University of California-Davis Top Questions

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Allyson Nicole

UC Davis has more than 100 majors to choose from. The campus boasts of its innovations towards environmental sustainability, diverse student population, and available research and internship opportunities. Its convenient location close to Sacramento allows very hands-on opportunities for civic engagement with the local politics. UC Davis has a college dedicated to agriculture and environmental science, making it known for environmental research and having a large acreage of land and a whole department for food science and vineculture. It's known as one of the best college towns and one of the top bicycle-friendly cities in the nation.


UC Davis is unique in that it is one of the two UC's that offers Nutrition Science as a major. I want to double major in Microbiology and Nutrition Science and because of that I was limited to where I could apply and still accomplish what I want to do.


UC Davis is very diverse and places a strong emphasis on cultural, racial, and other personal differences. UC Davis is also very student-led.


Davis has an amazing enviornment. People are so friendly and open and the campus is so beautiful and relaxed. Somewhere I felt I would fit in, and I do.


What's unique about UC Davis that I considered against UC Berkeley is its friendly community and how kind everyone was to strangers. On the other hand, in UC Berkeley, the competitve nature of the school caused for an agressive and hostile environment.


The community that surrounds UC Davis makes the school unique. The Davis locals fully support the university and students.


Davis is a vibrant and close-knit college town.


its in a small city and close to sacramento and san francisco.


The atmosphere at UC Davis is amazing; it is a tough school academically, and there is competition, like any school, but people still manage to help each other and work together, rather than resorting to sabotage to bring each other down.


This school is very calm and has a homely atmosphere. There is a good combination of nature and town-life here and it is very friendly as well. Some of the school were too woodlandy or too city-like and Davis sits perfectly in the middle.


It's definitely worth coming here. It's a beautiful campus with so many things to do. It may seem small, but there are just so many things happening at once it's almost hard to get involved in all the fun stuff. So if you come to UC Davis, your 4 years will not be wasted. I can assure you that you will have an amazing college life here in Davis.


Physically the entire place is completely flat: ideal for biking, which is a fun physical activity and saves a lot of money (in comparison to cars which need a lot of gas). Along with recycle bins and the idea of composting, Davis sets a great example for the rest of the world in that it promotes sustainable living and a friendly envrionment.


UC Davis is a true college town. The entire community around has come into to being as a result of UC Davis. Bikes are as common as students, and the infrastructure is clearly represents that. Davis has it all. Being a large school, everyone can find their niche and place as soon as they arrive. But being the largest campus in the UC system, it is never crowded. There is always a place to find your own place at UC Davis.


It is a small, college town. Very cozy, yet we still have a big city feel 10 minutes away (Sacramento).


It is genuinely a college town. Also, the school is known for research and it has one of the best veterinary schools.


Really, it came down to the faculity I would be exposed to. I am primarily interested in conservation of fish and one of the leaders in California teaches at the University of California Davis. I spoke with Dr. Peter Moyle before applying to schools and he was very genuine and continues to be even after I have started attending the school. I have since taken his class and started working for him and do not regret my decision to become a part of the UC Davis campus. I was concerned with the size of the porgram aswell. Small is good.


It has a very good reputation, is located close to the bay area where my parent's live, and it is in a very small town.


I prefer San Francisco State on a personal level because of the activism and political involvement at the crux of the university, whereas UC Davis is politically apathetic and career-oriented.


The location of the school is wonderful. There are tons of trees around campus and the atmosphere is friendlier than other campuses.


Being a research institute, UC Davis offers many opprotunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to become involved with proffesor's scientific research. The research is cutting edge and opens up networking opprotunities that can further enhance one's success.


UC Davis is mainly managed by students and offers lots of helpful resources to students.


The atmophere of UC Davis friendly and welcoming. It is a typical college town with a wonderful downtown area . This is the only UC that is near the ocean, mountains, and the State Capital all at the same time. It also has an amazing Medical Center that allows numerous research opportunities. This school has an Exercise Biology major while the other UC's do not and this allows me to pursue a career in physical therapy. Overall this campus has a "homey" feel that I love.


The size of the student body. I was considering several smaller private schools and the large size of this school provides more opportunities and diversity. Something also unique is the bike population on campus, I had never experienced so many bikes in one place before I came here. And the fact that its a bike campus encourages less driving and thus promoting eco-friendly behavior.


The city itself is not too loud nor too quiet. It is peaceful. The community seems very involved with the school and many alumni continue to contribute to UC DAvis.


