University of California-Davis Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


An individual that enjoys lbeing surrounded by open-fields and cows all around.


I definitely think an academically focused person should attend this school. Everyone here is extremely focused on school and takes it seriously.


Someone who works hard and does not overestimate their abilities. Classes here need more work to get a good grade than it seems.


I think a person who is very community oriented should apply to the University of California at Davis. From what I know, the atmosphere is very friendly and the academic culture thrives all around. If you want to be happy, I think prospective students should apply.


A person who appreciates diversity and friendliness of the students, faculty, and staff.


Davis has a strong Biology and Engineering background, however other majors are not as strong.


Initiate contact and build relationships with professors if you want to succeed after graduation. Take advantage of job fairs and sources on campus. Campus gets very dark at night due to the lack of lighting, so be aware of surroundings.


In order to be successful at University of California, Davis, it is crucial that you are committed to your classes, regardless of whether you have declared a major or not. Davis runs on a Quarter system, and it can be extremely difficult to catch up if you fall behind. The university puts great emphasis on balanced schedule between school and extracurriculars. Davis is an excellent choice for students that want to gain the full experience of college, and a quality education.


A hard working student who enjoys a quiet environment and is looking for opportunities to meet many diferent types of people.


Davis is really suited for a wide range of people because it has so many different classes and majors offered it's fairly easy to match anyone's interests. The campus is also very large and has many different activities available people can make friends without a problem. I would probably suggest this school to anyone that's looking for a good learning environment (there is a lot of academic help available), a large community (the student population is pretty large), and someone who enjoys california weather (because there's a lot of that here).


Any kind of person can attend UC Davis and fit in, because the best way to fit in at Davis is to stand out! Students of all ages, ethnicities, religions, and cultures attend Davis and we all help create a beautiful blend of what the world looks like.


There are many great faculty members here and they are willing to take undergraduates under their wings. This is something I think is very important, especially for those that are looking to do graduate school in the future. For example, I am currently working with Dr. Moyle and am learning a great deal about what it means to work with fish and be an ichthyologist. There are also many small programs which I feel is very important as well. I get a lot of face time with my major professors due to the size of my program.


Someone who wants to take a variety of courses on different subjects. Someone who is competitive, intelligent, and willing to work very hard in class


A studious and passionate student should attend this school. A student who don't mind the small town and partyless atmosphere and a student who can appreciate the peace and calm of the campus and its surrounding community. An adventurous and creative student should attend UC Davis. A student who wants security and adventure pack all into one should come here. Anyone looking to discover themselves should attend.


Anyone seriously interested in research and hard work should attend UC Davis. UC Davis is a research university, therefore those with majors aimed at research are better off than those without. However, anyone looking for a good education with excellent professors should look into applying to UC Davis.


University of California, Davis is a perfect school for those who can manage to balance their academic life with their social life and are not easily distracted by the social activities that occur when there are important tasks to be done.


A laid back, easy-going, hard working, fun person should attend UC Davis!


A person who attends this school must be ready to take on classes without the mentality of just passing, the person must have mentality to learn. The person needs to realize that high school is over and that college is a different adventure with more risks. The person needs to use their time wisely and understand that every hour the person has is his/her choice to waste or do something productive with it. The person needs to know how to manage their time and most importantly manage their new found freedom.


A person who is focused, determined and ready to learn a large amount of information should attend UC Davis. I believe it is somewhat diverse but it can use alot more diversity, so definately if you are of a minorty ethnicity you should attend this university. UC Davis is very open and great with accepting and promoting new cultures and their heritage.


Self-motivated, open-minded, liberal type students with ambitions to start group activities and succeed academically as well as professionally should attend UC Davis.


Someone who is committed to their education and is willing to take a challenge. If the student foresees living a pursuing their career within the Sacramento Valley area, this is a good place begin their education. The classes sizes were rather large and so if you can advocate for yourself in getting your needs met, this will be a good match for you.


UC Davis is surely not easy to get into. But even if you get in, it means nothing if you do not do well. Since it is one of the well-known university in the West Coast, students need to be self-motivated. They don't have to be the best of the best, but they surely need to have the willingless to learn and expand their skills through the journey in college life. They also requires self-control from the negative influence from the temptation of the world. A clear personal pursit is strongly recommmended.


Someone who will work hard and wants to be challenged. You have to be focused on your classes and not fall behind because of the quarter system. Someone who wants many opportunities in research and many different majors. This school offers the college town experience., by being centerally located in the small city. Most people live on or near campus so you would most likely live away from home.


