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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Greek life


It is really hard to find a "most" popular one because student body here is huge and there are countless options in clubs and activities. But generally speaking, athletic activities and various parties are popular among most people. Greek life is not that valued here as it is in private universities. A lot of students are not at all interested. On weekends, some people go home, some do the laundry and study, some hang out and have fun (there are good places to go in Westwood, Santa Monica, and downtown LA ), some just sleep. For example my roommate spends most of her weekends sleeping and the rest of time watching shows if she does not have homework to do. As far as I am concerned, I sometimes to to parties and club meetings.I spent most of my weekends studying and working in our most popular dinning hall on campus. I meet friends and talk to them by grabing meals and studying together. Because I love shopping and eating, I always try different stores and restaurants on and around campus.


The most popular activity is of course the great Beat SC bonfire rally, which is held annually on Wilson Plaza.


I would say that all the groups like USAC and GenRep that focus on representing the student body and organizing campus events are pretty popular and competitive to get into. I am involved with ICARUS Contemporary Dance Company which is the most low key dance group- we practice about 6 hours a week and have on campus performances as well as exhibitions at some dance competitions around the area. There a tons of dance groups, most of them are hip hop, which I don't do, hence the involvement with ICARUS haha. I was a member of Best Buddies (a club to integrate those with intellectual disabilities) last year and am now in Active Minds (a club dedicated to erasing the stigma of mental illnesses and promote mental health). Athletic events are pretty popular, and tailgating with a group is always fun. Football games are easy to get to without a car because of a bus service you pay for with the Den Pass (if you plan on going to more than 2 football games or basketballs games, GET THE DEN PASS! it's so worth it, and you get a free shirt!). Now, the party scene- thursdays are insane. not really in a good way... basically, frats have a "quarterly" (huge themed party) each quarter, and they always happen on thursdays. So there are usually multiple quaterlies on each thursday since there are 19 frats and only 10 weeks a quarter. if you have friends in the frat, it's a lot more fun, but otherwise, it's just a huge sweaty cramped mess and you usually have to pre-game since they hide their good alcohol, and you need to show an id to BUY alcohol from their bar. Any other night is usually kickbacks at frats or parties at apartments. So you need to know people. Thursdays, you can walk into any frat and hope for the best haha. If parties aren't your scene, there are free movie nights at Ackerman grand ballroom or you can go into Westwood with some dorm friends and get Diddy Riese, or a restaurant, or shop. There is always something to do!


There's so many student organizations/groups on campus that no one group really has the upper hand in popularity. Like I mentioned before, you find the group that interests you most and you make the best of your college experience and career. Student organizations span across a spectrum of choices, ranging from very academic to very social. It really all depends on what you're looking for, because you will definitely find it at UCLA. For example, there's a yo-yo club, several capella groups, pre-health clubs, tutoring clubs, campus events commission (planning large scale events for the entire student body), sustainability, community service, many religious groups, and the list goes on. There's a club/organization/group for about almost anything you can think of.


Although Greek life is not a huge percentage of the student body at large, it is a huge percentage of the white, upper middle class, suburban demographic, which itself is a minority. Like I mentioned, every ethno-specific/national/religious group breaks off into fragments and the remainder (something like %20 or less) go Greek. The Greek system here is really just a support system for the minority of students who haven't found an ethno-specific/cultural group to belong to. Not trying to make them sounds like victims, but in this context they are a real minority, so... take from that what you will.


I love planning concerts with Hip Hop Congress, the committee I'm part of in the Cultural Affairs Commission office (which is part of USAC, the UCLA student government). We've brought T.I., Xibit, Living Legends, Ghostface, etc... It's a lot of fun and gives me the experience I need to get a job in PR! The Undie Run is amazing... it's on each Wednesday of Finals Week, and it was my first time doing it this past Wednesday... I had an amazing time, and I regret not doing it before! Thousands of UCLA students (most are drunk) run from Westwood to the Royce Quad in their underwear at midnight while doing the 8-clap and bashing on USC... it's an amazing time that makes you really feel like one with your campus!!


