University of California-Davis Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about attending UC Davis was the smaller town feel. The campus is beautiful with lots of trees and a safe town surrounding. Access to the campus revolves around a reliable bussing system (which I used daily) and classes were only a short walk from each bus hub. The environment is the best part of UC Davis, in my opinion, because many other schools I visited were not as nice looking or in good areas. UC Davis is very safe and requires a short drive to Sacramento for any major shopping/recreation.


The best thing about UC Davis is how friendly the students and staff are. Instead of the competitive vibes that some schools have, which lead to stress and anxiety for some students, those who attend Davis encourage one another to be the best that they can possibly be. This gives the school an overall positive and uplifting vibe which I feel is unique, rare, and gives students an uplifted feeling. I believe this helps students in countless ways to help overcome any hardships they may face while in school.


I find the best thing about my school is that there are so many different types of people in regards to what they want to do with their life and careers.


It was so environmentally friendly. It was great that everyone rode their bikes around and was conscious of their waste.


The best thing about UC Davis would have to be its ability to keep a sense of humor. So many students see Davis as a place for agricultural study, and a plethora of cow and farming jokes are constantly handed out to Aggies. However, UC Davis has an incredible ability to take these jokes and teasing lightly, and what would once be considered insults to the agricultural community are considered by Davis as amusement.


The entire atmosphere is one of a typical college town- hundreds of bikes fill the streets, students are everywhere with their backpacks, taking naps on the lawn, running to class, or simply spending time at a local coffee shop chatting or doing school work.


The diversity and the overall friendliness of the students, faculty, and staff. It's also pretty awesome that the entire University of California system is going tobacco free in 2014. The studious environment of the school as a whole is very welcoming, fun, and pleasant.


UC Davis offers a friendly welcoming environment to all students. This school has been voted #1 cool school and also the #1 school for any agriculture related field.


The passion and respect that all students and staff possess.


location. Close to the state capital, so you can intern there.


The best thing about my school is the awesome marching band that we have here, that I am a part of. There are 300 members of the band, and they are all wonderful people. My first year there, they made me feel at home, and they treat each other like family. Having a group of people I have never even met, accepted me as I was, and wanted to know more about me; that is important when you go to a new place you’ve never been before.


Literally everybody bikes here. If you don't bike, you don't fit in...just kidding. Davis is a bike city and biking to places is the most convenient way for all UC Davis students. It's environmentally clean, fun, and a good exercise! There are bike racks everywhere so make sure you lock your bikes up when you leave your bike!


As I said, the classes are well taught, the teachers are very accessable and there are always lots of office hours held by both the teachers and the TAs for the students to take advantage of. There is a wide range of classes that anyone can take advantage of regardless of their major which gives more rounded students.


I liked the easy going attitude. I also enjoyed the attention I received from my professors in my major.


The best thing about UC Davis is the educational and research opportunities that it provides to the students, as well as the friendly and encouraging administration, professors, and peers. It is a research-driven university that strives to provide its students with networking and internship opportunities. While the educational atmosphere is competitive to say the least, the students are kind and are always willing to help a fellow peer. The professors are often very renowned in their field of study and provide the optimal learning experience for the students.


The best thing about my school is that there are a diverse amount of students from all over the nation. It allows you to speak with new people, learn about different cultures, and see if they are any different than you. You can make a lot of new friends and begin a huge network.


The best characteristic about my school is it's dedication to student involvement. From the Aggie Pack to their marching band there are hundreds of ways for students to feel involved. For freshmen (or dorm residents) there are various ways for students to have a say in their environment and the socials are a great way to meet new people.


I consider the educational experience as the most positive aspect of UC Davis, not only did I learn more than I could ever imagine, I gained valuable experience as an adult.


When I brag about UC Davis, I talk about how rural the town and the campus are. Both are so small that I can bike from one side of campus to the other side of town in ten minuets. Plus, all of Davis is flat and very bike friendly, with bike trails everywhere. As for education, it's engineering and veterinarian programs are some of the top in the state. All in all, a great campus.


Thae school spirit and pride is amazing and all sporting events are free. Constantly meet new people keeps learning about out of the classroom information.


The best thing about UC Davis is the overall campus. The UC Davis campus is large at first, but once familiar the campus doesn't seem as large as it appears on maps. The Davis campus is very green and covered in trees and grasses. Also there are a variety of different plants grown throughout the campus. Among these green areas of UC Davis, the best would be the Arboretum. The UC Davis Arboretum provides a nice relaxing area for a relaxing stroll along various plant life on Putah Creek. It is the best place to get away from stress.


UC Davis is very research-oriented and environmentally friendly. I admire that in a school. I chose this school because it is so science-driven. Most of the teachers are very well known for their research. The school is also involved in recyling, volunteer, and other community-friendly programs that enrich the lives of the students while helping to give back.


The students are the best part of UC Davis. My first day as a freshman on campus, students stopped to ask me if I needed help finding a building. I've never experienced such kindness from strangers before! In addition to friendliness, students at UC Davis are extremely hard-working and want to make a positive difference in the world. These students have started on their own campus, and work with professors and staff on how they can make the campus a more positive community. I couldn't have chosen a better school.


UC Davis has many benefits, one of the important being the world-class faculty. Because UC Davis is a research campus, the faculty are constantly working to unravel modern day issues, including the consequences and potential risk factors for autism (through work done at the MIND Institute), geological studies working to pin-point and prepare California for the next big earthquake, not to mention the world-class veterinary and medical schools tasked with understanding, treating, and progressing both animal, and human health.


