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I found that UC Irvine has been actively advocating and involving the school and students into a more sustainable lifestyle through transportation, lifestyles and infrastructures. Throughout the campus, bike lanes are painted across to allow students the accessibility to ride to class without riding on the road. Also, in recent years, a spurt in sustainable infrastructures such as solar paneled buildings, creating urban gardens on campus as well as professors support enviornmental responsibilites through educating students of smart cities across the nation and world.


University of California offers a great opporunity to learn about the field of Computer Science under its own college. One of the only UC schools to have its own Computer Science collge has been a huge benefit. There have dedicated professors and resources that have surpassed expectations and have reassured my decision to attend this University. The accessability to technology companies in the surrounding cities has also been a great plus. There are many opportunities to take what I am learning in school and use it to work with local tech companies to get real world experience.


UCIrvine is a school that values both academics and strong student campus involement. I like that the school has many clubs and organizations, and that the student body in general is very active. You'll find that people here value extracurriculars and social skills, as opposed to other schools that focus on pure academics. UCI is also located in a great location in Orange Country; it's an ideal central location if you have friends at UCR, UCSD, and UCLA.


My school is very grounded, down to earth. We have fun but we don't get too crazy. The people around here are just as eager to make new friends as you are which makes that process a whole lot easier.


This school had my specific undergraduate major.


My school is different to me from other schools in the amount of competition amongst students. One of the reasons I chose UC Irvine is because of its friendly environment. There seems to be almost no competition between students, and that is an aspect that really draws me in. Instead of worrying about whose grade is better than mine, I can focus on what really matters, myself. The atmosphere in the classroom allows me to concentrate on improving my grade but at the same time lend out a helping hand to my peers when asked.


My school has a unique diversity and is very accepting of everyone. Also the campus is unique, with a huge park in the middle of it all.


They have a environmental program and a criminology program in the same branch.


UCI feels like a college campus. Other schools that I considered did not feel like a college campus, they felt bare and cold. UCI is a tight-knit community, as a UC we tend to have the same views and stand up for each other. Also, the campus itself is very easy to get from point A to point B and it is always beautliful to look at.


UC Irvine has a beautiful campus with close to perfect weather year round! Walking to class, you can't help to be in a joyful mood due to the great campus atmosphere. My personal favorite part of campus in the 30 acre park we have right in the middle of campus, it's absolutely beautiful! Not to mention all the professors that I've had the plessure to meet are without a doubt some of the most knowledgeable and interesting people I've ever met. Choosing to continue my education has been the best decision of my life.


Our mascot is undoubtedly one of the most haphazardly chosen mascots in the history of naming: we are Anteaters. Personally, I love it but it does require a taste.


The majors offered, the location, the campus set up, and the mascot.


We are anteaters! Campus is circular. its a bubble


University of California, Irvine has provided a positive learning environment and has also provided me, as well as other students, with multiple opportunities to get ahead through various programs the campus offers. With UCI's profoundly interesting opportunities and high recognition in the Paul Merage School of Business, it has set UCI as my first choice. I am determined to succeed, driven by my own experiences, failures, and opportunities presented before me, with the tenacity to keep pushing regardless of the circumstances.


Offers many research opportunities for highly motivated students.


What is unique about UCI compared to other schools I considered is the close knit community that UCI has to offer. The campus is relatively small compared to other UC's I considered going to, but the size of the campus makes the people bond with one another. What is also unique about this campus is the diveristy all around. You aren't going to meet people who are exactly like you; most often you'll meet people who are opposite of you and you'll find that those people will eventually become your close friends.


It has a beautiful park in the middle of the school. The park is surrounded by the buildings of the school and students use the park as a shorter pathway from one class to another. The park is also a place where students can rest and spend peaceful time in the midst of heavy load of school work.


UCI is unique because of its location. Being located in California, Irvine has such beautiful weather and the surrounding area is so nice. The beach and the snowy mountains are easily accesible, along with Disneyland and Los Angeles, which are all fun weekend trips between studying.


University of California, Irvine is more community- based compared to other schools I know. It is shaped like a circle, so it is easier to get from one class to another. In addition, UCI is growing and developing whether it be through its research department or promoting eco- friendly techniques. Being a part of ASUCI (Associated Students of UCI) has shown me that there is so much campus pride and spirit than I had realized. It feels great to be an anteater.




it is the nearst UC college to my home. And a lot of companies around UCI which is good for finding jobs.


Despite being a university full of athlete-students, the student body all agreed to invest in a science research library instead of a football team. The school still provides other sports in their athletic department and there are many intramural activities for students to participate in. By investing in this library, UCI students displayed their desire to pursue their academics.


There are so many different clubs on campus that there has to be one a person can enjoy. If not, it's pretty easy to start a new club or organization. Also, the anteater, our mascot is very unique. The alumni association for UCI had a giant anteater in the Santa Ana zoo name Petey in honor of our mascot, Peter the Anteater.


UCI is a research school, so yes there is more homework but it makes you push that much harder to graduate. One benefit is that the entire campus has Wi-Fi so you can pick a spot you find comfortable or pleasing and do homework. There are an abundance of places to choose from so you never have to pick the same place twice. It's convenient when you need to be alone to get work done.


One of the best thing about UCI are all the clubs and people in them. Everyone wants you to join their club and learn more about their lifestyle, which makes it really easy to make outgoing and adventurous friends.


