University of California-Irvine Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Location. Southern Calfornia hands down is an amazing place to go to college. The life outside of school is rich and there are so many diverse things to do. In addition, the school is located in an up and coming technology community and offers many job possibilities. The ability to get in there with companies who have a relationship with the school has been huge. They provide many workshops and informational sessions with companies where as a student I have the opportunity to learn about the current industry and the potential that is out there.


A quality education


The best thing about my school would the the very welcoming atmosphere. Students feel welcome and the park in the center of the school is one of the best things aesthetically about the campus.


The best thing about my school is the opportunity of course availability. The opportunity to get into a class without much difficulty is essential to any college student in order to be able to finish a college degree, and the University of California, Irvine makes the possibility of getting into requiered courses available.


There are many great proffessors that are always willing to help you. The proffessors aslo have great knowlege in the field they teach.


The wealth of resources available at this institution is amazing.


What I consider to be the bes tthing about Irvine is the people you meet and all the extra help given by teachers and TA's. There are many people who feel the same way you do or that have similar dreams and it makes it easier to help each other out. Teachers and TAs are always there to help you out and answer any questions a student might have. I think the amount of compassion from both students and faculty makes UCI amazing.


The best thing in this school I would say are the people who are involved. They make this campus feel more alive than anyone else. They give you positive vibes and support you and your choices. They try to find ways to send you to the right people or resources so, you yourself can succeed and all it took was direction and initiative. It is truly the best feelings to become empowered and to see your own success.


We are aware of global issues and environmentally conscious. Such things matter because they need to be addressed.


I think the best thing about my school would be the amount of help there is on campus for any need possible.


The gym is amazing


This school does an excellent job at providing students with a variety of extracurricular activities that cater to their own personal interests.


The best thing about my school is that it is far from my hometown and it offers a good Public Health major that I want to pursue in. This college is where my future begins, where the door of opportunities will open. However, every choice I make will have an impact and depends on me, myself, and I to decide which one is for the best.


The school has a very safe and eco-friendly atmosphere. There is a park in the middle of campus which allows for picnics, relaxing walks, or appreciation of nature. The campus is also in the shape of a huge circle so it's almost impossible to get lost. The school is near several shopping areas that are in walking distance or use of the free shuttles around campus. And if your from out of state there is a local airport located nearby to allow easy transportation out of state.


The best thing about my school is that there are so many people willing to help the students. The fact that there are many resources throughout the campus and one can just reach out says a lot about the the campus life. The counselors, the peer tutoring and the community center are there for the students. The people working here have motivated me to keep going with my studies and to not give up even if it is hard at times.


The best thing about UCI is how helpful people are on campus. I am a Biological Sciences major (the biggest one on campus), and so there are tons of resources if I need any help in classes or deciding my major. Of course there are other resources for different majors, but the staff helped walk me through my major and ease better into my second quarter. There are tons of tutoring services as well which can be very useful. I also love the campus environment, surrounded by lots of green trees and grass (coming from an Arizona resident).


The friendly environment where everyone have something in common with each other.


It's pretty and a lot of the students are very friendly.


The campus, faculty and courses.


The rich diversity of culture is definitely one of the best aspects of my school. Also, the student body puts on very fun events and the food quality is amazing on campus and off.


good quality in terms of falculty


The University of California at Irvine is very open to the different cultures, lifestyles, and opinions of its students. This allows for a healthy and friendly student body. Everywhere on campus, various clubs and organizations are free to express their voices for other students with similar views to find their place on campus and surround themselves with people who share their beliefs.


The best thing about the school is the layout! UCI is designed in a Ring so that whenever you're walking to class you're bound to see a friend. It makes it easy to stay in contact with many people and meet friends, as you're constantly seeing and meeting new or old friends.


I consider the library the best thing about my school because it's open at a reasonable time. Furthermore, it is fill with a lot of resources that is very helpful to students needing to do research.


good professors and students, career focused courses.


There are alot of different ways to get involved. Whether you are in the greek system, an athlete, interested in research, or even starting your own club. There are so many ways to make your college experience tailored to your interests.


I really like how our campus is safe so I don't have to worry about walking late at night if I have a night class, or walking around by myself. There are more students focused on studying and preferring to playing safe, rather than partying. The quiet suburban setting doesn't create a party environment.


One of the best things this school has to offer, has to be the many opportunities students are given out here. Also the unlimited amount of clubs that vary from religious groups, to social, even major groups, which I find excellent.


The best thing about going to UCI is that even though it is a large research university it does not feel overwhelming. The community that surrounds the school is also quite convenient for college students. Anything you could ever need is within a fifteen minute walk from the university.


