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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The basketball games and volleyball games. After the sporting events it could be the dance teams.


The popular student activities is the ASUCI.


On our campus we have over 500 registered clubs to choose from. Many people do join Sororities and Fraternities. But if you not interested in those, there are many clubs to join or you can even create you own club! Our Athletics are legit! what is soooooo cool is that Kobe Bryant comes to use our facilities at the Bren Events Center and the Anteater Recreational Center (ARC). You really don't see parties because they are not so obvious. But if that is what you are looking for, hanging with the right people and making connections, you will find what you are looking for. Your experience in college is basically what you make of it.


Some of the most popular activities/groups are: ASUCI, fraternities, sororities, dance groups, Circle K, New University (the school newspaper), and many more. Since we are near the beach (about 10 minutes away), many organizations have bonfire socials which are really fun. I am involved in a few organizations, but I'll just list two of them. I am part of ASUCI. ASUCI is made up of many offices such as Student Services, which is in charge of planning the big events like concerts and Welcome Week. There are many subgroups in each office as well. I am part of the Office of the President.and I am a writer for "The Vine," which is ASUCI's magazine and we put it out every quarter. I am also part of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) chapter here and I am one of the Internal Public Relations coordinators on the board. So my job is to get NSLS out there and talk to the deans of each school. UC Irvine hosts guest speakers throughout the year. I went to one last year and it was very interesting and full of great information. The School of the Arts has many performances throughout the year as well, which include music and theater. There are many traditions and events here on campus. One is SPOP, also known as the Student Parent Orientation Program. This is the time you get to talk to students that have been on campus for a few years and have all the inside information. You also get to meet new students, have some fun, and see what you have to look forward to. Every year, ASUCI has a few big events such as Welcome Week, Shocktoberfest, and Reggaefest. Welcome Week is a week long full of events. This is the time when all the campus organizations are out in the park and everyone gets to try something new and join a club. There are also dance performances by our dancers as well as a concert. Shocktoberfest is the biggest concert of the year and we celebrate the beginning of the basketball season in Midnight Magic. Reggaefest is a large festival during the spring. There are performances, music, food, and a car show. There are a few other traditions, but they are secrets and one of them occurs during your Freshman year.


Yes, our Greek Life is MASSIVE! Our Student Government is MASSIVE! Our Career-oriented Organizations are MASSIVE! But honestly nothing compares to our cultural organizations; students love learning about their culture here on Campus! We have well over 500 organizations here on campus, and about 75% of them are closely tied to Culture, from Latin Business Students to Kabbabayan, our campus really has something for everyone and even gives you the opportunity to join other cultural orgs, fraternities, and sororities that are outside of your inborn nature. UCI is a very open and welcoming campus.


Yes, our Greek Life is MASSIVE! Our Student Government is MASSIVE! Our Career-oriented Organizations are MASSIVE! But honestly nothing compares to our cultural organizations; students love learning about their culture here on Campus! We have well over 500 organizations here on campus, and about 75% of them are closely tied to Culture, from Latin Business Students to Kabbabayan, our campus really has something for everyone and even gives you the opportunity to join other cultural orgs, fraternities, and sororities that are outside of your inborn nature. UCI is a very open and welcoming campus.


