University of California-Irvine Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Umm I would brag that the school is in beautiful Southern California adn 15 minutes away from the beach.


I like the fact that theres a park in the middle of the school and there are many food places to go to that is very nearby UCI.


I don't brag about my undergrad experience


I often find myself telling my friends that UCI is located in a very clean and safe environment.


I brag about how it is located in one of the safest cities in the world. As well, how beautiful it is. It is really nature friendly. I like that they really take care of you when it comes to housing. The school likes to take care of its students.


When I tell my friends about my school, I usually brag about the environment of the school and quarter system. I love how the environment gives me a sense of a clean park reminding me of my unforgettable childhood that made me who I am today. Also I really love the quarter system because it makes time goes by really quick, which is why it makes me enjoy every moment more with all the new people that I get to meet and stay friends with being here at Univesity of California, Irvine.


I brag most about the nature that surrounds my school. The campus is beautiful and very heart warming in every season. UCI also has avery creative and diverse student body that is not afraid to address issues of every aspect as well as have fun during the week by creating a large bucket list so that we can write what we want to do before we die. It's a really fun learning environment that makes me proud to say I attend this school.


What I brag about is that how awesome the campus life it in UCI. UCI has lots of events going from the UCI basketball team to Shocktoberfest. Shocktoberfest was a event where Kendrick Lamar performed live. Also President Clinton came to UCI for a political rally. UCI not only has an awesome campus life but also an excellent education program. When my friends complain to me about their bad grades and their low GPA, I tell my friends to transfer to UCI because the professors here are so helpful that it is impossibe to fail the class. UCI is awesome.


I think the diversity of the school is one of its strengths. I have never been more open-minded in my life before I moved there. I was exposed to different races, ethnicities, cultures, sexual orientations, and religions that I had not even heard of before. I learned so much about others while I was there and I would encourage everyone to attend UC Irvine just so they get outside of their comfort zone.


The dorms is great, the dinning food is all-you-can eat bueffet style, and the classes are pretty manageble.


I brag most about its prestige as a part of the UC system and being in the top quarter of the UC schools.


The UC's accept the top 10% of high school students in the country.


I often talk about how beautiful the campus is. Aldrich park is overly gorgeous and is a wonderful place to eat, study, and chat with friends. I also often talk about the safety of Irvine. One of safest cities around! I really enjoy the idea of feeling safe, especially when walking back to my car after a late night class gets out.


Countless colleges and universities will boast about their acclaimed academic and athletic programs, but those qualities, while important, are not as responsible for attributing to the everyday student's quality of living as is the atmosphere of the school itself. While UC Irvine undeniably covers all of its most essential bases in developing a well-rounded, intellectually and physically sound individual, a great part in why students here are so happy is because of the friendly, supportive, and aesthetically warming atmosphere the university embraces the student in. UCI's environment does psychological wonders to accomodating and motivating the student emotionally.


Very nice campus


I tell my friends about how it is the cleaniest city I have ever been and how it is very safe to live. It is the best city to live if anyone has a family. They have tons of physical activities, like having bike lanes and fitness gyms at many local areas.


How much I drink at parties.


That the academics are hard and we are expected to be pretty smart from the start!


I brag most about how open and kind everyone at Irvine is. The people here honestly are extremely giving people, even if you aren't friends. They never shy away from lending out a hand to someone in need, even if it's just an open seat or a pencil. The university really does feel like home, especially for someone like me, who is hours away from my hometown. Not having my family near by is one of my least favorite aspects, but the students of UC Irvine have helped me adapt to a new home.


When I brag about my school, I try to showcase UC Irvine's campus, its extracurricular activities, and its top Political Science program. UC Irvine has a beautiful park commemorating faculty members located in its center, while a one mile road (Ring Road) encompasses the campus. UCI houses organizations, such as an MSU (Muslim Student Union). In fact, the MSU at UCI is one of the largest and most well-organized in all of America. Lastly, UC Irvine's political science department is known all throughout the world. These are qualities which may attract an individual to such a campus.


