University of California-Davis Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


It is such a warm and welcoming campus that is great to bike around and enjoy all day, every day! The professors are so knowledgeable and the classes are a blast!


We have many many cows. :)


I will be recieving a top notch education from the #1 animal science school in the United States.


When I tell my friends about my school, I brag about how my school is very student friendly and how the environment is conducive to learning.


People at my school are very friendly and always willing to help each other. My school is one of the 50 top ten research schools in the entire nation. It's competitive to get accepted to this school


It has the best professors and a beautiful campus!


I often tell my friends how 'green' of a school we are. We are very environmentally-friendly. The school also contains many vegetarians and it is very conscious of this and offers many meal options.


University of California, Davis has many attributes to be bragged over. Being a Freshman, I cannot mention them all. One of the ones I am aware of is Theodosius Dobzhansky. This man was one of the men responsible for combining Gregory Mendel and Charles Darwin's theories into one solid Theory of Evolution. Dobzhansky finished his reports while teaching on Davis grounds. Being an Anthropology major, that just makes me believe that I made the correct decision when I chose to attend Davis.


I think that UCD has great school spirit with its Aggie Pack, is very welcoming for freshman, and is very bike-friendly. It is the number one bike city in the world which contributes to how green our university is. The town is very college-oriented and an affordable place to live when not living on campus. The gym is a great place to work out at, the library is very large and open for studying, and there are numerous extra-curricular activities and clubs to join in on here.


I enjoy to brag about all the extra curicular activites that are available for students to participate in at UC Davis. There are plenty of clubs, intramural sports, research opportunities and ways to get involved on campus from basically every avenue.


I mention first that I attended UC Davis and graduated in a year, because doing so is rare and demonstrates my dedication to school work. Then I mention how at the young age of 20, I am already a graduate student at SFSU.


The environment of the school and the food of the town. Fields are around the campus. The views make me feel good. Also, the food here is natural and taste good.


The laid-back feel of the campus and how mostly everyone who foes there feels as though he/she belongs there


There are so many resources- teachers, advisors, free tutoring/workshops for classes you ahve trouble with, actvities /extracurriculars. There are opportunities to network. You can definitely find something to get involved in.


I brag about the population. Coming from a town with hardly any Asian Americans, here I felt much more comfortable seeing how many people I can relate to with ethnic background and general interests. The diversity of the school and the fact that people from all over attend, makes socializing and making new friends much easier because there's no need to worry about highschool cliques.


What I brag about most when I tell my friends about my school is living in the dorms. Living in the dorms is such an awesome experience. I live in Casa Cuauhtemoc (the Latino building). I usually tell them how comfortable I feel to be at the dorms; especially because it really does feel like a home, a casa! Everyone here is so nice, we are all friends, we are the CASISTAS of UC Davis.


Ironically, I find that I brag most about the very thing that I sometimes dislike about U.C. Davis, it's curriculum. My high school didn't challenge my fellow classmates and I and as a result I found that I had lost some of my passion for learning. Though the classes here can be challenging, I come out feeling like I haven't just been given knowledge to retain, but that I've worked for the knowledge. U.C. Davis has given me the opportunity to own my education and to explore my passions practically.


I grew up in the mojave desert so whenever my I talk to my friends about school I'm always sure to metion the fact that it's so incredibly green up here and that it rains all the time. They get really jeaous and tell me how awesome that is.


The school atmosphere is perfect for academic life. One feels very ssecure on campus even late at night.


I love it! The classes are not as painstaking as I feared they might be. I am taking courses I want to take! I have friends that live in my building that I can visit whenever!


There is just enough to do at Davis to keep you busy and it feels very relaxed and safe. The are so many different people and things to do at Davis from outdoor to indoor activities. We have the best transportation services around for students and the rate is flat and included in our tuition!


One thing I am most proud of about my school is that it is exceptionally diverse. There are people from all different backgrounds, races, economic standings, etc. This creates a culture of mutual respect and acceptance among the students. There are students who are studying at UC Davis as international students and many American students who are studying all over the world. This is helpful in providing a safe community on campus and embracing diversity as a value in each student and faculty member. It is inspiring to see such cooperation within a campus that has so much diversity.


Basically, the thing that I brag about the most when I tell people about my school is that it is not so easy to get into because it is a good university and that if you work hard in high school, it pays off in college.


