University of California-Irvine Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


UCI will feel like an architecturally segregated school because all of the departments and majors are separated quite far from each other making it very difficult to mingle and meet your fellow classmates outside of your major.


The school that I am attending is a very accepting, open campus. Students feel welcome on campus and do not feel like they will be excluded because there is something there for anyone as long as they are willing to search for what is right for them. People feel safe and the atmosphere is very inviting and gives a sense of belonging even if you feel a bit uncomfortable in your own skin.


Everyone is always so excited to go to school here.


Make sure you never get anthing less than a B in any class. Take at least 5 AP courses. Do not get less than a B in theses classes either. Have at least three extracurriculars you can talk heavily about. Be as well rounded as you can.


It is a dense population of international students and Asian-Americans, such as myself.


Suburban, no school spirit, no sense of community


Univeristy Of California Irvine is an amazing school, yes it is very challenging academically but I know this will help me excell in the future. UCI is the best school for me.


Like any college, UC Irvine is amazing in one particular-keen aspect: it is a great place to get to know one self whether through academics or personal-life.


My school is full of energy, good vibes, a friendly enviorment, a lot of help form professors and upper-classman, and it is also a very safe and beautiful campus full of wonderful people.


My school has great academics but no social life.


You get what you make out of this school, so take advantage of all the opportunities here before losing it!


UCI is the most asthetically pleasing, determined, hardworking, diverse university that honestly can make anyone feel comfortable in attending as well as proud of graduating from here.


UC Irvine is researched based with a strong emphasis put on academic ability encouraging competition, studying, little social life, but in a very safe environment.


A gorgeous school with a noticable emphasis on reserach and academics.


UCI is a challenging but amazing school with a highly competitive yet freindly aura.


The University of California, Irvine is an acclaimed research university with a plethora of social and educational opportunities for anybody to participate in.


My school is academically excellent but if you do not fit into the Orange County suburban social scene, it is hard to have a fun social life here.


My school, Unversity of California-Irvine, is a school full of possibilities.


A place of constant growth and exposure to new ideas, people and culture.


The University of California Irvine promotes a friendly, clean environment where students are regularly shown compassion and understanding by their peers, advisors, professors, and school staff, fostering emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy students driven to strive in all areas of their lives.


It is wonderful!


University of California, Irvine is an amazing school that is academic oriented and holds an amazing learning environment for all people to learn and find themselves in order to become their own person.


UCI is the most beautiful college campus, centered around an amazing park filled with large trees, modern buildings and modern technology, and constaintly working towards becoming a more sustainable campus, this a school for those want to learn and enjoy the environment in which they learn.


Irvine is beautiful and filled with lots of students who want an education but are lost on the road of life as well.


UCI is a beautiful campus and also there are many great professors.


The University of California Irvine has been the pinacle of my learning career, and it is an absolute pleasure to be studying in such a wonderful campus.


University of California, Irvine is an amazing place to get your education. It is in a beatiful area and it is a great place to get your degree.


UCI is a great school with many opportunities for students.


Irvine is located in the best area (Disneyland, best shopping areas in the world, beach, mountains), has fantastic weather (70 degrees, sunny and cool, but occassionally gets cold), and has lots of academic and non-academic resources (clubs, internships, you name it).


It is one of the safest, and most peaceful campuses, with good professors, great staff, and satisfactory recreational activities.


UC Irvine is a beautiful campus that offers various social and academic opportunities, if one takes the initiative to seek them out.


University of California, Irvine is a school where many are given the opportunity of a lifetime to open up their minds to newfound knowledge, explore their interests in academics as well as extracurricular activities, and succeed in their goals while maintaining a life that is nothing like they've known it to be before attending this school.


UC Irvine is a place for innovation, creation, knowledge, and self-discovery.


UCI is a very open place, as it's easy to talk to the students and staff here.


The school that loves anteater.


My campus is beautiful and everyone is really friendly. Everyone is in the same position as you and willing to reach out and make friends or form study groups and I enjoy all of my classes.


A magnificent institution that gives not only good knowledge and skills but also provides great college experience.


UCI is the ideal school for me- the combination of serious and fun studying and socializing.


UCI has a beautiful campus, an excellent faculty, a friendly community, and a broad list of interesting and educational classes.


Along with being a beautiful and safe environment, UC Irvine represents the diverse and open society that our world strives to become.


UCI is one of the best colleges in California, with majors and opportunities for every interest a person could possibly have.


UC Irvine is a beautiful campus where you can study and be free.


It prides itself for its safety and its inviting environment.


on a first note, Our Campus Shaped as a circle ( so you will never get lost!!!). Also something cool is that we have a park located in the center of our campus. It is a very clean and beautiful campus. You will just fall in love :)


It is a school very academically focused, and students are very competitive and career focused as well. Sports are not very important but the sense of volunteering and giving back to the community is much stronger. The sense of individuality is much more valued than that of a team, and teachers are very supportive on everyones dreams and goals.


UC Irvine is a school comprised almost entirely of research-based Asians who are majoring in biological sciences, or another form of science, but that being said, there are still a great deal of opportunities for us who are not Asian and not interested in the sciences department.


UC Irvine is a wonderful school filled with extremely friendly people and lots of opportunities to get involved around campus.


UC Irvine is a clean and safe environment that promotes academic success and student involvement.


My school is a very clean, a very safe, a very beautiful, and a very big circle (literally) of a place that consists of mostly southern california raised students who always say the word "legit" and who are interested in fulfilling a research career in subjects ranging from the arts to the engineering sciences, as well as facilities where a student has access to resources that aid and support the fulfillment of these wishes.


There is a lack of cultural diversity and the math professors are inept.