University of California-Davis Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


UC Davis is best known for its biking community and the advantages biking has on this particular campus. The whole university's pathways and campus locations are based on the students biking.


Some of my favorite campus traditions include the Undie Run where everyone de-stresses before finals but stripping down into their underwear, donating their clothes to a good cause and goes for a wild crazy run at 11PM on a weekday night. Other traditions involve going to see the cows among other things, in fact we have a UC Davis App for all of them.


Veterinarian Science


I think my school is best known for its medical programs. It has a well known medical school and vetinarary program that promotes evidence based practices and research.


It is known well for it's biology programs and is good for pre-med students. It is also very diverse in it's academics. The school is also very known for it's association with agriculture.


Biking is a tradition on UC Davis. I can't really describe anything else that is stronger than that on campus. There are a lot of activities going on at different places, so exploring is my advice if you want to find out more about UC Davis traditions.


The University of California at Davis, located in the bicycle capital of the U.S., is notorious for the large amount of bicycles that can be found on its campus. Academically, the university is notorious for its research opportunities and development, particularly in the biological science and agricultural fields. Also, the university strives to keep a clean, "green" campus and their initiatives to keep it this way have not gone unnoticed, as it was proclaimed one of America's "Greenest Schools".


UC Davis is primarily seen as a bit of a "cow town" University (quite literally, there are quire a few cows around), but the school is mostly based around research. The school has a very strong Biological Sciences program, and is one of the few colleges I know of which has a Biological Sciences college seperate from the College of Letters and Sciences.


University of California, Davis is best known for its involvement in agriculture and being environmentally-friendly. There are hundreds of agriculture-based clubs on campus to get involved in. There are also hands on interaction experiences available for people who want to work with livestock and dairy animals. In addition, Davis is known for being "green". Besides providing food from only local places, UC Davis also actively participates in recycling and composting.


Bikes swarm all around the campus of University of California, Davis. Atop these vehicles sit dedicated college students on their way to Shields Library to read through their BioChem notes before the PopQuiz that everyone already knows about. This is the best part of attending Davis. It's hard not to feel accepted. The beauty of the University grounds trumps my mind. The town is just as beautiful, and eco-friendly (hence the bikes). Davis remains the perfect place to come to receive a well-rounded education surrounded by bicyclists.


We are best known as an agricultural school and on campus we have cows and sheep to prove it! However, Davis has majors as diverse as the student population that goes here. And that's saying something! There's a beautiful balance of trees and lawn on our campus and we are fit student body seeing as we bike everywhere!


Academically, I'm not sure what our strongest department it, but I think Davis is best known for being sustainable. Basically everyone rides their bikes around campus and Davis is always coming out with ways to be more sustainable. Davis is also very agricultural, but honestly I haven't seen a single cow since coming to Davis; the agricultural parts of Davis are on the edge of campus so you really have to seek them out.


My school is best known for it's academic programs and it's percentage of students who enroll in a major in Biological Sciences, typically entering Veterinary or Medical school.


UC Davis is best known for its school pride and for UC Davis Picnic Day!


UC Davis is best known for it's medical and agricultural fields. We have a great medical school program and a well known veterinary school program. We also are a research university that does many cutting edge agricultural research studies.


UC Davis is mostly known as a research university for things like engineering and veterinary.


UC Davis is a prestigious university and is known for its vetinarian medicine and being a research based university. It is one of the leading Public Research Universities in the country.


My school is best known for it medical students.


My current Junior College and UC Davis both have an emphasis on agriculture and Plant Science.


Very career focused and academically/research challenging, environmentally friendly


UC Davis is best known for the agriculture as it was once the agriculture school for UC Berkeley until 1908. However, UC Davis also holds an acredited engineering programs, as well as other programs. Also, the amount of research available and conducted is very high at UC Davis.


Upon hearing the name, University of California Davis, the image of cows may surface in most college student's mind. Yes, cows, or rather, cattle, occupy a living space in the center of the university campus. No, not because it is the university's mascot, but because these cattle are proffessors; without prior formal education, of course. UC Davis is best known for its undergraduate agricultural research. These cattle are part of a class and provide students with hands-on experience with animals. In fact, UC Davis's mascot is a horse. It's name? Aggie, for agriculture.


UC Davis is a very well known science school and many people attend this school who plan on going to Medical School. It is also known the be one of the best Vet Schools to attend.




the cows


UC Davis is best known for the cows. Sadly enough, it's true. We're an agricultural school, which means that we have a great Veterinary school. However, Davis is also known for the excellent students that go here. Everyone is very well-rounded and smart.


Cows, vets, and a big campus.


Agriclture Program and cows


UC Davis is best known for its prestige as being one of the best research institutions in the nation. In addition, it is also one of the top schools for people interested in the field of agriculture, medicine, vetinary school, or any other of the pre-med degrees that UC Davis offers to its students. Students also like to make fun of the town of Davis, which admittedly has gained the reputation as being a boring "cow town" that offers a limited social life, which also attracts many students for that reason.


Davis is best known for cows. Although Davis is a big and prominent school, it is joked as being cowtown. This is because the city of Davis is surrounded by empty research and farming land. Davis is also well known for its veterinary school.


Our school has an impeccable reputation for its Psychology department. So naturally, it was a perfect choice for me.


UCD has a very good science program and also one of the top veterinary schools in the country


Medical Education.


Pre-med, Pre-vet, and Agriculture, but we have some of the most well recognized professors in the field of Middle Eastern Conflict studies.


It is very good for those interested in entering the veterinary field, or even agricultural and environmental field. There are amazing opportunities in this school, and I feel like it is very underrated. It is very well known for its veterinry school.


cows and agriculture are the main things thhat come to mind when i think of Davis. Other than that i think of th education and the social life that I get at UC Davis. Its a great school to manage schoolwork and partying.






my school is best known for the research program, it's veterinary school, engineering program and the hands-on learning experience during class


We have the best veterinary medical school in the U.S., and we are one of the best agricultural school in the U.S.


Research and the medical school.


cows, biology department, vet school


vetinary school and animals


I just transfered from a community college so i haven't get to know much about my school. UCDavis is known as one of the good school in North California for students majoring in science major like i am. It has labs, and library with all the sources for different majors. It's known as a school for vets and whoever wanna be a dotor since they have a hospital close to campus. It has the farm on campus which is big and has different kind of animals. It's one of the thing is best known about my school.


Our school is best known for science and research, though it is slowly evolving to become recognized for other areas as well, including arts and humanities. UC Davis just built a new building for wine and viticulture research as well as a fairly new building for their performing arts center, which has brought guests such as B.B. King and Jane Goodall, among others. Our school is becoming more well known for sports as our football team recently moved up to Division A. We are also known for our agriculture and our cows.


My school is best known for science. There are many people enrolled in science major class and very often it will be filled. Furthermore, the students at this UC Davis is very competitive so you will have to do a little extra studying to keep yourself ahead. But it is all worth it.


cows- hippies- picnic day and the whole earth fesdtival


Agricultural majors. Also known for being a cowtown school.


Cows, research, sciences, engineering, a strong vet and med school. Has a huge acreage. It's "in the middle of nowhere." High Asian population. Cheap rent. Sushi buffets.


UC Davis is a research based school. It is well known for all of the research that takes place in its various departments. It is also known for its veterinary school and agricultural programs.