University of California-Davis Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


The main stereotype is that Davis is just an Agricultural school and that people only come here to become veterinarians. Another stereotype is that Davis is full of tree-hugging hippies. People also think that Davis is a boring "cow-town" in the middle of nowhere and that there is never anything fun going on.


Davis is known as a cow town. It has a population of 64,000 and is situated among lots of farmland and vineyards in Northern California. UC Davis is also a highly ranked agricultural and veterinary school, so we have a vineyard and a farm with live animals on campus. Lots of people who have never been to Davis think it is in the middle of nowhere, with cows roaming around campus. And our students have a stereotype of being overly studious and grade-conscious. Davis is also seen as fairly liberal (not so much as Berkeley, perhaps), and students and residents are sometimes viewed as hippies.