One thing about the student body government elections are that they are essentially rigged. There's always a frat guy who becomes president, because all of the fraternities and sororities put their efforts into having a certain frat guy become president, and as a result, the majority of student activity funding goes to frats. I would imagine this happens at other schools as well but it doesn't make it acceptable. I guess that would be good if that was more your kind of crowd. But it makes it a bit unfair because other campus clubs have to resort to fundraisers for funding. One thing that stands out about UCI campus clubs is that there are what feels like hundreds of Christian clubs. In the OC, Christianity seems to be pretty big, especially for Asians. (By the way, I'm Asian myself). But it is sort of nonsensical in that many of these Christian clubs are just excuses for partaking in social activities with the false illusion of "being religious". If you get lulled into the on-campus Christian club bubble (a bubble in itself, inside another bubble, the OC bubble), you'll miss out on a lot of things that university life offers, and you'll lose precious time in building up your credentials to land a job after college. I don't want this to sound like an anti-Christian rant -- if you want to become more Christian or what not, it's better to spend more time at your church than to waste it with the on-campus Christian clubs, because there's nothing too religious about them. On-campus throughout the week there are many events that happen, whether they be in beautiful Aldrich Park or in the nice newly renovated Student Center. There is a good selection of interesting events, guest speakers, plays, movie prescreenings, athletic events, etc. that happen on campus. There's not really a shortage of things to do. The problem is that most students who are not freshmen live off-campus, sometimes a good distance from campus. Many people of those off-campus people do their own thing. If you're looking for parties, get involved with fraternities/sororities. That's pretty much the best way to get in on that. Things to do in Irvine are pretty much just eating out, shopping, and going to the movies. Most of the wilder/more interesting things are outside of Irvine. Fortunately Irvine isn't that big, so going outside of Irvine won't take much time (15 minutes by car).


The most popular groups are by far the ethnic clubs (indian club, chinese club, etc.). Students are very friendly. It's not hard to make friends freshman year in the dorms as there are a lot of activities organized. it can be hard to make friends in classes because of the size of them, but most people find friends in their majors by sophomore year. Dating scene: alive and well. Most people like to hook up with whatever guy/girl is available on a weekend, but there are definitely a lot of happy couples. We have a few traditions. Shocktoberfest, a big concert, is one. Lupe Fiasco came two years ago, and Matt Costa came last year with some hip-hop group. Irvine is basically devoted solely to hip-hop and Christian rock (unless you're friends with some people I don't know about) so Matt Costa did not get a good reception. Frats and sororities are very, very popular. What can you do that doesn't involve Well, since the party scene is relatively alive here, most people don't really care. There is an awesome dollar theater in Irvine that shows movies that have been out for a month. But generally people party from thursday through saturday, and sometimes wednesday (hump day). Since academics are not a huge concern at Irvine, people are not afraid to blow off work to get drunk. Do not come here expecting to meet people who are devoted to studies and want to be the next Emily Dickinson or Marie Curie.


I would have to say that Kababayan was one of the biggest clubs on campus. We had over 300 registered members and no not all of us were/are Filipino. I loved being a part of it because they became like family to me. UCI does not have big sports teams really except for maybe baseball but who really watches baseball these days? sorry. SO, for fun most people either join a cultural club or a fraternity or sorority. If you join one of these organizations you will have your fair share of partying. A side effect of having insane irvine police who shut down house parties at 10:30 pm is that most orgs have parties at clubs in the area. I don't like house parties very much anyways so I kind of liked that. In terms of annual events, UCI is big on shows: culture shows, talent shows, dance competitions. We are performers. The most outrageous tradition would be the annual Mesa Court Streaking. This is when one particular dorm runs through that dorming area pretty much naked during finals time. We do have other traditions . . . but you have to learn about those when you go to UCI.


A slight majority of students live on campus, with a large minority living at the beach in Newport. Fraternities and Sororities are popular at UCI, albeit they comprise a minority of the students. However, they have long dominated the undergraduate student government. UCI can boast of national champion teams in the "affluent lifestyle" sports of sailing, volleyball, and waterpolo.


As far as I know, Thursdays is THE night to party. I remember going to the old Anthill Pub every Thursday and meet international and graduate students. There were occasional house parties as well.


Extracurriculars have been the backbone of my collegiate experience at UCI. They have not only given me the chance to meet new people, but also opportunities for networking, leadership, and greater campus/community involvement. I encourage everyone coming to UCI to get involved in something, anything! One extracurricular will expose you to a bunch of new people and in turn other campus opportunities that may interest you. The social scene at UCI is what you make of it. We are by no means a party school so parties won't find you, but at the same time you'll never have to look too hard to find one.


