University of California-Irvine Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Since I am a first year, my classmates are shy but they are hardworking and friendly!


Everyone seems very smart and focused on getting the most out of their education.


I've only met a few students through facebook because of the official group for the 2018 graduating class of UCI. There is not much diversity with over 70% of the students in the group being asian. So far, some kids are polite and some are rude. We all however have one goal and that is to graduate in 4 years or less with a bachelors degree.


They know how to prioritize between a social life and academics.


Hardworking and lively.


My classmates are very open and love participating, which is a good thing because they make me want to participate too.


I would descibe my classmates as being very fiendly, when I first arrived at UCI I was surprised at how friendly everyone was I have formed great friendhips with my classmates.


Many are focused and serious about their studies.


My classmates are very motivated students who are seen as hardworking and dont give up until they have reached where they want to be.


Classmates are very helpful, understanding, relatable, and intelligent.


Overall the class atmosphere is friendly and easy-going.


My classmates are predominantly Asian.


Classmates are friendly and reserved, as well as being attentive and they ask questions, as well as being helpful and pretty chill.


It is important to get to know classmates because this way, someone is always there for you and help you.


Classmates eat, sleep and study with you, they become your life and will help you through anything.


The very intelligent individuals that I study with provide insight to move discussion forward and create new ideas.


UC Irvine students are intelligent, hardworking, and fun.


Walking into lecture, it can sometimes be intimidating, but I remember my freshmen year, I was surprised when someone sitting next to me started talking to me about the class and we just hit it off. The most surprising thing was that she was a junior, two grades older than me! That's what UCI embodies: community.


They seem focused and want good grades.


My classmates were amazing people that are very creative, fun, energetic, hard-working, and just around amazing.


Really diverse culturally and unique in every way (hobbies, clothes, etc).


My classmates are undescribable.


My classmates from University of California-Irvine are students who are not afraid to communicate and seek academic assistance from the professors and are socially connected with other students in classes.


My classmates are friendly, clever and talktive.


My classmates at UCI are very driven, focus, and passionate about their education.


Although I would prefer to describe my classmates as hardworking and driven, a majority can be characterized as irresponsible, short-sighted, and lacking initiative.


They're really smart and actually care about learning for learning's sake.


Most of the students here are willing to learn and are cooperative.


Students attending UCI are diverse people with a wide range of personalities.


My classmates are focused and dedicated to their studies. They are willing to work together and do study groups.


Every student at UC Irvine is warm and friendly.


My classmates, for the most part, are all very quirky and brilliant in their own unique ways.


Not helpful at all ! No feeling of sharing ! They're mostly asians in my major and it's hard to connect with them !


Classmates here know how to mix work and play. When students focus on their studies they put 100 percent and really enjoy study groups. There are plently of times for people to socialize too with on campus events.


By just walking on our campus, your first assumption would be that this school is just full of Asians. But that is totally untrue. There is so much diversity on our campus. There are many different ethnicities on our campus from Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, Perdian, Jewish, Southern American, Hispanic, European, and many more. There are also a variety of clubs and supports services for different groups on our campus. There are many religious clubs. I personally am a member to a catholic club on campus called CFC-Youth for Christ. we also have services for racial group minorities and also for LGBT.


I do not believe anyone would feel out of place here. I am a very shy person, but I feel welcome here. I have met a lot of wonderful people and there are many types of people on this campus, so it is difficult not to feel welcome. Different types of students interact, but it seems that once you have your circle of friends, you do not go past that circle. So if you really want to make friends, a great way to meet new people is to get involved on campus. Most students are from Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino and Riverside counties, San Diego, and the Bay Area. Many people believe UCI to be a school for "rich kids," but it is actually very hard to discern people by financial background. There is a great variety of financial backgrounds here at Irvine.


Everyone here has one goal in mind. No matter what that goal is, students realize that we are all here to do something, so everyone is really helpful! UCI honestly is a series of helpful connections that will help you succeed in whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish.


We have a wide variety of groups on campus. The major population is Asians from China, Korea, and the Philippines. Despite this, there are all types of people on campus. Each group will have their own clubs to increase their social scene and find people that are similar to them. A student that would feel out of place may be from a lower socioeconomic background because my school is in a nice area and unfortunately it is expensive to attend. In the beginning of the quarter students are dressed nice in jeans and a nice top. By the end of the quarter during finals week, everyone is in jeans and a sweatshirt with a coffee cup in hand. Different types of students do interact, but they usually have one thing in common that brought them together. For example, my friends are of different ethnicities and backgrounds but our love for nursing is what brought us together. If I were to describe four tables of students at the dining hall, they would pretty much all look the same. The students would have a mix of boys and girls and would be reading or eating or on their computers. Most of the tables would have Asian students due to the high population at the school. I would say my school has equal right and left political views. Walking in the front of campus I will see supporters of conservative presidents and liberals at the same time.


Diverse group of people with diverse ambitions and diverse experiences.


My classmates are very diverse as they come from all over the world and have many different aspirations; each person has their own history and future aspirations.


There to study and learn.


Class mates give off a very cold and judgmental impression.


My classmates are the most determined people I've met yet.


Almost all are friendly and helpful


My classmates are really studious.




Most of my classmates are really friendly. They are approachable unlike those from other schools.


They are all very start students


My classmates are incredibly dynamic individuals. Many of them, if not most, are full of fascinating facts, ideas and opinions. They love the education they are getting here as well as the experiences that are making them into confident adults, and they are eager to share their passions with anyone. Even when you hear them complain about a difficult class, you can tell that they are adamant about passing it and overcoming such a challenge. Together the student body enjoys being in stimulating classes and surviving other more challenging classes. Together the student body makes an amazing college experience.


My classmates are primarily Asians who work hard and study a lot.