University of California-Davis Top Questions

Describe a typical weekend.


So a typical weekend for me starts like this: it's a Thursday night and I'm aware I have class tomorrow but that's not so important, I'll go out and party with the Rugby team or check out the other frat parties going on. Then Friday I go through a couple of classes and then my girlfriend comes over and we have something of a date night in downtown. Then Saturday rolls around... and its now Sunday, Saturday was a fun blur but now I have to do a little work and get ready for the start of the next week.


Typical weekends at Davis start either on Thursday or Friday nights. Many students plan their schedules so they won't have Friday classes, and the bars are always busy on Thursday nights. However, my weekends generally start on Friday when my classes are done. I unwind at home and then get ready for whatever is going on that night. Typically I'll go to a party at a friends house or have some people over to relax. Saturday mornings usually are spent at the Davis Farmer's Market, where you'll see tons of students eating, shopping, and socializing. The rest of the weekend is spent doing homework and catching up with friends. There is a party scene if you want to find it at Davis, and many older students go to the bars downtown.


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