UC Davis is one of the largest UC campuses which can be daunting when considering how to get to each of your classes in a timely fashion. A very unique aspect of Davis, however, is its embrace of a bike-friendly atmosphere. In fact, there are more bikes than students on campus at any given time. This environment creates a very active, healthy feeling for its students. And the bikes are only one aspect of Davis' goal to be healthier, greener, and more sustainable. UCD has many ways of cutting back on waste and giving back to the environment.


The thing that is unique about my school compared to other universities is that it is very diverse and it is in a good location in California. The city of Davis is a college town, which makes living here a nice, friendly environment. The education quality and professors are also amazing!


UC Davis is located in a small college town as opposed to most of the other UCs and CSUs, which makes the transition into independence a little easier since the community is tight-knit, and mostly everything is within biking distance. This school is also a research institution so the professors double as active scientists, giving the oppotunity for students to participate in ground-breaking science through internships and so on. And because UCD is a renowned agricultural and veterinarian school, there are animals and lots of natured on campus!


One of the only college towns in the country


This school is surrounded by diverse environments, such as the city (Sacramento), farm, and recreational (Lake Tahoe), for students to visit. Within the city, there are many options for students. Students have the opportunity to participlate in a wide range of activities. The diversity among the students themselves is phenomenal as well.


Although Davis is considered a small city, many see it as a town. There is no need for a car, for, you can get anywhere with a bike. This benefits both students and the atmosphere! Perhaps because of this, UC Davis lives up to its reputaion of being one of the best college for agricultural research. In addition, UC Davis offers numerous research opportunities to students of all grade levels. There is no need to wait until sophmore year because internships accept students as young as freshmen!


its a large campus but it can be broken down easily. people can find thier clicks easily, and at the same time meet tons of new and interesting people. its a very balanced campus with some large classes (500 students) and some small seminars (around 10 students)


It's a small town, and is quite boring, so you can focus on studyind. And if you want something fun to do, sacramento and woodland is only about half an hour away. It has daily buses that goes to the sacramento airport so it's convenient for travel.


Exemplary science and agricultural programs, Technocultural Studies Department.


The students that attend at this school are very nice and always have positive behaviors. When there is an emergency and I need something, someone is always there to help me out. But, the main thing that I like about this campus is that I have not met a person who judges me by the way I dress or speak.


This school has so many graduate programs and has a lot of research opportunities.


Davis is very much a college town. The entire community is centered around the university. Natives to Davis hold the students in high regard and appreciate them. The amount of diversity is something I had not seen at other schools. The foreign abroad opportunities are phenomenal and the different clubs available are substantial.


Big school in small town


It all about conserving and making the planet better place by making bike lanes so more people can use bikes instead of cars


The students here tend to be far more laid-back. People here can be quite social and tend not to be quite as stressed as many of the students in other universities. With that in mind, much of that might be attributed to the students' lack of direction, as there are quite a few who are not sure what they want to do with life. In some respects, that might be bad, but on the flipside, they know how to enjoy life.


Davis is in a primarily agricultural area, but has a large percentage of students geared towards medicine. Davis is also a place that I view as a town built around the university rather than a university in a city.


UC Davis is a college town ,based on student life in a smaller city that is geared toward the college and the experiences of the students that go there.


We are one of the few remaining college towns in the US. The community service work we do directly affects the city with a instant and noticible impact. The best part is that by the end of your year, people will know you on a first name basis and you feel really connected to the town as well as the university.


It's close to home and my sisters' visit often. They have good programs and opportunities.


I'm especially interested in working with animals, and the agricultural and animal sciences are the best here of any UC. In the end, the specificity of the biology programs at Davis helped me choose it over the other UCs, including Berkeley. I chose Davis over other non-UCs with comparable programs due to its focus on academics and especially research.


the campus, the friendliness of the people, the small-town comfortable feeling, the relaxed feel of the town and campus


UC Davis is probably the only UC that has a very strong student community, everyone is really nice and is not extremely competitive like UCLA or Berkely, so make friends, and don't be shy! Otherwise you'll feel pretty depressed if all you do is sit in the dorm and study.


It is more secluded (small town) than other Universities that I hear about, so this changes the dynamics of social life and the academic atmosphere. I do like the academic atmosphere that is here at Davis. It filters out a lot of the distractions that other schools may have due to being in a city.


Peaceful, utopian campus environment. True college town


It has a very small town feel to it and is a comfortable place to be in.


Campus is the largest UC and has an arboretum that runs through campus.