide range of majors in almost every possible field and Berkeley offers a liberal arts education as well as other areas such as engineering or environmental design. The professors and instructors are also some of the best in there field. After all it is the number one public university in the country.


The best thing about UC Berkeley is the presence and availability of extracurricular activities and student groups. When I started attending UC Berkeley, I joined many student groups, including the Undergraduate Economics Association, Circle K International, Tennis at Cal, and Hillel. These groups have many ways to get involved: in Circle K International, I do community service and serve on the Newsletter Committee; in Hillel, I go to Jewish Student Union meetings and help make food for barbecues; and in the Undergraduate Economics Association, I help plan and attend events. These student groups make student life interesting and fun.


Berkeley is really the whole college experience. Whether you want world-renowned faculty, breathtaking libraries, dynamic students (and I mean of every kind), parties every weekend, stadium-shaking football games, coveted speakers (Alice Walker anyone?), or a beautiful rolling campus - it's all there. Berkeley not only gives you educational opportunities that expands you to the edges of the world (quite literally!) but also allows you to meet inspiring characters who will help you discover your wings. To "Live Berkeley" is to love every moment and to work smart towards your dreams. Because with Berkeley, anything is possible.


The best thing about UC Berkeley is that there is a lot of freedom to do what you want here because everyone is so accepting and understanding. The dress code is very casual and no one cares if you go to class in a sweatshirt and sweatpants. Even though everyone is very serious about their studies, everyone has a lot of fun outside of classes. The philosophy here is "work hard, play hard."


The prestige and the ability to meet like minded socially conscious people working to make change in the world.


I love that so many views on life are represented, causing you to reconsider and often revise your own. People aren't afraid to show themselves for who they really are.


There is something to do for everyone.


Its diversity and the amount of experts teaching here.


Everything on-campus,is very close to each other.


The best thing about the University of California Berkeley is the vast ethnic, racial, religious, cultural, socio-economic, political (etc.) diversity across the campus. UC Berkeley is one the most accepting and least discriminating universities in the entire world. As one of the finest public institutions on the national level, UCB accepts students of any background that are persistently pursuing an enriching experience in higher education at the most academic level. Berkeley accepts a large percentage of transfer students who unfortunately can't afford four year's tuition at a University, but seek the benefits and advantages of higher education.


The professors are generally very knowledgable and inspiring. I also love the Co-op system which provides housing and a great social network off of campus. The campus and surrounding city is also just a great place to walk around- and you can't beat the weather!


There is always something going on, so you don't get homesick as easily. There is a group for everyone, and you can always find a group of friends to spend time with.


I like the dynamic of the students; almost everyone here is so intelligent. I believe that the quality of education here is excellent. The material we cover is very abstract and difficult, but the way it is taught and tested pushes students to be more than just absorbers and regurgitators. Students really have to dig deep and think critically and analytically. I think my university pushes students to be innovators and initiative-takers.


diversity. no matter what you're interested in or who you are, you can find a place for yourself here.




-research opportunities, cultures (differnt ethnic background), city-setting, diversity, positive competition


I really enjoy the diversity here. Nobody really feels left out and you could always find a great network of friends. It is also academically challenging.


The diversity, it makes berkeley really unique and an amazing place to live


The whole experience of going to a University and meeting people from all over the nation and sometimes the world. I definitely feel that I got the full experience opposed to if I were to have gone to a small private school.


My school has a lot of programs for academic support. There are tutors for nearly every subject. The tutors are especially helpful in math and science classes. The school also has several adjunct courses. Adjunct courses further assist students in their studies by encouraging people to work in groups; as a result, these courses further encourage students to share and interact with one another.


The liberal and diverse culture is particularly interesting. For example, I have never heard so many different languages spoken in one place before coming to UC Berkeley.


The student parent association on campus. They do out reach program to encourage students with kids to attend Cal and let them know that they can afford CAL.


The people associated with it. People are passionate about what they study and there are a variety of opinions and beliefs.


The best thing is probably the level of technology on campus including the technology used in classrooms, the usage of websites for almost all classes, and having wireless everywhere on campus.


It offers a lot of high ranking programs so that the people that attend this school are all intelligent. I rarely encounter someone that doesn't appreciate the quality of the program that they are in, assuming they have chosen the right one for themselves.


I think that the multicultural community is best thing about Berkeley. For underrepresented students resources such as Bridges Multicultural Center and the Recruitment and Retention Centers as well as the Multicultural Student Development Offices act as sanctuaries for people of color and community issues. I love that I can come to these brave spaces to have my voice heard, become politically aware and responsive, and serve to motivate other underprivileged people to pursue higher education. These spaces comfort me after a long day; to be in the company of others I know truly care about my experiences.