You asked me if fraternities and sororities are important here. Let me put it to you like this: if YOU think they are important, this is the school for you. But there are also plenty of other diverse groups, almost anything you could want to immerse yourself in. And being in Los Angeles gives you access to nearly any activity that you can enjoy anywhere else.


The most popular student groups on campus are ethnicity-based organizations, though many other groups exist revolving around sports, hobbies, and other competitive events. I am involved with the rock climbing group on campus, and we don't do much other than frequent the rock wall at our fitness center! Students usually leave their dorm rooms open, and the residence halls are very social and friendly. My closest friends are a combination of high school friends and people I met on my dorm floor. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday, I'm probably playing poker with friends. Fun traditions include the bonfire rally before the USC football game, and the Undie Run during finals week each quarter. People party on a regular basis, with most parties revolving around the fraternity and sorority life. I spend all of my weekends working, but there are plenty of things to do when around campus. There is a whole city just off campus, with lots of food, entertainment, and stuff to do.


There are countless activities to do at UCLA. The majority of campus is REALLY into sporting events. Basketball and Football games are usually sold out. There are also alot of music and theater performances, such as A Cappella festivals, choir concerts, and the UCLA Live season. UCLA is also 10 minutes from the Geffen Playhouse, which houses many incredible productions. UCLA has a really active social life as well. Students often leave their doors open in the dorms, or hang out in the floor lounges so the majority of a first-year's friends live in their building. Something that is unique to UCLA is that all of our dorms are on one hill, rather than spread out over the whole campus, so if you have a friend that doesn't live in your building, they are at maximum about 3 minutes away from you. UCLA has a huge greek system, but its also very laid-back. There is no pressure to join, and those who are in it are not considred more popular or less popular than those who aren't. Like I said before, UCLA doesn't have cliques. The greek system is incredibly fun though. Our social calendars are constantly full, plus, we are very close to the sunset strip, an excellent place to hold off-campus events, such as formals or date parties. It's a really great expereince. People here party mostly on Thursday nights, but also on Fridays or Saturdays if the fraternities or sororities are having special events. For those who don't prefer to drink, Westwood has 7 movie theaters, not to mention the free sneaks and $2 movies on campus.


UCLA has a couple different kind of dorm arrangements. In the standard dorms, the students very often form very close associations with their hall mates. In some of the more secluded dorms, with a little more space for each room, the comradery doesn't really develop to the same extent. There is always some kind of event going on on campus, including orchestra performances, dance recitals, theater, celebrity concerts, comedy shows - the list could go on and on. Very often there are also free sneak previews of movies for the students. One of the events that happens every quarter around finals time is the undie run where people run through campus with nothing but their underwear on - this is a time-honored tradition :p Every year, UCLA is host to the Festival of Books where hundreds of book publishers come with their wares and thousands of people show up. Frats and sororities aren't really that big a deal here. But they are the ones who pretty much have the parties. If that's your kind of thing, then it's here for you. If you're not interested in drinking, there's the movie theaters down in Westwood and the Santa Monica pier and promenade to explore. Also, if you are interested in video games, lots of people seem interested in them here. At the moment, there is actually a worry about World of Warcraft and the amount of students actively participating in the game.


My main involvment is with Theta Chi Fraternity, where I serve as the Executive Secretary. I feel that if you are coming in to UCLA not knowing anyone, the greek system is the best way to meet friends and build ever lasting commradary. There are always events going on on campus with the athletic events being the most popular because our teams excell. There are also campus traditions such as Spring Sing and undie Run which have been going on for years and are some of the most fun activities. The party scene seems to be prominent, especially at the fraternities. On any given Thursday or Friday, there are open parties there where people can dance and socialize and possibly meet people of the opposite sex. As long as you are with a group of friends, someone is bound to hear about an event going on.