Great late-night eats were rather hard to come by. There was Del Taco, pho (if you were willing to drive out to Garden Grove) and some local Mexican places.


It can be difficult to make friends in class. Most make friends through student organizations or in the dorms. My closest friends came from my association with the honors program and through the housing community where I worked. Party time begins Thursday night and goes through the weekend although people often go home on the weekends, and the campus can seem like a ghost town on a Saturday or Sunday. The most predominant partying does involve Greek life. There is no Greek row, but there are a number of on-campus housing buildings (in Arroyo Vista) that are reserved for individual frats or sororities. In addition to the traditional Greek life, there are also Jewish and Asian-themed frats and sororities. While most of the campus does not participate in Greek life, those that do are very into it and are among the most involved on campus. The housing communities work really hard to develop programming for residents to learn something beneficial or to just have fun. The freshmen generally utilize these activities the most, but they are offered to the upperclassmen too.


If you want to be social and have a good night life, you have to either be on a sports team OR in the Greek System. Then there is always something to do. I waited to join until my Sophomore year and spent my entire first year on campus bored out of my mind, sitting in my dorm room watching movies on my laptop.


I met all my best friends through working on projects together. Spending sleepless hours is the best way to bond. We create our own parties and events and invite others to come. Make friends with art students and you'll never be bored.


I loved, loved, loved, loved, LOVED living in the residence halls. I think it is such an invaluable experience and I think everyone should live in the res halls if they can. You meet so many other people and begin to make a little support network for yourself whether you realize it or not. It also helps you feel more attached to the University. A lot of the people I lived with kept their doors open, but I was not one of the people awake at 2am. And if I should have found myself awake, I know there would have been someone else around to talk to if I was lonely.


There are so many different groups on campus its hard to sum it up. Since I was a part of Greek Life I was exposed to many social functions that kept me busy with sports, parties, and community service. Most of my closet friends I met through this organization. These individuals share many of same ideals and goals as me which I was really looking for being a college student.


UCI is pretty boring. If you want to go to a party, there are parties to go to, but it is not like other colleges where the party is always right outside. UCI is very good at providing speakers and bands for the students to go see. Frats and Sororities have their own cliquish atmosphere and they usually keep to themselves. Everything in Irvine closes at 10pm so except for Jack in the Box and Del Taco, you wont be able to go anywhere if you stay up too late. If you want to make awesome friends, live in the dorms freshman year. You really bond with people as you enter into college. I highly recommend living in the dorms (not apartments) freshman year. And don't live at home, that is lame. Think of it as an investment in your life. The networks that you build will be of infinite value later on.


The greek system is basically the only way someone at Irvine will party and meet other people who want to do the same. Its really the only way to truly experience what college should be like in a different school. But partying isn't all Irvine itself is a pretty big bubble with no culture or anything unique about it (imagine the tv show "weeds" except without the fun and with way more asians). The beaces are by far the best thing about it and is where all the fun happens on the weekends


Soccer Team & Water Polo. Plus the Frats. Some dorm students leave their doors open.


Deciding where you go to school is difficult, but it is important that you like the area where you are going. The ranking of the school doesn't matter if you're so depressed after returning from summer vacation that you don't do any schoolwork. The differences between the UCs are negligible aside from Berkeley and LA. Is UCSD or SB a better school? Depends on the department, and how you like everything outside of class. As for Irvine, I am not a huge fan of strip malls that have nearly all chain restaurants and stores. And I am not a huge fan of having to drive everywhere. And I am not a huge fan of having nowhere to park when you return from driving everywhere. So the city of Irvine was not the right choice for me even though I have really enjoyed the classes and the professors at UCI.


know the right people and you'll have a good time ;)


To have a social life at UCI, you really have to put yourself out there. It's not hard and I feel like with any school, the social life isn't going to just come to you anyway. I think that as long as you get involved in any club or organization on campus, you can get a decent social experience. It's not hard at all to find a club event or party to go to because campus clubs are always throwing parties and flyering all along the campus. But if you're a guy and not in the greek system, it can get tough to find a party. You'll probably be limited to rush parties and friends' house parties. I chose ASUCI (student government) and the greek system. I think people usually go Greek here after they realize that finding parties is hard. Also, a lot of guys realize that most of the hot girls usually end up joining sororities, and after that they tend to hang out with the fraternities more. But it's possible to have fun without going greek at UCI. The big drawback of the Greek system, and any greek system is that it is extremely fake, and it's pretty much like high school. Basically, each frat can be compared to a clique in high school.