The people at Davis are really great. I broke my ankle a month after I moved in, and I needed a lot of help. I learned the Student Disability Service and the Escort Service were very helpful, but beyond that people often opened doors for me, or gave up their seat on the bus for me. So not only do you get the high academic atmosphere, you get friendly people who make the campus enjoyable. I have heard about and witnessed other high-academic classes that have a very uptight, almost cold atmosphere, but that is not the case here.


It is a very diverse school, where there are many smart students. They are people who cares about their education and other people around. UC Davis has a really high expectation of its students and it also offers many helps to students, especially freshman. Everyone is welcome to Davis, everyone treats each other with respect and love that makes one feels very welcome to be there.


we have the best viticulture and enology department in the western hemisphere. we have several very interesting and unusual classes that are really fun to take. the town is run on bike transportation, making transportation in davis cheap, envormently friendly, and healthy


I brag about the people. The other students on campus are always so nice and everyone feels like on big family.


According to US News, UC Davis is a top-50 university in the country. I am very proud that I got into UC Davis and I'm pretty sure 9/10 students feel the same way. Everyone is really proud of Davis' accomplishments and know that it's a school for kids that worked hard in high school to get where they are today. I, also, think that Davis is the right combination of social and academic life. However, it's easy for academics to get in the way of your socia life.


The whether here is nice!


I brag about the availability of animal related courses there are. It's very competitive.


I brag about the clubs and other student organizations on campus. They give you a lot of opportunities to experience new things and meet new people and professors. The student-run clinics at UC Davis are especially amazing. It is extremely competitive to get in, but if you do, you work with a target under-served population at an actual clinic in Sacramento.


It fits me perfectly


I tell about the good agriculture program, it's nature-oriented atmosphere, friendly people, nice, quite downtown. I also tell them about cows.


The opportunities provided by a large school are tremendous.


My school offeres many professional schools and great programs for majors. Also there are alot of animals.


Everyone is nice and super super friendly, the campus is beautiful and has a great social life.


The environmentally friendly mentality of residents, the small town atmosphere, the laid back attitude of students and teachers, the awesome eating options in Davis. Also, the feeling of being a part of a community


We learn a lot at Davis. The sciences are extremely rigorous, which can be frustrating at times since we have to take so many classes, but in general, I have learned so much in just one year. There's also a great variety of classes; it's really easy to find classes that you want to take - often, there's too many to take in one quarter!


The diversity and easygoing personalities of my classmates.


It is a well known university with highly regarded professor, which always looks good on a resume or grad school application.


Its in a small town, so everything is very conveniently located and easy to access. About 70% of the population in Davis is students. It is located next to Sacramento and very short drive from Lake Tahoe. It is very easy to get involved and have fun at Davis.


How closely-knit and friendly the campus community is. UC Davis is the kind of place if you were to spill coffee, other students would rush to get paper towels for you. The school also places a high emphasis on students giving back to the community and being enviromentally and socially conscious . Not only was it simply a hard research university, in addition to our academic education, we learned how to be civically responsible. I felt like there was a strong emphasis on learning to be a good citizen- which contributed to our amiable campus environment.


the school itself is wonderful, but one has to try hard and hard to do well in this school. Also, there is not much things to do during weekends.


Some of our classes is 1st in the world like winery and animal medicine. And it's a great place to live since it's quiet and just the right size. The people around here are super friendly.


The bar scene in Davis is a lot of fun; there is a huge variety of places that you can go to depending on your interests.


When I talk about Davis, I brag about the eco-friendly atmosphere and the nature-oriented campus. I think Davis is special because it really prides itself on its wildlife and the preservation of natural life on campus and close by. I would also advertise that Davis is cleaner than your average campus and we have the second greatest bike population on the planet, only behind a city in China!


I brag about how NOT cutthroat the competition is. I chose UC Davis over UCLA. And I feel that it's the best decision I could have ever made. It's not very difficult to balance a good social life with excellent grades. And your friends are genuinely happy for you if you do well on exam(even if they failed it). Nobody is ridiculed for struggling with classes, and instead, we all work together to help each other pass.


The research opportunites and the school's strength in the sciences.


The campus itself is awesome. It's nice and spacious with trees and grass all around. It's very peaceful and slow paced. It makes one just relax and destress.


the marching band is awesome, and there is a lot of pushing to find out what you want to do in life