University of California-Davis Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


There is not any kind of person who should not attend this school. This is a school full of diversity which is warmly welcomed by students and staff alike. There is no tolerance for prejudices or racism at my school and I am proud of this. Anyone who wants to attend a college where they will feel welcomed by all should choose UC Davis. I genuinely would recommend attending this school to any person.


A person should not attend this school if they are not willing to give up a city life. There is little entertainment, lights, action, things to do, and places to go.


Someone who is not willing to be competitive should not attend this school. Grading takes place based upon a curve in each class meaning that every student we encounter will be our adversary. An individual that can't live with that or rise to the challenge would not do well in the UC Davis environment.


I believe anyone who is willing to work hard and never give up has the full potential to attend Davis. I will not discourage anybody because we are all capable of so much, but what should be taken into consideration is that it can be expensive so have tuition planned and if you have trouble learning note that the student to teacher ratio is much larger than other universities due too more students.


A self-driven, passionate person who wants to make the world a better place.


I would not recommend Davis to anyone who really loves to party or really loves the city.


No one, really! Davis is a great fit for all sorts of people. The campus community is very welcoming and friendly.


Someone who is not dedicated and hardworking would be a bad match for the school I am now attending. UC Davis requires a strong work ethic, good study habits, and the resolve one needs to dedicate hours and hours out of your day to school work outside of class. In addition, and on a lighter note, someone who hates riding bikes would also not work well at this university--the sheer size of it makes walking nearly impossible.


While Davis promotes diversity, a person who isn't too into the community and isn't motivated to learn should not go to this school. You are what you make of yourself.


If you are not use to hot weather than you should not attend this school as the heat gets really bad during the summer. The school itself, however, is wonderful; the classes are great and the teachers are really accessable. I can't think of a kind of person who shouldn't attend UC Davis.


Someone who is extremely competitive and enjoys a lot of rigor.


A person who loves city life should not attend UCD.


A type of person who enjoys the city-life and a person who likes to party a lot.


A person who's aiming for the medical or science area but has little drive and competitiveness should not apply for UC Davis since the school has such a big program for the science and medical area. The area is very competitive and is not easy to handle from what I've seen. They will be in for a shock to see how serious and hardworking their peers are in comparison.


People who should not attend this school, would be someone absolutely against biking and public transportation. This is a very green, eco-friendly campus that does not put much effort in for vehicle drivers. The parking permit alone is over $600!


All kinds of people would fit in at Davis. Any religion, any major, any ethnicity, any athlete. Davis offers something for almost everyone.


Somebody who isn't interested in meeting a lot of people or attending a college with large scale classes should not attend this school.


A person who loves being in a large city environment should not consider going to Davis. A person who will not consider being tolerant of other peoples religions, cultures, or sexuality should also not attend Davis. If you hate to read books you should pick another school.


The people who should not attend this school are people who are not open-minded. A lot of students in their freshman year start off as "pre-med", "pre-graduate", etc., and are suprised that at the end of their four or five years here, that they are on a different track. UC Davis has so many opportunities for students and if you aren't willing to take advantage of them and possibly be changed in your life course, than this is not the school for you.


Students who are not primarily concerned with academics should not attend this school. UC Davis is very educationally foused and requires a maximum amount of time for studying, especially if one's major it science related. Grades are taken very seriously and a certain level of respect is given to those that do well here. Success is completely possible, even in a dwindling economy, after graduation from UC Davis. I am proud to attend.


People who are very into the hustle-and-bustle of city life should not attend UC Davis. Davis is a small town and is very quiet on the weekends and school breaks.


Any person that is not motivated to try should not be at UC Davis. The school is not impossible, but if work is not completed then it is easy to slip into academic probation. It is crucial to be able to time manage and to remain emotionally stable in college and if a student does not have these qualities, it will be a struggle to stay here. Most importantly, the student has to want to learn. Without that, why bother coming to school?


If you are a type a person that want a let more out of school than this one. You should go to a bigger school than this one. A school that has high standards of going to school . Then just going and it"s over give yourself a challage.