Greek life is the most popular organization on campus and is the only place that allows social involvement on campus. I meet my closest friends through work, organizations and living accommodations. People party on a weekly basis depending on whether there are exams coming up. Last weekend was a fairly typical weekend for me, just relaxing and studying a little. You can go to the beach, club, or practically anything under the sun on a saturday night not involving drinking.


Concert venues gallore, amusement parks gallore, beaches, clubs, amazing food (I love newport!), crazy awesome cheap and expensive shopping. Really UCI has everything an urban school has just Irvine / Orange County is prettier and safer! UCI is NOT a commuter school. Yes a lot of people commute but that is true about all schools. Also of those who are consider "commuters" thousands of them live within walking distance of UCI. Parties! There are plenty. One thing though is that at UCI "the party is not knocking on your door" as I always say. Meaning there is rarely noise problems or conduct violations. If you want to go a party the frats will bus you to the clubs they rent out. It's all amazingly fun. At UCI there's always a place to study or participate in innocent fun, and there's always a billion parties to hit up, plus there is LA just up the freeway.


The Greek system isn't nearly as popular as the average college campus. I'm not sure really...


Dorms for me were great. Always left door open, everyone did. Dating scene was terrible. Closest friends were from certain classes and the dorms and then through the friends they met. Awake at 2am means you're probably hanging out with friend OR finishing a paper you procrastinated on. Lots of traditions and events, but few are really that fun or interesting.


I think sororities and fraternities are the most popular. Sometimes when you meet someone, the first thing they ask you is "are you affiliated"? I am not personally in a sorority so I find it annoying. I am in Accounting Association. It is a great experience because we learn to network with the different accounting firms and this helps us in our job or internship search throughout college. Then through these internships, you may be offered a job. When I was in a dorm, I used to leave my door open when I was in there, but not everyone did. I think that it is good to leave it open if youre not studying or sleeping because you can meet so many people and be more social. Everyone in my suite left their doors open most of the time so we were all one big group sometimes and it was really fun. If I am awake on a Tuesday at 2am, I would most likely be studying. I've met my closest friends through classes. Ever since I started taking classes pertaining to my major, I met my closest friends. Then since we have the same major and have to take the same classes, learn because if you have questions in what youre learning, you know exactly who to ask. Also, we have the same interests since we have the same major, so I suggest to make friends in your major. I don't party a lot, but I know people that drink and party every weekend. I think most freshman do because this is new to them, then as they move forward in school, they feel like studying more than just drinking.


I met most of my friends and dates in the dorms freshman year, either because I lived in the same dorm hall with them or I met them through one of the social events set that were arranged for all the dorms in Mesa Court. I don't think I ever went to or was aware of any athletic events. However, a big part of our social lives was the "Live Nude" improv show on Campus. That was an event not to be missed every Friday night, especially if you lived on campus