Activities and social life are what you make them here. You will have the opportunity to make 450 facebook friends in first quarter (I know someone who did!), go out and party, go to all your floor events, and never eat alone. On the other hand, if that's not your style, you don't have to go out, and you won't be disturbed. I find myself somewhere in the middle. I'm a pretty outgoing, social guy, but I do enjoy being alone sometimes. My main method of being social is becoming involved in activities. In fact, I fulfilled the goal I set for myself in high school (enterring college and getting involved in EVERYTHING) by joining chorale, Hillel, Kesher, Bruin Democrats, Scattertones A Cappella, floor government, ballroom dance, performing arts association, campus tours, and I forget what else. It all proved a bit much, especially with 18 units of classes, so I scaled it back the next quarter, but the point is, I COULD have done all that stuff if I had been able to handle it in some other universe. Frat life doesn't disturb, but it's pretty active and easily accessible. You don't have to drink to have fun with or in a frat. You also don't have to drink to be cool. I definitely didn't drink all of first quarter, and I still made friends and got involved in various communities easily. It's easy to make connections and join clubs and groups. There's an "enormous club fair" during the 1st week of the quarter where virtually every club/group gets a table on the field and students go around getting to know each other and signing up. The best thing about UCLA activities and social life is the fact that it's not as hard as you think to distinguish yourself in such a big place; you just have to be you.


Undie run is spectacular!


The greek life looks to be fairly predominant here, but it's not the only way to be involved on campus. There are so many student groups - its crazy!!!


There are a lot of religious organizations, and a lot of frats and sororities, and they seemed to be fairly important. But if you're not into either of those, like me, you just have to find your people. Athetics are also really important, but you don't have to be a fanatic to enjoy your time at UCLA (also, like me). My advice to a freshman would be to join an organization that has to do with something you really like, and make friends in that organization, so that you have similar interests to your friends. A lot of people make the mistake of just partying as soon as they get to college, and they don't form solid friendships, because party people tend to be flaky. If you make solid friends first, partying will be way more fun.


I met my closest friends through the theater department freshman year. I came here as a theater student and had all my classes with the same 57 people for the entire first quarter, and for most of the other quarters for the rest of that year before I dropped the major. There are a lot of different theater opportunities on campus that actually put up shows a lot more often than one would expect. People party a lot. I think everyone thinks of any possible excuse to drink, even if its on a Wednesday at 11am. I don't really hang out with people on campus, most of the time I'm with friends that either graduated or didn't even go to UCLA.


I would love to talk about all this but I don't have the time to write about it right now. Im the president of a fraternity so I have a lot to say. If you liked what I wrote above and found it useful and would really like to hear my opinion on this please feel free to e-mail me and ill write about it soon.


Students in the dorms did leave their doors open and athletic events were very popular. Important speakers were also popular, but theater not so much. I met my closest friends in the dorms. If I was awake on a Tuesday at 2AM, I was either putting together a paper I put off until the last minute, or hanging out with my friends doing all sorts of stupid stuff. People 'party' pretty often. But people don't just 'party' at school though, because since UCLA is in LA, people often go out to Hollywood and go to popular clubs in the area.


As far as social life is concernced, UCLA has nearly everything covered. The dorm life for students is generally extremely close and many good friendships are developed early in the university career. Parties abound on Thursday nights, the unofficial party night for fraternities, and generally die off towards the weekend as many students from Southern California make their way home to do laundry or simply get home-cooked food. Outside of the drinking scene, UCLA is ideally located to take advantage of LA's sporting events, Hollywood clubs and any other productions apparent in the city. For those that cannot get around to everything in UCLA, the university also holds movie nights, theater screenings and a variety of other activities students can embrace if looking for activities to do. The campus generates a great sense of community by students identifying themselves both as UCLA students and USC-haters. The rivalry between USC and UCLA adds a unique element to interactions between groups in LA as almost everyone in LA following sports can be divided into one camp or the other. Overall, the unity on campus is extremely high and just being from UCLA is enough to bring two students together. Displays of campus unity are often seen and the campus generates a life of its own. One such example is the "undie run" which occurs every wednesday of finals week (three times a year) where students dressed only in their underwear run through campus at midnight for what amounts to massive party in the middle of UCLA's campus.


