University of California-Irvine Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Science major, not interested in social life, open minded to diversity


Someone who is hardworking, motivated, and determined


Students that are motivated to learn more about their interests are always welcome at the University of California, Irvine. The environment can also appeal to the students that enjoy a very calming and peaceful campus. The majority of the students are very friendly and it's a nice place to socialize through classes, clubs, or campus events. The university is for the students that want to work hard to pursue their passion and to connect with many amazing people.


Someone who is looking for well balanced student academics and extracurricular activities. Someone who is looking to have fun during their college experience, but also get a degree from a good university.


A person that's eager to learn, ready to work, and excited to meet new people. Collge can be stressful so what better way to alleviate that stress than by going through it with freisnds?


This is actually a really hard question to answer. UCI is a very diverse school already, and I don't think that anyone should change that. All of the majors at UCI are amazing, but I think that some majors are a lot easier than others. It's hard to be a bio major with drama major friends who don't do as much work, but I do think that students at UCI need to be passionate about their major, really want to learn more, and succeed to the greatest extent. That's who should go here.


Well there are a variety of people who come to school with their own behavior. Personally, it should be someone who is accepting of others. Someone who is interested in research opportunties and graduate school more than getting a job after graduation. So it should be someone interested in the sciences or social ecology. Also, even though we were told it was not a party school, I feel that it is untrue. the fraternities and sororities there are highly active, especially in recruitment. So if you're interested in parties, then UCI has those too.


University of California, Irvine accepts a wide range of applicants each year. It doesn't matter about the race and the school has chosen students with a wide variety of GPAs. I believe the kind of person that should attend this school or any other school is someone who is willing to learn and make the most out of their college experience. College is a place of education, what's the point of partying all day and wasting our tuition away. Anyone can attend this school if they are willing to make the most out of their education.


Someone who loves trees will love this school. There are tons of trees on campus, and I really like all of the greenery in Aldrich Park. All of my professors so far have been funny and more than willing to help if you demonstrate need for it. You need to be very self-motivated, and if you need help seek it out. There are plenty of resources out there for you, but you won't be spoon fed. The quarter system goes by pretty fast, so you need to be organized and stay on top of studying.


If you are a motivated student, who works hard being very dedicated to your school work, and doesn't give up until reaching your goals, UCI is the school for you.


A person who is on top of his or her studies, tolerant of other peoples' backgrounds, willingness to try new things, and has an open mind. If not this type of person, then it should be someone who is in the process of developing his or her identity, in the process of understanding lectures versus memorization, and in the process of getting the feel of the real world. In the end, it should be someone who has a good high school GPA based on the amount of his or her effort rather than relying on extra credit or a curve.


A person who attends UC Irvine has to be diligent in their studies, but also ready to have fun.




Person that is academically focused with a set career path, able to manage between jobs, extracurricular activities and school. Must be able to drive a car to get to places outside of Irvine. Must be open minded about the diverse cultures on campus, and be able to find clubs and organizations through any posters, flyers, online posts, etc.


I believe that there is not a “right” kind of person that should attend the university. However there are qualities that are crucial that a person needs to make the best of their college life. One of them is self motivation, the fact that the school is in a quarter system means that there is no time to fall behind in the classes. The person needs to know their priorities, but also engage in the campus life by attending events or become part of organizations.


A person that should attend this school is someone who is looking to go into the medical field. UCI has a great Biology and Chemistry department. The Bio and Chem teachers are very helpful and informative. They also try anyway to help you learn the material. Personally, I had a great experience with the Bio and Chem department and I learned a lot. Professor Bringley was the first Chem professor I had in college and her lectures are very help.


I believe UCI is a school for students who have a thirst for knowledge. Who aren't afraid to go beyond what's printed in their textbooks.This campus isn't known for its parties,but is very balanced when it comes to academics and a social life. Those in search of a challenge, a thirst for knowledge,and curosity like a cat...becoming an Anteater is perfect for you!


Anyone interested in the sciences should definitely pursue an education at the University of California Irvine. There are a variety of strong majors at UCI, but sciences of various types reign supreme for the school. Business is competitive, but effective, and the humanities are strong for those serious of their artistic passion.


Any person that has an interest in pursuing a degree as well as someone who meets the requirements of this school.


Excluding the fact that each person who applies to the University of California-Irvine needs to satisfy the basic college requirement, like obtaining a high school diploma, I believe any person can attend this college. College is the best learning environment where anyone can change according to his or her experience. Because University of California-Irvine is a college that encourage students to pursue a friendly environment and work closely with others, those who attend this college will change their personalities and open themselves to fit into the community.


Someone who wants an incredible education and to be surrounded by wonderful people.


People who love being around lots of other people should go to UCI. The school is enormous and there is so much to do, from the many clubs to exploring the campus. The students at UCI take their studying seriously, so people who want to come to this school should be prepared to work and study hard. Lastly, people who are independent should attend UCI because since the school is so big, it is important to be able to do things for yourself.