Greeks would be most popular, but I think it´s all a bunch of bull shit. It just feels like highschool again except a little fundraising and community service inbetween, "DID YOU HEAR THAT so and so HOOKED UP WITH so and so of TRI DELTA, I cant believe it." But a lot of people are into that sort of thing without realizing there´s a whole big world out there.. I thought about rushing, pledging whatever, soley because being affiliated means networking big time and you never know who you´ll run into along the way.. But I can´t handle the popularity show. Dating scene? I dont know, date whoever you want.. there are lots of good people on campus. I met my closest friends in the dorm and at 2am if I am on campus I am in the drive through line at Del Taco, otherwise, not much else to do..? Traditions and events every year would be Wayzgoose, outdoor festival with music and food, definitely fun... Off campus, I would be at the beach, Newport is amazing, or working... I come from Northern California so being in SoCal is a big change but I like it alright. I visit my friends in LA, SD and Santa Barbara a lot. Also, as convenient as it is to live near school in AV or whatever those apartments are called, LIVE IN NEWPORT.. a lot of students do, the partying is more fun, the beach is close AND.... they are making a shuttle that goes to UCI so no driving, no parking permits nor parking issues and public transportation cuts down on pollution... so we all win.


Campus and Social life is one of the most important things for me because when I came to college I wanted the entire college experience and not just the academics side of the university. I wanted friends, parties, campus life, etc. And I wanted to meet as many people as I could. I think some of the main things to be involved in on campus is definitely Greek Life, campus housing, SPOP, cultural organizations, and other campus leadership opportunities. I actually live in a dorm right now because I am an RA and my residents for the most part leave their doors open, but some are more interpersonal and don't choose to be out and about like the rest of the hall. Athletic events aren't super popular unless there is an incentive to go (Homecoming, free t-shirt, etc.) I think that Greek Life is extremely important on campus because I think that is how people become involved other places on campus and learn about those opportunities. Without being Greek I would not have the opportunities I have been given so far at UCI. Each year we have fun events like Wayzgoose/Celebrate UCI, Shocktoberfest, Homecoming and the welcome BBQ in Aldrich Park I think. These are pretty fun events! I like them!


Dance teams are popular. Student housing is a competitive job to get. There are lots of jobs on campus. We have a BEAUTIFUL free gym called the ARC. There are always things going on, especially dance and theater performances, sports games (which are free for all students!) and lecture series. Last week I went to programs in my housing community, a fun quiz game and a culture night based on Chile, then I applied to internships through the UC Washington DC program, went to Disneyland with my coworkers, went out to lunch and then to the UCI Basketball Homecoming game (which we won!)


The most popular groups were the fraternities/sororities, religious groups, special interest groups, and sports teams in that order. Students in my dorm left their doors open. Athletic events are not that popular. Guest speakers and music artists were very popular. The best UCI tradition is Wayzgoose, it's like a medieval fair.


Parties were good. I was in a fraternity...we got the stereotypes, ididn't care. I found a small group of guys that i could bond with and went through hell and back with them and therefore have a life-long bond..even AFTER college..that's what i wanted and that's what i got. i'm going to type in caps to emphasize the next point... I HATED IT WHEN PEOPLE SAID OH FORGET THOSE FRATS/SORORITIES, YOU'RE JUST PAYING FOR YOUR FRIENDS..THAT'S SOO ILLOGICAL...TAKE ANY SOCIAL/COMMON INTEREST CLUB (VSA, KABA, CA, ETC)..DO YOU PAY DUES? YES. SO AREN'T YOU ESSENTIALLY PAYING FOR YOUR FRIENDS..SAME CONCEPT EH? IM PROUD TO BE IN MY FRATERNITY...WE ONLY PAID WHAT WE NEEDED FOR ADMIN COSTS(80/QTR)..ONE OF THE CHEAPEST AROUND..THE REASON BEING IS THAT HALF THE FUN IS HANGING OUT WITH MY BROS FUNDRAISING FOR SOMETHING FUN WE WANTED TO DO...


I wasn't involved with any on-campus clubs. I do recall a strong Greek presence, as well as a mix of clubs based on the environment, political affiliation, sexual identity and dance.