Athletic events are the most popular events on campus, but tons of social activities any night of the week.


UCLA social life is great - there's something for everyone. Football and basketball games are always a hit, there are parties to go to nearly every night of the week. My experience in the dorms was wonderful; I could always find an open door if I looked for one. I love it.


Sororities and frats. Football, basketball. APAMSA. Yes, all the time. Very popular, it's UCLA. We have practically everything PAC-10. In the dorms. In Hollywood or in Westwood. Undie run. Every night, depends on where you go. You can find a party any time, or study any time. Last weekend I went to a movie. Go into Westwood, hang out at an apt. Go shopping in Sanmo.


The students in the dorms leave their doors open depending on what type of dorm building you live in (like a residence hall vs. a suite) and depending on what people you live with; in other words, it really depends. All my closest friends came from my floor freshman year, and I made a bunch of new friends after I joined my a cappella group. The BEST events at UCLA are the USC/UCLA big game, Dance Marathon, Spring Sing, and UNDIE RUN!!! Off campus, there is TONS to do; you can take the big blue bus to santa monica (3rd street promenade), go to disneyland, go to hollywood, beverly's a really nice area. It definitely beats the ghetto that surounds USC. That's another thing we love to do: hate USC. It's easy to do.


Again social life is dependent on the individual student. For those who choose to stay in their room and watch TV, they will find UCLA's social scene extremely lacking. For those who wish to involve themselves there are endless opportunities. There are tons of groups, activities and events that take place on a regular basis.


1. don't know 2. lab group, do research 3. some 4. varies with the sport 5. don't know 6. don't know 7. it exists 8. in sacramento, and through them 9. i'm not 10. undie run 11. depends on the people 12. important to the frats/sororities, not that important to anyone else 13. homework and a little partying 14. work, music, homework 15. eat, other things


UCLA Dance Marathon is a very popular philanthropic event. I have participated in it the past two years, and it's amazing. Football and basketball games are also very popular and FUN. The dorms are lively....if you're a freshmen and you live in a residence hall. Otherwise, people have their own groups of friends and stay within them mostly. Westwood is a great place to walk around, eat, see a movie, and roam on a Friday or Saturday night.


Fraternities, sororities. BASKETBALL! Colleges against cancer: plans relay for life, helps fight cancer, woot, woot Yes! Athletic events are king. Guest speakers and Theater each have their niche. Dating scene: pretty active. Guaranteed someone will try and pick you up in each of your classes. On my dorm floor last year-- they knew the Notre Dame football score when I asked. It was love. Studying for my Abnormal Psychology midterm! Undie Run, Beat 'SC week, the Gauntlet, Black Sunday, Welcome Week, SPRING SING! Pretty much every night; there's always a party if you're looking for it. Mediocre importance. Last weekend I had to go home for medical issues... Saturday night: MOVIES! generally there's a concert on campus for under $20, Diddy Reise, a lot of our lives center around food. And there's great food nearby. Clubs are a little farther, but if you're willing to work for them, they're fantastic


First year I had a really good time living in the dorms...I lived with mostly first years who pretty much always left their doors could seriously go into almost any room and just chill and meet new people. Second year I lived with a bunch of my floormates from first year, and so it was still really fun, and now I'm living at the apartments with a couple friends that i met hanging out in the dorms!


athletic events here are really popular esp since we have such a great athletic program. i met all of my close friends thru dorm life, as a product of ppl being social on the floor and leaving their door open and also the study lounges on each floor are great social scenes. people stay awake til like 3-4 in the morning quite often doing hw and messing around, and on thursday nights there are a lot of frat parties for people to go to if they want. if you dont wanna drink a lot of people hang out back at the dorms, otherwise there is also a bunch of places you can go in westwood or down sunset blvd to have a fun night.