Aside from the environment, UCI offers many resources. It used to have a larger pool of tutors, but due to budget cuts as of this year they were no longer offered. None the less, the counselors are of great help and websites such as are of great help to stay on track with classes and emails.


I love our campus, the park in the center of the school is extremely relaxing.


The school provides an excellent education and have very intelligent students and faculty. They have the resources to help you find a job and there are a lot of businesses in the local area.


The best thing about my school is the fact that the faculty and staff is very supportive and informative. I often do not keep up with school information, but my school sends me things that I may find interesting or useful and they actually are quite helpful.


Although UCI is often judged for not having a football team, UCI students put twice the effort into making our anteater voice heard. Through different organizations on campus, UCI faculty and students are continually paying it forward, whether through research, sustainability efforts, work with local small businesses, or efforts to get other students invested in UCI. Spirit is contagious at UCI, which can be seen through our achievement of hosting the largest dodgeball game ever. Campus also feels as comforting as home, as the amount of resources to help with any problem manageable is endless.


UC Irvine preps undergraduates for graduate school very well by stressing the "Five Pillars" of research, academics, internships, community service, and leadership. They also offer help on how to achieve these goals. The professors and teaching assistants I have had all know their subject very well and encourage you to go to office hours and further discuss topics.


UCI has many things to offer, but the one thing I must say they offer the best is the career center. The career center is very large and very helpful. They help with on and off campus jobs if you are looking for them. They offer ways to search for internships how far and where they are at. I would say that because of the career center, many student at our university has jobs that help sustain a sufficient life for themselves.


Well what I thinks is totally unique at our school is that it is shaped as a CIRCLE! you rarely see this. And it is so cool because if you get lost, you will just be walking in a circle forever. But it is very difficult to get lost at our campus. what is also unique is that we have a park in the middle of our campus. it is great if you have a gap between classes, you can just go sit in the park and relax. it's really beautiful and there are lots of bunnies and squirrels! here is a link to see a map of our school : Also, what can be good and an amazing experience is coming for a campus tour. there are tours Monday through Friday at noon. You don't need an appointment, but if you like you can always make one. The link for the tours is :


UCI is a research based university; as being the science major, I'm planning to engage in discovering and applying the textual knowledge by participating in research program. A wide variety of majors are offered at UCI; a prospective science professionalists has a lot of majors to choose from. Going outside of the academic horizon, UCI offers and supports variety of clubs on the campus. By supporting multivariable clubs, UCI encourages each student to bring their culture, ideas, and knowledge. On the psychological level, students have a great staff who encourage students to speak up and spark thinking.


The amount of technology and resources provided on campus for students to use is probably the best thing about UCI. Many students don't have access to some of the necessary resources that UCI offers for free.


The best thing about my school is the extensive research programs. There is a research group or program in almost every branch of education. Since there is a wide variety to choose from, students can make the choice that suits their interest.


The people are amazing, and so is the atmosphere around the entire campus. Living on campus in a residence hall has allowed me to meet so many people, and they are all great. Everyone is just looking to make new friends because we are all there for the same thing, to move on in life and do somethign great. No one is stressed, uptight, or rude. The students and faculty always have open and welcoming arms. The professors have office hours where they ust want to talk and visit with their students. And no one will ever deny a friend.


Great learning environment.


I believe that most people at UCI are friendly and willing to meet new people. They are open and are interested in helping each other learn and get used to the school. The tutoring service here is great and the tutors are older students who are willing to listen and help me out with difficulties I have in courses.


I was able to learn techinques that had enhance my professional and higher education endeavors in life as an adult.


At UGA, you get the full collge experience: College town, Collge life, great academics, clubs, Greek Life-- you name it, UGA has it.


Location. Irvine/OC is great!


I believe that the best thing about Irvine is definitely the environment. Walking around UCI I see so many different types of people from the way they dress and/or present themselves yet however I feel as though everyone can find their own haven in Irvine. Although Irvine is six hours away from where I live, I never once felt that "new kid on the block" awkwardness. Irvine's friendly and welcoming atmosphere is definitely the best thing about


One of the best things I enjoy about Irvine is its location. The school is near the beach, shopping malls, grocery stores, attractions, and it embodies an overall convenience. I also like how its one of the safest cities in America. Small perks like that as well as having a park in the middle of campus truly ignites energy and spirit towards the school.


One of the best things about UCI is that the professors are extremely open to aiding all their students. It seemed like almost all my professor were always open not only during their office hours, but by appointment, which was a tremendous help to me, since I was also holding a part-time job. Also many of the professors are well known in their field of work, which is a huge plus!


The chill atmosphere, the amazing diverse people you meet, and the amount of memories and fun you will be having here! Everything is amazing, truly!