SPOP & and Greek org. SPOP, it was a life changing org that really pushed me out of my bubble and exposed me to so much in the world. I never left my dorm open because of where I grew up at, you just didn't do that. However, I did welcome my dormmates and friends. Athletics: Bball was good when I was a 1st year and then Baseball started to get good and popular during my 4th year and on. Close friends: through orgs and the dorm Tradition: Mesa Court students would go streaking on Monday night of Finals week but due to the cops that has been stopped. It was a way for students to relax and enjoy themselves. It sucks that they stopped it. Partying; Thursday- Sat night Frats: Important for both guys and girls


Many students are involved in the greek community (sororities and fraternaties), as well as cultural groups (although these are not limited to persons of any specific culture). There is a very diverse group of clubs and organizations on campus that can appeal to any student's desires. I found that due to the fact that freshman dorms are situated in smaller, individual "residence halls", the atmosphere of each building (which houses between 45 and 75 students), can vary drastically from another. Depending on the tone set by your Resident Advisor, your fellow residents, and you yourself, you can have a very low key and private dorm experience or you can have a hall full of best friends within just a few weeks of living at UCI. At 2am on a Tuesday, you would be likely hanging out with friends watching a movie, eating Del Taco (open 24 hours, correct?!), or just chatting.


Students usually don't have too much of a problem leaving their doors unlocked. The halls to the dorms are locked, so most of the people inside either live there or are guests of those that live there. Me, I was one of the few people that had a "Micro-Fridge" which meant that I had a microwave as well as a fridge. So I would often leave my door unlocked so that my suite mates could come in and use the microwave. There wasn't too much theft as far as I was aware. I think most athletic events were much less populated than most schools. UCI doesn't have a football team, so school spirit and pride is much less. However, I did have a good time playing in the pep band at various other sporting events. One of the more popular events, especially for Drama Majors, is: Live Nude People (With Clothes On). It's an improv troupe on campus that recasts its group once a quarter, and performs 4 times each quarter. Each show usually fills up the house, forcing the event to often move to bigger locations. It's the event to see great comedy and a great excuse to dress up in whatever the theme of the show is. I was fortunate enough to perform on the troupe one quarter and it was by far one of my most fondest memories at UCI. Theatre and dance at UCI is amazing. Everything from classical to experimental, big budget to low tech. Each show has its own life to it, and if you're a Drama Major you'll be thankful that the shows you have to go see are actually quite enjoyable.


I was a part of the improv troupe "Live Nude People (With Clothes On)." It was a popular group. We would get anywhere from 200 to 400 audience members from all majors. We had shows every other Friday at 11pm and I know that was one of the only options for a social activity late at night. Dorm life was fun, very open. I met my closest friends during my first and second years in the dorm. After that, my friends were all in either the Drama department or were from other majors, but performed in Live Nude People with me. Cast parties were a huge part of my social network.


Campus Representatives is pretty popular, Sigma Chi, the water polo and volleyball teams always go to the Olympics. I was involved with the Campus Representatives and thereby gave campus tours, spoke on student panels and helped out with events. I loved giving tours though because I love talking to strangers and prospective students. The Campus Representatives had a lot of events just to mingle and connect. I am still friends with some of the members. I left my dorm room unlocked all the time. 2am on a Tuesday means getting fast food at Del Taco or making a run to Albertsons. Wayzgoose, the campus wide medieval festival, happens every year as well as the extemely popular Regae Fest and Octoberfest. Saturday night was probably spent by the pool or at the movie theater or enjoying the movie Sideways for the millionth time with friends.


UCI social life has many options. There are comedy performances, theater, concerts, sports games, speakers, and different events such as Octoberfest. Student's don't leave their doors open, but everyone hangs out in each others room most of the time. The common areas were for studying and ping pong contests. Saturday night without drinking is studying. There's not much to do in Irvine on a Saturday night especially for a college student looking to self-sooth and vent the mental stress of studying.