Davis is welcoming to everyone. However, people who can't stand cold, rainy days might wish to consider a different campus. Also, Davis is very bike-oriented. If for some reason an applying student suffered from an acute fear of bicycles, they may wish to rescind their application. Furthermore, people who can't tolerate the smell of cows should think twice before setting their hearts on Davis, as we proudly own a working dairy. Nevertheless, Davis is a very friendly place, and everyone is able to find at least one aspect to fall in love with.


However, not everyone should attend UC Davis. I have seen students that have wasted their life through college without knowing the purpose in life. If they don't want to go to school, then please do not bother waste their money for it is not cheap at all. If the students want to go to school in order to avoid their parents, then I think they should learn how to reconcile with their family before they move on in life to live independently. Irresponsible and unmotivated students are discouraged to attend this school.


If you aren't self motivated, driven, competetative, have excellent time management skills, stamina and did not take AP courses, study full time, maintain A's and get high SAT scores in high school then this is NOT the school for you. Because each and every student at UC Davis DID. If interested in animals then you must have excellent math and chemistry abilities. If you don't like these subjects don't go to UC Davis. This has not even addressed the stresses of financial responsibility and internships.


Someone who does not study, who only likes to hang out/socialize, and not friendly. My school's student body is very friendly, and honest.


Someone who: Isn't motivated to do the work Doesn't like large campuses Doesn't like biking Is elitist


Close minded


A very conservative person may not fit in well. Someone not open to diversity. Someone who needs big city life.


One who does not like small cities. Downtown Davis is small and homey.


I would reccomend anyone who excells academically and is looknig for a challenging education. Also there are many other activities to participate in. There are many ICA sports along wtih many club and intermural sports that studetns can join. There are many ways to get invovled and get to know people. Also the campus is very accepting of anyone of any race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion. I have never felt out of place or discriminated agasint.


Person who takes education very seriously. This is a competitive school so everyone is working and studying hard.


a dreamer


One who is only going to school because they wre forced to. Also one who does not try hard.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this university is someone who only wants to go to class and go straight home. They will miss out on the many opportunities not only provided by the campus, but also in the city of Davis. The community is rich with things to do and so is the campus. There is never a dull moment living here. A person who wishes not to seek out enriching experiences and only study by themselves should not attend this school. They will be better suited at an institution that does not wish to nurture education.


I think that UC Davis has all different kinds of people. I cannot imagine finding another kind of person that I have not encountered. There is really something for everyone and there are plenty of people available to help you to feel part of something.


A person who doesn't care about the environment.


A person that is used to living in a small town, is interested in going to medical school and majoring in sciences.


If you're intolerant of others' beliefs, orientation, etc, you shouldn't attend Davis


Self-driven, highly motivated


People who are constantly worrying about grades, internship, and community service. Having all those stuff is great but this school is more for finding the right job, the right place, and the right friends.


Someone who desires city life and needs things to be fast-paced and urban.


the type of person that should attend to this school is a person that will focus only in their studies and not play around or have fun. If a person doesn't stay on top of it they will not pass class


A person who does not like diversity, who doesn't like a small town, who does not like to study, who is not outgoing, who doesn't like to socialize, who hates a variety of restaurants. A person not into school, not intelligent, not humorous, not active.


Someone who wants to be in small classes and get lots of one-on-one attention from professors should not attend UCD. Also, someone who wants to live in a city setting should not attend UCD, becuase Davis really is a "college-town."


A person that needs a lot of guidance and a close knit nurturing community to be successful.


A person who is focused on the arts, or has issues with livestock (especially cows), should probably look elsewhere.. Our focus is on the sciences - the art program is small and therefore personal, but there are better places for someone with non-scientific inerests.


Don't attend this school if you're craving the hustle and bustle of city life. I came from San Francisco so everything was hectic and interesting. There's absolutely none of that in Davis. There are a few shopping places but it's nothing popular. You have to go to Sacremento or something to get to a decent place to hang out if you're looking for something exciting. If you're driving to campus, it's very expensive to park there too. And you need a car if you want to do something on the weekends.


Intolerant, unfocused people would not contribute to the school