I brag about the location of UCI to my friends; the beach is a fifteen minute drive from the school and so is Disneyland. Also, Irvine has been named the safest city in the entire United States so I don't feel any fear when going out at night.


It's gorgeous and the weather in this area is amazing!


safe environment, friendly, happy


I tell them mostly about how great the surrounding environment is: how clean it is, how crime-free it is, how beautiful the beaches (only 5-10 mins away) are, etc


The school is only 10 minutes from the beach, which is great because it is always sunny here. It rains maybe 3 times a year and the rest of the time everyone's in shorts. At the same time that everyone loves going to the beach everyone still knows how to buckle down and study when it's time and there's never too many distractions when you don't want them.


UCI is one of the best institutions I have attended. Academically it ranks to be the 41st best university in the nation. Academically is excellent and there are many opportunities to take advantage of like Greek Life and study aboard programs. I am privileged and thankful each day when I am on campus to have been accepted into one of the greatest school in the nation. It is the home of the anteaters and dear school to me. I am proud to be at the University of California, Irvine.


My School is the epicenter of life. From the many clubs available to the vast amount of stores around, Univeristy of California Irvine is one of the best schools in California. I thought I was stupid for choosing UCI over UCLA but boy... has this Univeristy proved me wrong!


UC Irvine is not known for many things but apparently there is a good medical program at my school. I do not know enough about it but I tell people the UCI is a good medical school.


I live by the beach!


The classes were so well prepared by the teachers and everything was always so easy to udnerstand. I felt like I learned out of every lecture and assignment done in every class. Teachers were very interactive and the campus faiclities were very nice and felt like home. The green areas at the school makes students feel so relaxed even during finals.


It's located in a really nice area. I love the view.


Biology program


I would brag about the science departments, as well as engineering. The arts departments feel like they're falling apart. I don't brag about much, as I'm trying to transfer.


The amazing men's volleyball team we have, my sorority, the amazing academic strength the school has.


How "green" the school is and how the circular shape of the campus is perfect from getting from one side of campus to the other between classes.


UCI is a distinguished school that I feel proud what I learn there. My GPA would not be the only indicator by how well I have learned anything but through the faculty and staff and the other students on campus, I feel I have matured and grown compared to when I first started attending UCI.


The campus is small and accessible, so you tend to see the same people every day. It's in a good neighborhood and is a good place to learn without needless distractions. Also, visiting the other Southern California UCs takes about 45 minutes to an hour, making it a centralized location. The campus is relatively new so there isn't as much school spirit compared to the larger UCs but everyone seems happy to attend the school. It is steadily rising in school rankings as well.


I don't know


My school was extremely generous with financial aid. UCI gave me a full scholarship, as well as extra money for books and some living expenses. As far as the academcis, I would recommend UC Irvine to anyone who is pursuing an English degree. The classes were small and informative. The professors were generous with their time and expertise. However, as an English major, prospective students can expect UCI courses to require much time for reading, writing, and researching.


The fact that we chose an extra library (the science library) over a football team.


University of California, Irvine is a very safe campus. It is built in a circular layout with a park in the middle to relax in between classes. You may see a couple of bunnies running around you. The school is quite diverse with many different ethnicities attending the university. There is a newly built eating area on-campus to serve the students with a variety of options. There is also an on-campus pub, in other words a bar, to socialize and drink with friends.


Everyone is smart


How relaxing and peaceful the campus is


The campus, it is clean


I brag most about the fact that my school is home to the dance group Kabba Modern who were finalists on America's Next Best Dance Crew on MTV.


There are a lot of extracurricular activites to choose from: fraternities/sororities, clubs, student government, sports, etc. There is no excuse in not being able to have a social life. One can choose from so many ways to be involved on campus. There is an opportunity for everyone to be apart of something. There are hundreds of clubs and greek organizations that one could participate in. Nobody should ever feel left out.


The people here are passionate about the organizations that they are in. People have alot of pride in the fact that they are involved and also that they actually care about what they are doing. Also the professors here are amazing.


The school's atmosphere is amazing.


I brag about my sorority experience.


Closeness to the beach.