The Greek scene is visible at UCI, but it is not as large as it is in other schools I feel. A lot of students seemed to join them freshman year in order to make friends, but you will find that there are many other outlets available on campus that you can meet people through. Our dance teams are pretty popular, such as Kaba Modern. Also, we have a few ethnic clubs that are also very popular. I worked in Housing in both Mesa Court and Middle Earth for 2 years and have made a lot of lasting friendships from that. I strongly believe that UCI has one of the best Housing programs in the nation and that the student staff here works very hard and does a lot for the housing complexes they oversee. I recommend that every first year student live in the dorms on campus because that is one of the best experiences of college and probably the best year since you have the least amount of responsibilities and can have fun living with your dorm mates. You also find that when you start being involved in school, it is a snowball effect where you join more and more organizations and clubs, and pretty soon you have a large group of friends and many things you are active in. Also, I was involved in SPOP, a orientation for incoming freshman, and that was one of my best experiences at UCI. From that, I was able to interact with many lower-class students and help them adjust to college life and also was able to meet many of my peers. As far as partying, its all about Thursday night.


It seemed to me that any of the Asian-American groups were usually the mos popular, frats and sororities after that. I was involved with a mentoring group called WYSE that focused on helping at-risk girls in middle school. It was a rewarding experience, and something I would highly recommend. I attended many theater productions, since many of my friends were with in them, or part of them in some way. I also saw the Dali Lama speak when I was a student there, which was a great experience. I met my friends all through our freshman dorm, and we all remained bonded throughout most of our four years. Traditions include Wayzgoose, our annual medieval-themed carnival in Aldrich park, at the center of campus. It's a fun way for clubs to sell food and trinkets, and for prospective students to get a feel for the atmosphere of the school. Off campus, I worked at a coffee shop. I was there alot. :)


ASUCI appears to be the elite of the school. They are magically and heavily funded and decide whether they want to share that wealth with the other student organizations. The Greeks tend to get what they want, and the queers can't even get enough funding for a dance. It is then we rely on local community organizations to help sponsor our LGBT events. Students in dorms leave their doors wide open and blasting all kinds of music whilst IMing their roommates who are sitting 2 feet away from them. There are often pizza boxes stacked on the floor, high enough to make it into a stool for uninvited guests for some World of Warcraft action. Athletic events? Oh right, our volleyball team is pretty good, I hear. The band plays at basketball games, and I think we have cheerleaders...? Aside from the friends that come automatically with student organizational involvement, I (guiltily) also made some friends through Facebook. Everything starts with a poke. If I'm awake at 2am, I'm probably talking to friends online or hanging out with the people I had just met through Facebook, and I probably won't go home because I can easily pass out on someone's couch. on a Saturday night we can make dinner together and play guitar and sing and watch downloaded movies until the wee hours of the morning, and then go to the beach and watch the sunrise together, eat a hearty surfer breakfast, then go home and sleep at 9am.


There is no one popular group/organization/club/team on campus. Everyone has their own interest and will join whatever interests them. The fraternity and sorority life is pretty big on campus. They are out there every day on campus recruiting studetns and holding philanthrapy events. There are hundreds of clubs and organizations. If there is a certain a club that student likes and is not offerred. That student could start one themselves. I am a campus rep and so i give tours of the school and help out with events on campus. I am also a student athelete participating in cross country and track and field. Students leave their dorm rooms open and closed. The relationship and trust grows as the year goes on. I have never heard of anything being stolen from a room. There are guest speakers here all the time. Depending on the department or organization. You can find a guest speaker almost every day on campus. I am usually a late night person. On weekdays i like to start my homework late and am up till about 3am. I dont normally go out on the weekdays however if i do usually thursday night is the night most students will go out and party or hang out with friends. People party here quite often depending on the crowd. Fraternities and sororities have the most party events that will take you to clubs and bars. There are many house parties held by students. Newport Beach is a common place for students to live and party. They are right on the beach and so its always a fun place to hang out. This past weekend i went to a party in newport beach and a house party in the city of irvine. During the day I went to the arc which is our recreation center to play some soccer. Saturday nights can be fun. I like to go to a shopping center called the spectrum where i can watch a movie, get some dinner and walk around. Newport beach is fun to walk around at night there are alwyas people out and about. There are also concerts held on campus or around the area I like to go to.


