University of California-Los Angeles Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about everything. Academics, extra-cirriculars, the social scene, the opportunities, the weather, the beautiful campus. Mostly just the fact that UCLA is such an incredible community, and that I truly found a home there.


As a first year student entering my second quarter at UCLA, I would like to say that I have made the right decision to come to UCLA. UCLA offers me so many opportunities that I would not have found if I go to another school. The student organizations, the people, the professors, the intersting classes, etc...everything is part of the reason why I am so in love with my school. I am proud to be a Bruin. I am proud to call UCLA my home for the next four years.


I really try not to. I used to talk about how good the food was and how smart the proffessors are but now I try to reserve any comments about the school. I would rather describe the struggles and shortages that one encounters in college.




It's UCLA, it's a great school with great reputation and facilities.


I brag most about how beautiful the school is and how many great people you are bound to find here. Also that many of the undergraduate programs here are great.


I would tell how the school is extremely friendly and diverse allowing many chances to learn about other people and their backgrounds. I like to elaborate on how one can interact with people from so many nations and religions. It showcases the school as the breeding ground for global interdependence and cooperation between different groups. I find this to be one the most shining factors about UCLA, especially with all the students being polite and sociable, making the campus a welcoming and safe environment for all students.


Mostly it was very peacefulf


The weather is beyond gorgeous! Spring is all year round and there are so many hot boys. The squirrels talk to you and the teachers are great! The huge campus has so much to do!


The campus is stunning and it is located in a beautiful and convenient neighborhood. There are amazing world renown professors teaching there. There are many places to eat on campus as well as off campus. Many restaurants are within walking distance. There are also many organizations to help students transition.


Academic prestige, great value, best location ever, best weather, best sports, lots of school spirit, world class prestige and reputation.


What don't I brag about? The weather, the local food, the school spirit, and the amazing workout I get walking to the class - these are all perks of attending UCLA, but the thing I brag about most are the professors. The professors here are witty (sometimes a bit dry, but still funny), brilliant, and yet still completely approachable. I never walked about of a class without a new fact or theory that I couldn't wait to share and discuss with my friends. Office hours were a hundred times more exciting than spotting a celebrity at the local cafe.


I brag about how beautiful our campus and how great the food is. I also brag about how fun the sporting events are and how they have cool events, such as movie sneaks and concert.


I brag about our rich traditions and the beauty of our campus whenever I tell my friends. We recently added the Pauley Pavilion to our campus and its beauty is as breathtaking as that of Royce Hall and Powell Library.


Since my friends go to other UCs, I tend to brag about the fact that UCLA has a football team and a spirited sports following.


We have a lot of organizations on campus and there is a lot of diversity.


It's beautiful, the dorm food is among the best in the nation, and people do great things. 109 national championships.


To my friends I am constantly bragging about the high caliber educators that teach at UCLA. To be learning from professionals who have made their field not only their work but their life passion was extremely motivational to witness. I felt blessed to be taught by professors who had truly learned their craft and were determined to continue expanding their and my knowledge of it. Although each professor’s passion and technique was different, each educator was equally captivating and informative.


The number of highly-qualified, well-established faculty and professors who teach here and willingly interact with students.


UCLA is breathtakingly beautiful. Even if I walk out of a class feeling terrible because I bombed an exam, the fresh greenery and the brilliant sunshine cheers me up immediately. The food is top notch as well. My favorites include the red velvet pancakes, Korean barbeque ribs with rice, clam pasta, and chicken noodle soup. But students have, quiet literally, over hundreds of options per meal, considering that UCLA has four dining halls and several cafes. And the best of all? The diverse, welcoming, genuine, and talented student body!


UCLA has history and a legacy of everything that a public university should have: the dedication of staff, faculty, and especially the involvement of students in shaping that history. UCLA is an academic institution, but throughout our history, students have stepped up and demanded more from their experience. Every year, hundreds of student organizations function with different interests, providing everyone an opportunity to get involved. At UCLA, students have rallied and protests for education, went on hunger strikes for Ethic Studies, creating concrete change by utilizing the Student Body Council to their potential.


The one feature that I only mention about my school is how big and diverse the campus is. There are numerous student organizations, clubs, academics and events that can apply to everyone. The class range has a broad spectrum with different topics, the food is diverse, the students as well. Basically, it is like the entire world can be seen from this university.


That I went to UCLA


It usually doesn’t take much for me to impress when I tell people I am a student at UCLA. The prestige of UCLA is embedded in its name, but this university is far more valuable than its reputation alone. UCLA is the home of booming campus life, students eager to make a difference, tremendous spirit, unquestionable sense of community, and much more. Academics is only one of the various famed aspects of this school. What UCLA has to offer goes far beyond the realm of merely providing higher education; students’ experiences here build foundations that will stay for life.