I play sports (football, volleyball and soccer) during my spare time. Video games are also really popular. My closest friends are from my high school that go here, and friends i met through them, or people i live with. On a saturday night i play video games, ping pong, board games.


I am involved with the Bruin Democrats. Its a great place to go to discuss and keep oneself updated and involved in what's happening politically; especially considering the rapidly approaching election.


If your'e not in the Greek system, good luck finding a social life. The big problem is, you have to be with people you like to enjoy a good social life, and good LUCK finding people worth liking. Oh, and as for Westwood, it's good for the occasional visit, but once you live there, you realize how little there is to do. The bus system can take you other, more interesting places around LA, and it's not terribly difficult to navigate, but it does take a long time to go anywhere on buses, so it's not very practical unless you block out whole days at a time.


Greek life is a big thing, but for the most part, kids get phased out of that scene by their 2nd year I find. There is a big apartment party scene and I pretty much see the same people every weekend at these smaller, apartment parties. Athletic events are huge, especially bball and football and especially when we play SC. I hated dorm life but that it where I met my closest friends, and I was not very social in my dorm and got very tired of the experiene. I dont know much about the dating scene, random hookups seem the norm all over the world. The weekdays can be quite at night, as people are serious about studying, but my friends will randomly go out and party during the week. Welcome week is huge, espeically for freshman, and is accompanied by a big concert. Undie run is big, dance marathon, spring sing, but i havent participated in any of those. People party thursday-saturday night and parties get decreasingly more regular/crazy as midterms and finals sneak up. Last weekend I went to several parties, often a couple a night. I also went to a bar in westwood and visited some friends at USC and partied there. I have no idea what you could do on a saturday night that doesnt involve drinking-maybe a movie and dinner in westwood???? Off campus, i go to good LA restaraunts or bars or visit friends at other schools.


Many students in dorms leave their door opens to talk to them. Athletic events are super fun and important at UCLA. There are usually guest speakers discussing world events and everything at UCLA. Theater is very prevalent at UCLA, because many events can be held at the gorgeous Royce Hall, UCLAlive events always happen there. The dating scene is very diverse - you have a lto to choose from. Traditions that happen every year are BEAT 'SC week, when we have the football game against USC and there are events all weekend to support our school and to show school pride. Depending on the group of people, people can party every other week or less, to many times a week, just depending on how heavy your courseload is. Fraternities and sororities aren't vital to college life, but they are fun to go to when you are looking for somewhere to go. Saturday nights don't have to be for drinking - many people are down to just play board games, watch movies, hang out in Santa Monica.


Christian groups, racial groups. I think people group up too much based on that, it creates seperation outside of the classes.