My school is different from most schools. Many people may say that, but I actually believe it. The diversity here is an immense aspect of the university that appeals to people all around. I have friends from races that were scarce in high school. There are cultural clubs for virtually every cultural group out there; a place where students can relate with those more similar to them. Even without joining one, the people here are so adapted to different races that they find it easy to talk to everyone. We are all inherently related, with a common desire: to prosper.


UC Irvine is unique in the fact that it is a beautiful campus that is located on the border of Irvine and Newport Beach. We have a giant circular park in the middle of our campus that allows a quiet and relaxing escape to students. We have beautiful weather year round and we have a great environment for all students to enjoy. There are also many places that people can go to get away, such as restaurants, beaches, and shopping centers.


What's unique about my school is the layout and structure of the campus. Most of the other schools I considered had fairly complex and rather spread out buildings that made me intimidated about how I would find my classes or even make it on time. The center, or core, of UC Irvine is a huge, and beautiful park called Aldrich Park which branches off to most classrooms and buildings, which made it easier for me to navigate to all my classes and get there just in time. Aldrich Park can't be found anywhere else!


I considered UCI because of it's beautiful campus and amazing weather of the city of Irvine. Also, it has a great psychology department which was a great advantage over other schools. Fortunately, I did not end up disappointed for I find myself liking this school more and more with every passing day.


UCI has a diverse set of campus organizations that almost fulfills every possible desire that students have. The classes are also fairly engaging and the Professors and TAs somewhat helpful. Though this isn't one of the best schools out there, it certainly gets the job done, and at times done with flying colors.


I was invited to the Campuswide Honors Program at the school, which was a major deciding factor for me.


UC Irvine has an amazing park in the middle of the campus! You can always see rabbits and you are sure to fel the cool breeze that blows in every now and then. I love that about that school and I don't know of any other schools that have such a neat feature.


UC Irvine is a school that fosters academic excellence, prospective research, and learning beyond textbooks and tests. Professors are always eager to share their research and work with students, which gives them a unique and first-hand experience from people who are continuously finding new information each day.


Our mascot is Peter the Anteater. Despite it being an odd choice for a mascot, we all love it. We all have Anteater pride!


It is located in one of the safest cities in the US. Very peaceful and suburban, close to the beach, without the congestion of Los Angeles, but not too far from it either, with lots of opportunities for you to grow in whatever field you choose. Since it is a little more well-off, as a city, it has more resources to offer and help foster your growth and your impact would be more significant since there is less people. The city is very nice and clean, and the weather is perfect almost everyday.


Super awesome friendly people in a dynamic and engaging community. Safe environment, easy to access resources, including neccessities, great food, clothes, etc. Irvine itself it a vert integrated organized suburban city, with a unique mix of creative youths and well established residents. Plenty of job and internships opportunities around here for all majors of different fields. Irvine is a perfect place, offering a strong academic foundation at its core but still have a relaxed and chill atmosphere, so students can be continuously challenged but also able to take it easy.


We have the most unique and friendly mascot: the Anteater. Irvine is the 2nd safest city in Ameica. The city of Irvine is brand new and beautiful.


The intense academic environment and level of educational styles of teaching and learning required to obtain a Bachelors Degree.


The form of my school is a circle. The road continues in a shape of a circle so you can never get lost. It's easy to get to your classes and there's a conveninetly located park in the center of the circle which makes the school more earthy-like. The park is beautiful and it provides a place where a person can breathe and be refreshed.


There are many clubs and groups you can join.


UCI has an interesting campus, set up in a ring rather than sprawled out like the other schools I was considering. It is also much more research-based, which is a major difference I notice as I am being taught much more theoretical material than I had expected when first applying.


Everything is basically in a circle, because it is centered around Aldrich Park which is in the middle of the campus. It makes looking for classes convenient, and it's almost guaranteed that you won't ever get lost. If you ever lose your way, you just have to keep walking until you see a familiar building. The park is a nice place to sit, relax, or study. I love the natural environment there where the air is fresh and clean.


UCI has been praised for its humanities and dance department, and it is widely known for its intensive research facilities. Students are encouraged to pursue their passions, whether it be inside the a laboratory or in front of an audience. Students are also exposed to ethnically diverse backgrounds on campus through clubs, which help expose interests on a global scale.


Our campus is a circle and there is a park in the center. Also, the Korean Campus Crusaders for Christ club in this campus is very hard-core so try it after you try all your other clubs. It's really hard to get out of it once you are involved.


It has one of the top criminology, law and society programs plus it distinguishes between psychology and pyschology and social behavior which allows one to choose to either go towards cognitive psychology if you like biology or stay in the social realm of psychology and do psychology and social behavior.


research opportunities


Placement of buildings around the campus -- all in a circle. Though there is a high competetiveness around the school, students and teachers are still usually helpful towards each other. Facilities, ie. gym, are some of the best.


Uci has a fabulous campus, it's close to the beach and the mountians, and it has outstanding research facilities.


The athletic program is on the rise! Getting better and stronger teams every year. There are two psychology majors whereas other schools I looked at only had one, more general, less specialized major. The city of Irvine is said to be the safest city in California. There are fantasic bike and running trails all over the city and the beach is only 10 miles away. It is still close enough to home that I get to see my family on a regular basis.


UCI is well known for our dance team Kaba Modern, and our school dance program is ranked third in the nation. UCI is located by great neighborhoods, and does not have a reputation for reports of violence or danger. UCI has great Christian fellowships, such as AACF, EPIC, Intervarsity, and more. The dance team BBA at UCI holds cheap dance sessions at the ARC for anyone who is interested in hip-hop dances such as breaking and poppin-locking. UCI is known for holding the most fun and engaging freshman orientation.