The city, the environment, the people, the popularity, the advantages, the opportunities, and the unique experience.


I brag most to my friends about UCLA that not only do we have the most beautiful campus, in a great location, and a super involved student body, UCLA is known to be one of the more prestigeous public schools in country.


The quality of education and the availabilty of educational resources at the school. The ability to access several library resources and electronic formats and electronic classes exceeds what other institutions of higher learning have to offer. The dedication and attention to student success on behalf of the faculty and administration is exceptional.


That it is very social and academically excellent.


My amazing floormates (in my dorm), the variety of extra-curricular activities and things to do around Los Angeles, the location and sunny weather, the variety of food choices in the dining hall.


The athletic program and the type of classes I take


That the education is so personal. Since we are a small campus with small class sizes, you get one on one attention with the teachers. I love how they can manage to be your friends as well as your professors. It is not uncommon to see professors and students having lunch together or getting together to discuss lectures.


UCLA is an extrememly diverse campus, however students that attend this school as similar in many ways. They all share an excitment to learn, a love in humanity, and aspire to make the community a better place. These characteristic elements of UCLA students' personalities, make it an amazing school.


UCLA has the strongest school spirit in the area.


UCLA has the best dorm food ever!


My school is so ecletic, there are so many different types of classes, professors and students. The classes are challenging and interesting, they keep your mind wanting more. It's also such a fantastic school to be at because of the diversity. The campus is absolutely gorgeous and it has everything you need, it's like it's own little town.


The area around campus has great places to hang out and study, everyone is friendly and social. There are lots of volunteer groups to get involved with the community, plenty of places to exercise. UCLA is 20 minutes from the beach and a short drive will take you to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, downtown LA, etc.


We're so close to Westwood and public transportation that can take us to Santa Monica, Beverley Center, and Downtown Los Angeles. Also, uur food is delicious (ranked in the top ten for college food). I also like our residential area because the buildings are nice and grouped near each other. You get a real sense of community when you live on-campus. There is also a really good balance between academics and social life. The classes teach you a lot and challenge you, but you can also go out and have fun with friends on the weekends.


I constantly brag about the beautiful California weather, as well as our proximity to the ocean. How many university students can go to the beach for a study break? I also always tell my friends about interesting facts that I learn in class, or fascinating new theories about the world. I love my classes, and I can't help but discuss class material with my friends over dinner or out at parties.


I tell them all about how amazing dorm life is from living at home and the variety of campus activities there are on a daily basis. Going to such a large university means never being bored, because there are so many events you can attend, the hardest part is just deciding which one.


I talk about the intensity of the program, the selective application process and the incredibly talented people that came out of that. At UCLA, I've gotten to know the most brilliant, hilarious and hardworking people - I've never met better. The film program attracts that kind of energy. Enthusiasm is infectious, and I've understood that most at this school. The people here genuinely want to be here; they do good work because they can't stand to do less.


I brag about out athletic teams. Im a walk-on on the Track and Field team and being part of the athletic family is wonderful and not everyone has the chance to be a part of that type of family. UCLA is the first to reach 100 NCAA championships and its an honor to be able to be apart of that. All of out athletic teams are great and the athletes themselves are wonderful people to be around and are definetly worth bragging about.


There are many things I brag about; UCLA is located between Westwood, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood, giving it a prime location for activities on the weekend. I can also take the city bus for $.25 to Santa Monica, 15 minutes away, to go to the beach. I also tell them that UCLA is known for its superior academics and I pride myself for being part of the 2{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} out of state students admitted each year.


I brag about the level of athletics at our school as well as the high level of academics required to get here.


I love how UCLA is integrated with the greater Los Angeles community. While the academic opportunities in the classroom are phenomenal, UCLA offers students the chance to learn from experience in the surrounding city. With a well-developed community service network, organized trips to cultural hot spots, and a superb location in West Los Angeles, students are encouraged to take advantage of everything this city has to offer. Some of the most important life lessons I've learned at UCLA were from experiences in the city.


I brag most about the surrounding area. We are located between Bel-Air, Beverley Hills, and Westwood. There is something always to do!


We have one of the best dorm food in the nation, and our school has more than 100 NCAA championships.


I tell people about the quality of our courses and professors. The different groups and events available here are also amazing.


I like my friends to know that affirmative action had nothing to do with me being accepted to UCLA. I stress the fact that I stepped up to the plate and competed for a chance to be here just like all the other applicants. I brag about being competent enough to make it to UCLA with the little help I recieved from my high school officials.


There is a beautiful botanical garden near north campus where the city's buildings are entirely covered by greenery.


There is a lot of opportunities to meet quality people and socialize. Also, since it is such a recognized school, there are a lot of cool exclusive events that take place on campus.