Group-wise, the school has too many to judge them by order of popularity. Athletically, I’d say the basketball following is the largest. Within intramural and sports, Frisbee and softball have a pretty big following. But Greek life is by far the biggest social “club” on campus, as we’ve got a very large number of fraternities and sororities, most of which are very large in and of themselves. UCLA is one of the schools that originates the frat boy/sorority girl stereotypes—it’s usually not hard to pick out the Greek students in a crowd, but an equal number of people thinks that’s a good thing and think it’s a bad thing. If you’re not in a frat or sorority (first of all, don’t worry, there are plenty), the next most likely source for friends and social groups is probably your neighbors, as the dorms are a pretty well-oiled social machine, in that everyone wants to get to know everyone. As a rule the residences get more social as the quality of the building itself decreases, as the older returning students with priority usually have already established groups of friends (and are more than likely living with these people) and thus are less dependent upon their neighbors. Freshmen seem to coagulate in the older dorms, trading a private bathroom for a social atmosphere which I wouldn’t hesitate to call priceless. Three years later, I live with friends from my freshman dorm, who have become my inseparable friends. If you’re in one of these predominantly freshman dorms—which I would recommend—you’ll find doors open to eager neighbors just as excited to meet new people and try new experiences as you are. There’s also a big sports culture that comes out of IM and club sports, which are generally more relaxed and recreational than the varsity sports, and, in my opinion, a matchless source for a rewarding extracurricular and a group of extraordinary people. I’m a member of the Sailing Team, which is at once incredibly rewarding and enjoyable, and also a formidable experience in team-building and cooperation. At the beginning of the year, every year, there’s an Activities Fair, featuring every single club and group on campus with a booth, representative, and information. I must emphasize—it is overwhelming. But it’s also the best way to find some way to soak up your spare time with something more worthwhile than Facebook. If you can’t find something that interests you, you didn’t look hard enough—there are cultural clubs, volunteer organizations, intramural and club sports, and hobby groups. The school is very self-sustaining, in that we’re large enough to function like a small city, thus the students rarely need to go outside school to find something to do. On-campus events, like sports games and movie screenings, become the main gatherings. But even if you venture into Westwood, you’ll find it very easy to connect with other students, because, like I said, the campus and immediate surroundings provide a very magnetic center for student life. There are plenty of activities, whether organized by groups or by individual circles of friends, that don’t require any drinking. Simply exploring the town of Westwood is exciting by itself, as there are plenty of comedy clubs, theaters, restaurants, coffee shops, museums, etc, that allow students to go out and mingle outside of a party, and lots of those opportunities are free. If you’re interested in getting out of Westwood for a day or night, the Big Blue Bus of Santa Monica offers a student discount, so you can get to essentially the best parts of town for 25 cents. We also have a pretty well-developed sense of tradition. Some highlights include the Beat ‘SC Week (I think it’s been changed officially to “Blue and Gold Week” for political correctness) and the culminating bonfire, which is a must for any sports fan. In addition, on the Wednesday of every finals week, thousands of students gather for the “Undie Run” across campus, which is exactly what it sounds like, in an attempt (usually successful) to blow off the steam from the pressure that builds up at the end of the quarter. The party scene, like many aspects of life here at UCLA, can take up as large or small a part of your life as you’d like. There’s no overt pressure to “go out” unless that’s a feature of your social circle, because while there’s no shortage of parties if you’re looking for them, there are just as many people who stay in the dorms on a Thursday night (typically the busiest night in the frat party circuit) and watch movies in the common room or play group video games. Again, it’s one of the perks of such a large school—regardless of your preference, there will be others who share it.


I guess some dumbass Korean Christian shit is pretty popular.. Maybe it's not. There is a lot of that goin' down on Bruinwalk though. I lived in sunset village when I was in dorms and that was pretty cool and I guess people left their doors bolted? Not always and they weren't wide open. But it was like a little community in B5 anyway so you could just knock and go hang out with someone. Athletic events are way popular and the people who attend them are broish and dumb as shit. Dating scene? I don't know about a SCENE. Since when is dating a SCENE? I met my closest friends in the dorms freshman year! Dance marathon happens each year and I don't give a fuck about it. Oh man how important are frats/sororities? Really important. Important in keeping sexism and inequality alive and healthy! It's really miserable that people buy into that shit. It really is a great way to encourage young men to think like date rapists (and act like them.. literally). Also the sorority girls are just being taught "their place", and how to impose that place upon other women as well. It makes me sick. It's still the weekend... I was in Las Vegas! Normally I don't drink on a saturday night though- I study/play video games/have a ton of hot sex (drunk sex is terrible)... you know.


