University of California-Irvine Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Something I wish I would have known before I came to this school is how far places are.


I wish I had known the high cost of food and basically everything. However, I love UCIrvine since it is so clean and well-organized. In addition, I wish I had known the rules about choosing the right classes each quarter.


I wish I had known not to rely on the bus system. The Orange County bus system is terrible.


What you need for your major


I wish I had known what the student body was like


I wish I would have known that there are a lot of dance teams available for the students to try out for. If I had known, I would have prepared myself to try out seeing as how dance teams are a big part of our extra curricular activities.


There is a nice school


not to procrastinate


That the dance department does offer great teachers and dance classes but doesnt give you much to expand on besides just performance. I wish i had also reasearched the majors more to find something else i could have added as a major to enjoy.


How having a car really helps, socially and day to day living wise. How fast the quarter goes, how expensive the books are so that I could have joined the "sell text books directly" facebook group earlier.


Learn the campus well, The circular layout of the classes is hard to learn at first, but it's pretty well thought out. Get a car, or get a friend with a car, asap. Don't slack off in classes, there's no such thing as an gauranteed A here. Join clubs, they're really fun.


School is what you make of it. Its all about perspective.


How boring it could be.


The lack of things to do in Irvine is staggering! Although It is located in orange county, the city itself is not your typical orange county city. The school is literally dead on the weekends and most of the city shuts down at 8pm. Also, the city is very clean and cookie-cutter, there is very little diversity visually and ethnically.


I enrolled the wrong choice of major when accepted. Had I enrolled with what I ended up graduating as, my GPA would have been higher. However, the experience overall, was beneficial.


very research based


The right housing to live in.