Greek life tends to take over campus and you can always find someone from the Greek community handing out fliers to a party near the Student Center. The two political groups also make headlines when they’re controversial. The campus tour guides I hang out with are the most spirited group of people I’ve ever met and come from every background imaginable. We’re all out-going, extremely involved and active in the community. Everyone leaves their dorms door opens and everyone is willing to have a conversation if it is ever needed. Athletic events are popular but not as popular as they could be and are no match for big sporting schools. Concerts are big at UCI. Kanye West, Bob Dylan and Kelly Clarkson are among those that come to UCI and every year Reggae Fest is a fun outing with tons of free beer for those overage. We also have a lot of interesting speakers come, including author David Sedaris. The theatre shows are well-attended and always sell out. The dating scene is typical and you will see a lot of couples hanging out at school. I meet a lot of people just from going to class, which I think is atypical at some other schools where class is just where you go to learn a thing or two. If I’m awake at 2 in the morning, that’s likely because I’m finishing a paper, not an indication that I’m looking for a party. UCI Celebration is something to look forward to every year, where all the groups on campus come out and perform or put booths out with food specific to their culture, etc. People do party, but not as much as on other campuses. Thursday nights is the big day to go out. Weekends are generally used to get away from campus – going to the beach, a concert, movie, a night in L.A., etc. I’m pretty good at budgeting for the weekend. I wasn’t involved in Greek life, but I had a lot of friends that were and it was very important to them. Greek life is a large part of the UCI campus but does not overwhelm it.


There is so much going on here, it's hard to say what is the most popular! There are Greek organizations--I have many Greek friends, but it is not a large part of campus. There are many service organizations, political organizations, academic organizations--tons of stuff going on. Many people say we don't have school spirit, but I disagree. The biggest sports are basketball and volleyball--men's volleyball rocks! They won the NCAA championship last year, and they are really good and fun to watch. I am involved in the Campuswide Honors Program, which is pretty small but has a great community feel. In honors housing, everyone leaves their door open, and it feels like you are part of a big family. People study together, eat together, watch movies together. Partying is not that big here, but it usually happens off campus (in Newport.) There is great shopping and entertainment in the area... we are also near Angel Stadium and the Arrowhead Pond (where the Ducks play.) I and many of my friends have Disneyland annual passes--its great to go at night and watch the fireworks. This really is the best location to go to the college. It's the only UC in the OC!


I would say sororities and fraternities are probably most popular groups to join on campus. I am involved in the new university campus newspaper and I take photos of events around campus or UCI related. In the dorms, it depends on how close the dorm is as a whole. My dorm was not close at all. In fact, I didn't know most of the people in my dorm. I met my best friend at the dorm; she was the only person in the dorm I hung out with. I met my other closest friends on the last day of my first year from the dorm across mine, and happen to hang out with them the next year. Events that happen are usually antstock, which is when bands play in aldrich park, swap meets couple times during the quarter, shocktoberfest for Halloween and it also has a concert, and dash film festival, which is a film festival with students' videos. I would say people party on weekends starting from Thursday to Saturday or Sunday. Fraternities and sororities are not that important as long as you meet a cool group of people you can just party with. Last weekend, I hung out with friends and just relaxed because it was after midterms.


The social life here sometimes seems nonexistent but is easy to search out if you make an effort to look. Fraternities and sororities are not huge here, something like 10% of the students are involved in them, but they all seem to be really nice and throw some pretty good parties around campus. Throughout my time here I've always felt that everyone has been really friendly and sociable. In the dorms everyone always had their door open and would stop by to hang out, people are always having events for the club or group on campus, and I have met a lot of friends just from classes I've taken with them. A lot of people tend to go off campus as of late because we just recently got our student center back from renovations. They mostly head out to Newport Beach to party down there or just take in the sun at the beach. If you like outdoors, then UCI would be an easy transition, it's one of the only places in the country where you can go surfing and snowboarding in the same day.