Social life in the dorms vary according to where you live. If you live in the Halls, you tend to have more contact with your fellow floor mates, as you are forced to shower with them, pee with them and have bowel movements with them on a daily basis. Yes, they must share public bathrooms. If you live in a suite, you get your own private bathroom, so such poignant experiences are regrettably not possible. Most of the time though, the doors in the Halls or the Suites are open, (the halls, more often than in the suites, mind you) and facilitate and welcome socialization. Many times, students just hang out in the corridors or the floor lounge, which is technically for studying, but turns more into a common room of sorts. Sometimes, one room on the floor is informally designated as the "social room," possibly becuase of their T.V, xbox 360 elite, wii and playstation. Floors frequently go out on outings together (ours went to Pink's Hot Dog in Hollywood - I got the Ozzie Osbourne dog - it is amazing, you should try it with onion rings) or arrange other activities to do together; movie nights, karaoke nights and the like. Your sleeping schedule generally becomes extremely irregular during your stay at the dorms. People stay awake till dawn doing absolutely nothing, and becuase of this, you inevitably end up staying up till dawn doing absolutely nothing. It is rather hard to sleep when you hear other people chatting right outside your room eating pizza, and the walls are very thin. UCLA also invites many musicians, actors and speakers/comedians to come perform at Royce Hall, and students can obtain tickets to these events for a really good price. Ian McKellen came to play King Lear here, Tom Cruise came to speak, Joshua Bell came to play his violin as well as many others. Bill Clinton also came for a big event here, which was of course, open to all students. The students themselves also put on many really good performances. The Opera group once did Puccini's Gianni Schicchi and Suor Angelica which was thoroughly entertaining, even to my friends, who stated that "opera is not my cup of tea." Once you leave the dorms though you must make your own social life happen and this can include more than getting drunk at a random apartment on a Thursday night. Like I mentioned before, there is plenty to do in LA, and you can go watch and Opera (I enjoy opera. Maybe you noticed?), go to the theatre and watch a musical (Wicked, is really good) or take a drive down the Sunset strip. Also one can go to Santa Monica during the weekends to go shopping or do hang out on the beach or the pier.


UCLA has a ton of clubs and organizations for students to join. Being politically active is quite popular, and even the Republican minority at UCLA is extremely visible. One of the best things about UCLA is its ability to draw an amazing array of guest speakers and interest from people outside the UCLA community. UCLA students see a plethora of famous people, from movie stars, to politicians to authors come to campus and speak. Due to its location in Los Angeles, UCLA gets tons of free sneak peak movies, as well as the actual movie premiers in Westwood which provides a great oppurtunity for star watching as well as a chance to attend the premier. Perhaps one of the strangest things about UCLA is the celebrity presence- Adam Sandler plays basketball in our gym, how much closer can they get? The highrise dorms at UCLA are perhaps the greatest way to meet a variety of people with interests of all kinds. 90% of my friends this year are friends I met on my floor as a freshman. The dorms do an amazing job of getting people involved, from floor government to karaoke parties to gingerbread house making, there is something for everyone. The dorms are a great place to bond with people just by sitting in their room and chatting, and many activities are just sit back and relax. Nintendo is a favorite pastime of my friends, as well as board games and beer pong. Greek life is only important if you want it to be important. While i chose not to join a sorority, I still attend frat parties at my leisure. Dating is not impossibly if you're not into the Greek life, in fact, most people tend to meet significant others through their friends! Dating doesn’t usually happen per se, rather just general hanging out, with the occasional date for a special occasions. There are tons of on campus activities that couples can do together (such as go to an Ackerman $2 movie). Weekends are filled with anything from going to beach, going shopping in Santa Monica, or just going to the On-Campus Sunset Recreation center to swim or play some volleyball. At night, a trip to get cookies from Diddy Reise in Westwood or playing Pictionary is the perfect way to hang out after a rough week. UCLA has tons of on-campus theatre production, both student run and professional. Additionally, museums, such as the Fowler or the Getty are great afternoon places to check out.


Dorm Doors: depends on the dorm. Athletic events: very popular, speakers: not very--we don't want to go to any more lectures than we have to. Movie directors are popular theater: popular The dating scene: No one dates. Hookups are hot. Undergrads are popular with grad students. Closest Friends: proximity is everything, especially first year. The Greek scene is good for meeting a lot of people. Classes = 10 week friends. 2 am on a Tuesday: studying, getting high. watching a movie. Traditions: Undie run