University of California-Los Angeles Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is focused on getting the students a general education so they can go on to something bigger and better.


A world-renowred public university with high standards of academics, research, and athletics.


UCLA is a great university for friendly, open-minded, and ambitious students who care about academics and are career-oriented.


Challenging yet rewarding academically with amazingly diverse social experiences combining to create one of the best college experinces you could ever hope for.

Alex Edward

A truly fulfilling experience that helped me appreciate academia though at times it felt a bit overwhelming and difficult to find friends if you didn't live on campus.


Attending UCLA will be like no other experience you've ever faced; you'll experience the bad with the good, but in the end you'll grow to learn more about others and yourself than you ever did before.


The best UC in the system with superior professors, a beautiful campus and amazing students.


UCLA promotes open-minded liberal thinking, and is a school which seeks to cultivate the innate potential within each student and give them a fertile environment within which that seed of promise can flourish.


UCLA is a school full of diverse people from all over the world with plenty of activities happening all the time; it is a prestigious university in the heart of Westwood with an abundance of opportunity and I can't think of a better institution to attend.


UCLA is one of the most amazing Universities I could have attended. It is beautiful, the campus the area and the people. There are so many opportunities to find and there are many programs to help students.


The campus is very diverse, with students of all ages from multiple countries around the world; you can hear others speaking in Chinese, Korean, French, Arabic, Spanish, etc. while walking on campus.


UCLA is huge, career-oriented, and competitive.


This school is big but it has many opportunities for students of all backgrounds. There is a huge diversity and students can find organizations that they will fit right into. Dorming is amazing with so many options, and the food is absolutely fantastic: a lot of healthy options as well as great desserts and comfort food. There are many job opportunities and research positions available to students, and the teachers are friendly and approachable, and if not, they respond quickly to your emails. The environment is beautiful, the weather only ranges between 30 degrees, and close to the beach!


Great school with great environment


Yes, the classes are rough and consist of a lot of work, but it truly is a great school and I can't get enough if it.


The environment is condusive to learning, and the faculty are knowledgeable about their fields and willing to help their students succeed.


This school is amazingly beneficial because it provides lots of help for people from all backgrounds.


UCLA is where I can find and create family; it gives me everything I need to do so, including the people (my professor and friends), the environment (a beautiful, homely campus that virtually takes the place of my childhood neighborhood), and the methods for establishing connections (various clubs, meets, dinners, internships, etc.)


There is a large amount of apathy towards global issues from the larger student population.


UCLA is a social and luxurious learning resort for higher education.


This is a large well-respected public university in which the food is great and the students are smart and ambitious.


Very spirited!


My school is awesome.


UCLA is located in the heart of Westwood, an amazingly safe and fun college town with literally everything and anything a college student would need, as well as only 15 minutes from Santa Monica beach (a 50 cent bus ride), and so close to everything the city of Los Angeles has to offer which basically gives the students at UCLA opportunities to do pretty much anything.


My school is challenging but it has many opportunities.


UCLA has professors and teacher assistants that care about their students' progresses, and I value that very much--at UCLA, I know that I am not wasting tens of thousands of dollars; instead, I will receive one of the most awarding experiences in my life, through the education and the various extracurricular activities that UCLA abundantly offers.


UCLA is a big ocean with a very rich ecosystem composed of very diverse communities, waiting to be explored by those fortunate enough to be given the opportunity.


UCLA is a very beautiful school with a lot to offer to its diverse student population including invaluable research opportunities, countless extra cirricular activities, and personal relationships with some of the brightest and most helpful professors any university could ever have.


I haven't been there long enough to know much about UCLA, but the school has a beautiful campus and a strong liberal arts program.


UCLA is one of the most beautiful campuses with some of the most diverse people around from whom one may learn a myriad of interests.


I would say UCLA has a wonderful enviornment, both academically and socially.


It a prestigous school. Well know for its rentension rate.


For the money, this is the best education around.


UCLA is an amazing university that challenges you in all aspects of life; personally, academically, and socially.


UCLA is like my elementary school, middle school and high school on my first day; it seems HUGE, but the people are nice and you get used to it.


UCLA is a beautiful school filled with awesome people and wonderful opportunities.


My alma mater is as grandiose as can be by maintaining it's historical traditions while adopting new advancements, which not only provides students with a great education and up to date information but also allows them to experience real life on a miniscale.


UCLA was a great place to spend my college years; I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for an open , accepting environment.


UCLA is a beautiful campus that is renowed around the world for its academic and athletic achievements.


This heart never stops beating.


UCLA is lively, diverse, competitive, academically challenging, well-worth it, fast paced, research oriented, and packed full of unique and interesting students and faculty that one can never get bored.


UCLA is a large multi-cultural campus full of school spirit and life!


The perfect place for me, it's extremely diverse and it has everything to offer!


UCLA has a lot of energy; there's no way to be stuck without something to do.


No matter your major, interest or affiliation, UCLA has a welcoming atmosphere: one that creates an unparalleled Bruin experience and helps one find his niche in this multicultural microcosm.


My school is beautiful, diverse, and full of the constant buzz of research and discovery.


UCLA is prestigious, sporty, greek, nerdy, beautiful.


UCLA values its students and deeply cares for their fulfillment of their educational goals.


UCLA is a tough institution, but it makes learning worth while and I am definitely enjoying it.


This campus is home to the passionate, the devoted, the distinguished, the champions, those who aim for excellence, those who persevere; this is home for all bruins, where once in a lifetime experiences are made and everlasting memories created.