University of California-Irvine Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


While some schools may seem intimidating by its size, UCI is not like that. I like UCI for its peaceful look with the park in the center and buildings are based around it.


The best thing about my school is the diversity of the resources available to the student.


The best part about UC Irvine for me, is that fact that when I stepped on campus it felt like home. It's an earthy place; it's very organic. At UCI, people are willing to always lend a helping hand unlike other places it seems. The surrounding green trees and beautiful architecture really seem to add to my creative side. Being an English major, creativity is key. I wouldn't want to live or be anywhere else. I made the right choice.


The campus is really nice even though the surrounding areas are not. Some professors are really good and engaging.


the campus, the variety of the classes offered, and the resources


The way the people around you and professors motivate you to do well. I believe its the best because motivation is the number one thing to success.


The best thing about my school is the kind of relationships the dorm experience allows you to create. For most freshmen students, dorming is the first real experience they get from being away from their families. Through simple daily experiences, students are able to create strong bonds that later turn into long lasting friendships even after they have moved on with their careers.


the location, living in orange county close to the ocean is my favorite part of this school.


The best thing about UCI is that it has a lot to offer. Although it doesn't have the prestige of other private schools such as USC or other UC's such as UCLA you get ever bit of the education. It's a great campus with a great staff to complement it. Most the professors here are very understanding and helpful. They sincerely care about the students and their well-being


I think the best thing about UC Irvine is that we are a top-ranked school and as a whole we have accomplished things that make me proud to be an anteater.


The prestige of the University


How easy it is to get involved and get to know people. Being in a sorority has helped me to expand that and get to know many valuable people on campus.


No Football team because it will cause so much interference with studying for most people, and may cause violence from having too much school pride. Football is considered to be the most spiritual sport. Without Football, students will be more likely to refrain from prode violence towards he opposing schools, less parties and more studying. That is why Irvine chose to build a second Library in place of building a Footbal team, and I am greatly satisfied with this choice.


I like the people in our classics department. And we have a cohesive fencing team.


In a save area.


The best thing about UCI is that the campus is very beautiful. It is very easy to figure out where classes are. Irvine is very environmentally clean and there are nice study facilities that can be used. People are mostly really nice. There are apartments that are near the school which make it easier to find off- campus apartments.


The academic oppurtunities and location. Good for business oppurtunities and in a safe neighborhood.


UC Irvine was a very friendly campus and all of the history courses I took were amazing. I chose an exceptional major and was able to study with some of the best professors.


the students


The location is very well, surrounded by a lot of companies. Therefore, its relatively easier when you need to find a intern , or a full time job


The integration with the surrounding industries. The local area is thriving with nationally leading firms that lead in almost every industry they are involved in. From high-tech, to bio-tech, to law, engineering, etc.. The executives and workers of these firms have a very good relationship with the University, they support the school very well, and they provide ample opportunities for students. From guest lectures, seminars, internship programs, and funding of on-campus projects, this school is very in touch with the industries that can help students post-graduation.


The location and the great academic environment provided for the students. The campus is very enthusiastic about current and potential students on campus. Our campus provides resources to help students to reach their academic and career goals.


Nearness to the beach. Nice weather. Diversity of classes.


Teachers and course selection.


The sense of community withint the smaller majors like theater arts


The best thing about UCI was there Greek Social life, being part of a fraternity at UCI gave me the opportunity to make life long friends, give back to the community, and gain an inside look at corporate meetings.


The amount extra-curricular activities offered whether it is clubs, dance teams, or sorrorities/fraternities. I like the overall friendly environment that UCI has provided me as well as the capable staff members. The fact that it is a public university makes it a lot more affordable and I think I'm getting what my money is worth.