Despite my above complaint, anyone who is searching for a school with talent professor's involved in cutting edge research but does not wish to deal with the effects of being enrolled at a name brand school would be perfect for UC Davis. I've never felt that the professor's were lacking in anyway, and my education has prepared me as much as any friend who went to Berkley or Harvaard, for my goals to attend graduate school. I believe this to be a wonderful school for the laid back but intellegent students of the world.


Someone who: Likes learning Likes cows Likes nature Enjoys a small town setting


A person who has goals and aspirations to get their education and move forward to bigger and better things. This is an excellent school, but you must know which school is for you and which school is not for you.


Anyone. It is a great school and in a great town


Students who are eager to learn and are open to new cultures, traditions, and people. Those who have a passion for music, enjoy simiplicity, and possess a strong desire to help their community. Students at UC Davis strive to be the best they can be, while having fun along the way.


I believe everyone should attend this school because it is a great college. As long as one willing to work hard and put it effort for their education. UC Davis is a place for everyone to learn, if anyone wants to learn and willing to work hard; they should attend this school.


A person who is determined, willing to learn, and yet still wanting to fun. The campus encourages students to have fun as well as focus on studies.


The kind of person who like a very welcoming, ecofriendly, and highly academic school. Also, we work with many animals and are a small city, so although we have a lot of students it is rather a quite and pleasant town. If you like to ride bikes, we are the school for you! The weather is nice here, never gets freezing although rain isn't fun while riding a bike and the summer is always triple digits. We have a lot of pride in our school.


Someone who is willing to put out the effort to get work done and at the same time willing to have fun and get along with others.


People who enjoy a laid-back lifestyle in a more rural town would love Davis. There is a strong community feeling, with alot of opportunites to broaden your horizens through social activites, internships and clubs available. Davis is an enviornmentally friendly town-EVERYONE rides bikes or walks. Its very easy to find people with similar interests in classes and clubs that you could be friends with for your whole life.


UC Davis is a very ambitious school. There are so many opportunities for students, every individual is bound to find something of interest during their free time outside of academics. If not, new clubs and organizations are made every year and can be founded easily. UCD is diverse so I feel that anyone willing to learn, work hard, have fun, and grow should attend. The campus definitely has the feel of a community about it, and a proud community at that.


any kind of person, its very accomodating in many ways


Somebody who is very communtiy-oriented, likes getting involved in extracurricular activites, and cares about his or her education.


Any kind of person would love to attend this school.


Anyone who loves a quiet college town life will love UCDavis. You feel really connected to the city itself as the university is only separated from the city by a single street. Everyone is friendly and always willing to help so don't feel shy to ask for directions.


The person who should attend this school should be goal driven and in need of success. Many of the students who actively seek out opportunities available on campus are those who learn the most and find the things that can enrich their career at school. There are ample opportunities available, ranging from research to internships, for students that can be used as learning tools for future careers. The student who actively seeks out these opportunities and who wants to learn everything there is to know about their field of study will gain the most from the University of California, Davis.


A person who is very eco-friendly, liberal, smart, atheltic and loves the outdoors. Also UC Davis has one of the best veterinary and agriculture programs, so anybody interested in that should definitely consider this University.


Students who are interested in pursuing careers in a wide range of fields from English to Medicine would greatly benefit from earning their degrees at UC Davis. I am very happy with the Bachelor?s of Arts degree I earned in English and Film Studies and feel that UC Davis provided me with the tools I needed for graduate school, and helped me towards fulfilling my ambition to be an author and college professor. My friends, whose fields of study ranged from the Dramatic Arts to Biology, were also able to pursue their goals at Davis.


This school, Delta College, is for people who are not quite sure what they want to major in after they graduate from High School. The classes are relatively cheap and they teach you a lot so it is a good way to find a career.


A quiet, studious student who doesn't like going out much.


I think most people could find a niche here because it's such a large and diverse campus. Even those looking for a small campus experience might be surprised at how cohensive the environment can be. Even though the school has thousands of people, it seems like everyone knows each other.


Students that are looking for a true college experience in a small college town.


You should be a focused and determined individual because classes are tough and require effort of your part.


A person who is: laid back, friendly, wants community, driven


quiet independent


Anyone looking to gain higher education at a well ranked school in a small town setting.


We have a strong agricultural department, and our Engineering department is not given enough credit at all. The sciences are highly funded at this school. Arts and Humanities are valued, but there are not as many opportunities or financial aid available in these sectors. If you are environmentally-conscious, open to new cultures and peoples, and a pretty liberal, Davis is a great choice for you!