University of California-Irvine Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think that the worst thing about UCI is that it is very cliquey. It's easy to get excluded a lot around campus, mainly by individual people/groups (not clubs). The clubs at UCI do a great job at including others, but I think that should spread to the rest of the campus as well. A lot of us aren't as involved as we should be, and I think that if we were, the campus would be more unified, rather than being so split up.


The worst thing about the school is probably the residential internet. In the dormitories, there is no wifi so the students have to bring their own routers. If they don't have routers, they have to stay grounded with the Ethernet. Even with the Ethernet cable, it is difficult to gain access to the Internet because the Cisco program required of the school takes a long time to set up. It just adds an inconvenience to everything.


The worst thing about my school is the growing "anti-bike" atmosphere. The use of bikes is almost frowned upon and many people are being pulled over with first time warnings to not ride their bikes along a ring road. There are bike lanes in the park but pedestrians don't follow those markings. It is generally unfair that a college campus is prohibiting the use of one of the most common methods of transportation to a college student. There is much needed reforming of the bike code.


The only bad thing about any school is the students' negative outlook of their future while studying there. If I were forced to choose one bad thing about this school is the fun. It isn't even really the school's fault, it's just the region and my opinion of the area. Unless you make and have friends whom have cars or some efficient mode of transportation, have a job or attend club events, this school is pretty much a bit bland on the weekends. However, you can always make your own fun by making events with a group.


I do not consider anything bad about my school. I have only been attending for one quarter so I do not have much to say about my school.


The worst thing about my school is that it's so expensive. Education should not be so pricey to the point where students have trouble paying for it. Financial aid was not able to cover my tuition and living costs, and my parents cannot afford paying for it all. Hence, why I'm applying for this scholarship. I'm seeking ways to help myself come up with money I will need to attend college without the help of my hard working parents.


The worst thing about my school is that it is still considered very new. Because of this, people do not think it is as worthy as other schools that have been around longer. As well, there needs to be more local shops and things for students to do. Because it is such a safe city, there really isn't much college bars or things like that. As well, a lot of people go home on the weekends because of this. So it is known as a commuter school.


Could have football team.


I think the worst thing about my school is how much it costs for the education. I transfered and so I saved a lot of money for the two years I wasn't there. I had the same classes for much less. The classes at UC Irvine are so large, you hardly get to know your professors, and it seems like you could learn it on your own sometimes without having to pay for the classes. Many students end up with a lot of debt when they are done, including myself.


A number of people like to smoke on campus.


The University is beautiful and I could not have asked for a more comfortable space, but the location of the school itself does make it rather difficult to find eventful activities.


Although Irvine is a very safe, student friendly place, there are not many things to do. Luckily, Disneyland and other fun places are nearby, but you need a car a friends with a car to get there.


The worst things at this school is the high cost of living tand the need for transportation. The apartments that are available are very costly. Also because of the schools location there is not much available for shopping, social life and other needs a student may have. One needs car or a friend with a car to get around when the surrounding businesses can not meet needs.


Irvine is a commuter school. In order to make the most of your college experience you need to be bold. Most students are there to go to class and then drive home. If you want to make connections and meet people you have to be bold. You have to be the one to approach. You have to learn deal with rejection. Getting a "no" is not the end of the world. Be bold.


The worst thing about UCI is the fact that classes are restricted to certain quarters and not offered year round.


too many asians, too small, boring city


The parking policies are somewhat unfair. Rising costs of tuition.


The only downside I can think of about UCI is the fact that class sizes are so big. However, I was expecting this when I came to a UC, so I can't complain. Teachers hold office hours and the TAs do as well, so they are all very accessible if people need help. Along with this, there are many tutors available on campus so if something is unclear in class, there are many people to help students out.


The worst thing about UCI to me is the location. Although UCI is a gorgeous campus, it is on very uneven ground so when you're walking up Ring Road, you are hiking up and down, sometimes steep, slopes. Its a real workout if you have to carry a full backpack. Of course if you live on campus, most likely you will not have to carry everything you need for the day with you, but things like a labtop, your wallet, notepads, pens, and pencils are always handy to have on you.


The worst thing about UC Irvine is that it is located in one of the most expensive areas in Southern California. Not only tuition, but also housing around Irvine is really expensive. With recent budget cuts, it means we, students, have to pay even more. It is not right for us to pay so much for higher education at a public university. Tuition and housing alone would easily cost just as much as private colleges. One may want to consider a private school when public universities are just as unaffordable.


I think the worst thing about UCI is the social aspect. It lacks a a lot of social parties and it gets broing here.


The worst thing about UCI would have to be the shuttle system that we have to use toget from and to campus. It only runs on weekdays and sometimes it is really packed and it is uncomfortable to ride in.