The type of person who should attend this school is someone who is serious about getting their college education, yet able to have a good time. with the beach ten minutes away and beautiful weather alomost every day you have to be focused on school despite the temptations that are so near. UCI is an amazing school filled with amazing students and even more amazing professors who want to see you succed in your desidred field of study. students who love the outdoors and enjoy learning would find UCI to be the perfect school for them.


People who want to study and find jobs in the future.


This is a great university for those who don't want to go to a complete liberal university, but still reek some of the benefits. There are a lot of interesting people here with many differing views. A lot of these students are very open to sharing their views, but they also respect the views of others. There are also a lot of many different extra-curricular clubs that you can be a part of. If you want to pick up a hobby such as breakdancing, rowing, or biking, there are many clubs available for you to do so.


Someone who is happy and wants to change their life, not just wants to waste time and money.


The type of person that should attend this school would be someone who has no problem being academically competitive. They need to make sure that they are focused and are willing to find a balance between their school work and a social life. The academic rigor will not be the same as it was in high school. It will be to a degree more difficult, granted if you take competitive classes and challenge yourself as much as you can. Overall the person needs to have dedication and perseverence because even if it is not easy it is worth it.


A person who is dedicated to a steady and tedious work ethic, and fast pace quarter system. The students who choose to attend here must have a willingness to strive and a passion for learning.


someone who is environemental friendly, eager to learn, enage in campus wide activities, and open to new ideas, all at the same time will meeting new people.


A person that is very involved, the campus life does not come to you. You have to be willing to put yourself out there in order to make friends and create a supportive environment for youself. Also, biology majors are abundant here.


A goal-oriented person and someone who values education should attend UCI. Someone who is determined to gradaute and reach their career goals.


Research and biology based people. Someone who wants to do research in biotechnology/engineering.


A person that is driven, ambitious, goal-oriented, hard working, and passionate!


Someone who is research focused, and plans on having a career in medicine.


An individual dedicated to making a difference and learning.


Some one who is easy going, friendly, and open to new opportunities. UC Irvine is one of the most diverse campuses in the system, and we are located in a very clean and safe environment. Maybe you won't always find something to do, but you will definitely form very close bonds with your classmates and individuals in the organizations you are involved with. It's a medium-energy atmosphere that is not overly competitve or stressful, but in fact it's just right.


Anyone should feel welcome on this campus for its current diversity will make everyone feel welcome. Although a larger portion of the population are Asians, in your classes there is usually a good diverse set of classmates. In addition, if one wants to be successful at this school, one must seek help when needed and not wait until GPA drops drastically. The counselors are extremely nice and non-judgemental.


Any person who is motivated to study a lot and yet also able to relax should consider attending this school.


Anyone who is extremely motivated and intelligent.


there are variety of ethnic group. Native american, Asian American, European, Afrian American, and so on. Also, there are many international students.


UCI is a fantastic school for anyone. Someone who is interested in learning from great professors, meeting a variety of interesting people, or simply having the classic "college experience" can find a place at UCI.


People who are friendly and upbeat, who enjoy quiet and peaceful surroundings.


The kind of person who should attend this school is one who takes their education very seriously; who can discipline themselves to study. He or she should also technologically savvy. Since everything is done online, including professors who post their lectures, office hours, homework, etc. students should not be afraid of accessing resources online.


This school is a local commute school, and so most people do not dorm here. The type of person who should come here is one that is very open and able to laugh at themselves. University of California Irvine has a beautiful campus with a large park in the middle - for the nature loving students.


A person who is a dedicated, hard-working student and who wants to make the most of their education should come to UC Irvine. People always say that UCI is dominated by the excellent science program, and while this department is top-notch, I could easily say the same for the other departments across campus. It doesn't matter what you want to study, because you will find excellent academics no matter what your area of interest is.


There is not a certain "kind" of person who should attend this school; anybody can attend this school as long as the person is willing and able to work hard in order to succeed in their career path. There could be one person who decides to attend this school and has no passion in their career but as they live through this experience they will realize what their passion is. College is for everyone; it is fine to not know what is it that you want because with this experience you will eventually discover your true passion and career path.


Obviously, California residents should pick UC Irvine as their top pick, considering its excellent credentials and the lower tuition cost for in-state students. For non-resident tuition students, Irvine is still awesome as a 4-year public university and one of the best out there. UC Irvine is good for anybody but don't be considering here if you like to party all night long. Grades and parties are equally balanced here, with students knowing which priorities to put first.


I feel that UC Irvine is open to everybody who applies. I'm not saying that there are qualifications but come to UC Irvine with your game face on because everybody here is pretty competetive in their classes and the professors are pretty helpful.


Someone who loves the suburban lifestyle should attend the school and someone who doesn't mind joining various activities and extracurriculars to get invovled in the school and to meet new people. One should be open minded to new ideas and be willing to listen to what others have to say.


I think any kind of person can flourish in an environment like the one at UCI, whether acedemically competitive or more laid back with a need for one on one time with professors and TAs, you can find the amount of attention you need on that campus.