I knew that I belonged at UC Davis when I first encountered the active life of students and professors here; this campus combines the best of best in student minds and experienced faculty, all of which honestly take pride and passion in the work that they do each day. UC Davis promotes deeper thought as well as a simple outlook, providing fresh minds with the ability to grow and create and influence in order to contribute towards a better world through many mediums.


The best thing about Davis is that it is a great fit for me. It has the fantastic landscape architecture program that I am on track for, and the amount of work is perfect for how I want to live my life. Reading and homework takes up a major part of my time, but it does not take over my life. Professors at Davis are capable of finding the balance that all college students require.


The best thing about UC Davis is the laid-back atmosphere combined with the drive to succeed. Students have a good sense on balance in their lives and the faculty help to preserve that by grading fairly and not overwhelming us with work. They seem to know just the right amount to push us so that we grow academically but don't melt down. Davis is a true college town, so it has a community feel but is close to bigger areas so that going to events like concerts is easy to do.


Davis is the ideal place to balance a social life with your academic and career goals. The univeristy and surrounding town offere a space to choose what your priorities are and offers many opportunities if you advocate for yourself and look for it.


Though I am sure that I will find many more things about U.C. Davis that I enjoy, as it stands the best thing about the school are the opportunities. With the exception of 'busy' engineering majors, the U.C. offers majors that have rather flexible G.E. requirements, allowing students to explore they're true passions before investing too much time into a field that they are unsure of. It also provides a more hands-on experience (particularly in the medical field) than most other colleges. Overall, it's the people and experience.


The best thing about UC Davis is the size and diversity of its fields of research, faculty, and students all the while maintaining that relaxed small town atmosphere.


The best part about UC Davis is the broad range of specialties here and the resources offered. There are so many great programs and centers to assist with academic advising and internships/careers for each of the colleges, no matter what your major is. Also all the green and environmentally conscious programs provide awareness for the student body. In comparison to other schools I visited, the dining services and facilities are very nice and promote sustainability which is something I appreciate.


Its reputation, because of how highly regarded graduates are.


The best thing about my school is the sense of community. The vast majority of people are quite friendly both inside and outside of the classroom. There is a strong sense of belonging due to this and it culminates in a fantastic learning experience.


The cultural diversity. There are so many things going on and tons of opportunities to get involved. There is definately something for everyone. The social life is strongly suggested to incoming freshmen, that way they can get plugged into the community (because there is a strong community within and around the school). School life and social life interact and coexist very well.


I consider the best thing about my school is the people. I have made a lot of friends. Everyone is really nice and helpful. I have been able to find a community in which feel comfortable and enjoy.


I think the openness of the school, both mentality-wise and size-wise, definitely gives anyone and everyone who comes to visit a sense of personal space and freedom to explore anything they want to. The natural environment ushers in a relaxing aura that helps everyone relax and feel more at home on the UC Davis campus.


The martial art clubs, there's a variety and the people are friendly. It's a good break from studying, easily accessible, and good for you too.


Tons of extracurricular activities/groups. Always something to do . Great people.


The best thing that I consider the best thing about my school is the nice environment that is around me because it allows me to concentrate while I am studying and the capability to register for classes. So far I am having the opportunity to register in the classes that I need to graduate. Hopefully I graduate in time...this is my goal.


The best thing about this school is that there are many diverse people here. It is a big university so there are sports teams as well as fraternities and sororities. However there are also many other people present. For example we have the co-op and the bio domes which is where people can live if they want to be very environmentally friendly. There are people of all types here so every student is bound to find people that they get along with.


The best thing about UCDavis is its location. I am originally from Los Angeles and Davis is what I was looking for, a small little friendly town, you have evrything you need just around the corner, and since its not a big city, you can be assured that there arent too many distractions.


it's a great place to study because there is absolutely nothing to do, unless you drink.


The best thing about my school is how friendly and accepting the student, faculty and resident population is. Everyone is very conscientious of their impact on the environment and always willing to lend a helping hand. Rude, unpleasant encounters with people are very infrequent at UC Davis and everyone seems to have a positve outlook on life.


The best thing about UC Davis that although it is a large campus, with the advantages of that such as a greater quantiy of major and course choices it still as a small college feel of friendly people and close knits of friends.


The Library. University of California Davis has one of the largest libraries I have seen. It is interconnected with all the other UC libraries so that students can access books from any campus within a single day. The online data bases are wonderful as well. My major requires alot of writing and research so I use the library resources quite often. Besides the books, it is a great place to go between classes to get some work done. It is always quiet, comfortable, never too cold, and there are plenty of large tables with near by outlets for lap tops.


The best thing about Davis is the community. It is a friendly, enjoyable place to live. The downtown area is fun and has tons of different restaurants to try. The overall atmosphere of Davis is calm, peaceful, and comforting.


Everyone is very welcoming.


Staff and general students are very friendly and helpful.


UC Davis has such broad academic opportunities that there is something for everyone! The school provides its students with the tools necessary to succeed and to enter the workforce and professional world. There is a true desire to succeed among the students and the school helps to foster that. The campus is also actively expanding and making a large effort to provide the facilities that can house the great academics that are already here or to help other programs grow to their full potention. The college is making a strong effort to make UC Davis the best school possible!


My school has some great research departments and the science facilitites are amazing.