The worst part about UCI has to be the lack of a football team. The school spent upwards of a few million dollars on an extravagant science library instead of investing in a football program. The reason why this matters is because it would really help school spirit to have a team and stadium where students can congregate and meet each other and have fun. I believe a lack of this program is what makes the school not as appealing as higher ranked schools.


The worst things about my school are very few. However, like all other campuses, my school is not perfect. I would say that parking is a big issue at UC Irvine. Parking is hard to find and the permits are not cheap. If an individual buys a permit, it would be nice that a parking spot may also be guaranteed.


It's too theory based and academic based, not exactly the most practical school ever.


It is a young school, so a lot of programs have not been fully developed. Parking is pretty bad!


The worst thing about my school is that it costs money to print. Many professors assign writing work that need a hard copy to turn in and it is difficult to turn in a hard copy for every class if it costs you money each time to print out numerous pages.


There isn't really any major problems with UCI, so thinking of things I consider to be the worst about my school is actually pretty difficult. If anything, things that bother me are just my pet peeves. One of them would be how the food quality drastically declined in first quarter, especially after Thanksgiving. After it, the dining halls had nothing but turkey. Also, going to this school is expensive. Between housing and tuition, my family's wallet crying. However, college is expensive in general, so I can't really say that's a particular thing about UCI.


Although Irvine is considered to be one of the safest cities in the United States, it has a limited variety of people from ethnic backgrounds. A majority of students are Asian or Middle-Eastern therefore, the school environment is not as diverse as I would like it to be. Another issue with UCI is that it is located in a small surburban area. It does not really have a college feel to it. Most off campus apartments are occupied by both UCI students and families therefore, the social life of Irvine is a bit more conservative than it should be.


I think my school should have more food courts on campus with a variety of tastes.


My school just isn't as academically challenging as I would expect other schools to me, and that's the only thing that discourages me about this school. I wish it were more competitive in that regards.


The greatest school I have been to.


I'm not a complaining type, but some of my professors just can't distinguish the hardworking people from the lucky ones. I repeatedly try to appeal to them; I follow instructions, ask tremendous amounts of questions and do everything for my benefit. I'm person that might not know the answer to a particular question, but i won't just sit there and be completely hopeless. I will search until I get it. In the world of business, you won't make a profit if you do nothing after failure. Keep going, keep trying, and you will eventually succeed.


The worst thing about this campus would be the lack of WIFI availability and the overpriced meals at the restaurants on campus.


The city of Irvine, especially on campus and surrounding area, are sometimes overprotective. It is known that there is little crime in Irvine, and so it seems like the police patrol the campus and the streets more densely than is necessary, and a result is that traffic tickets are the norm when driving or parking. They similarly put up sobriety checkpoints outside campus housing areas, which for a non-party school of a well-protected city is just bothersome.


I love UCI and I do not think there is anything i consider the worst thing about UCI.




Sometimes it is a little frustrating to be on track all the time, beucase if you are not on track you are never going to catch up with homework or readings.


The campus fee hikes. Every year, tuition, books and equipment costs increase and financial aid and on-campus service quality decreases. It's getting to be very miserable here on campus.


Probably that we don't have a football team. If we had a football team, our school would have more spirit and be more thought of a college atmosphere. I believe the school spirit football teams have is very important to a school and makes a college a much more exciting experience.


There is is not a lot of activities to do on campus such as concerts, rallies for basketball, and it is really hard to meet friends. My school is all about studying, so when it comes to meeting people they are not as friendly. Also on the weekends there is nothing to do becasue everyone goes home and the buses run every hour making it hard for students to get around and have fun.


UC Irvine is not very culturally diverse and although it is not intentional, many non-Asian students often feel secluded, isolated or just plain old left out of some of the cultural things that happen around campus (What is a Moon festival?!); however, this allows the non-Asian population to become more ethnically aware and more in tune with different racial experiences.


There are a lot of minorities in my classes that place an extreme amount of pressure on themselves--often this is their parents--they do not have fun and study constantly. I am a chemical engineering major and, although I am doing really well, I have both am and pm water polo practice and it is tough to keep my grades up, when everything is graded on a curve.


The worst thing about University of California Irvine is that it is a big commuter school, and it can be hard to meet people if you commute.


There is not that much school spirit and no one usually knows whats going on events wise.


There are a lot of hills on campus. It gets tiring when you walk to your classes.


It really does feel like a bubble, because the troubles outside of Irvine may seem very irrelevant and distant. Perhaps because of it, it is a slightly more conservative campus and within the city, and it is more difficult to garner passion and energy from the city's citizens and the university's students. We don't have much school spirit, and there are a lot of commuters. Anywhere you go you will need a car, public transportation doesn't help. Cost of living is slightly higher, and everything closes around 10pm.


The worst thing was not knowing what website to go to for students. I was a transfer student and a student told me about eee a website where students and teachers communicate. It would've been nicer if the counselors (that rarely see you or care) helped you with this or an educational plan. Most students there were on a five year track.




There is absolutely no school spirit.