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What are the most popular classes offered?

The most popular classes offered at Davis has to be Com 3, Nut 10, Asa 3, Nas 5 or 10, Music 10, and many more. It is because these classes are fun and a great way to boost your GPA :) The one class that is very hard and time demanding, yet everyone wants, would have to be Anatomy. This class is offer only once a year and a lot of pre-med students want to take it. Not to mention, the professor is a great and giving person. He volunteers to help in Natural Disasters (So I've heard). Oh and did I mention, there are actual Grads/Med Students taking the class.

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Human Sexuality, Beer Brewing, Anthropology, Chemistry (because most of the students HAVE to take it :P), and a lot more that I cannot think of! There's just too many.

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