University of California-Los Angeles Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


That it is fully of wealthy, beautiful, blonde, beach loving coeds with brains.


Some say we're too "nerdy" for being a good school, and some say we're "overrated" for really being a bunch of partiers who are just naturally smart (and therefore get by)... However, there are a lot of good stereotypes also, such as the fact that we're a well-rounded school who knows how to study hard, and party just as hard (if not harder!). One other negative stereotype is also that UCLA isn't consistent with their admissions, and they reject some people who "should get in" and accept some people who "shouldn't get in."


I don't know, but I can tell you this college seems to be very athletics oriented. I personally am not a fan of all the sports and "school spirit." The sense that I get is that UCLA is more frat/sorority oriented while Berkeley is more co-op oriented. Consider yourself warned. But I could be wrong, and this could simply be my reaction to the class divide here. After all, the median income of student's families here is $74K, that's like "oh my god," sixty percent higher than the national average. By the way, don't you hate when people enunciate their statements as if they were asking a question. "I don't know. I think UCLA students are like, cool?"




UCLA students are typically seen as very smart and study hard


Most people think that UCLA students tend to be superficial because we're from Los Angeles. Also, our school is sterotyped as the asian school because they make up almost half of the student body.


I guess one of the stereotypes is that the student body is loaded almost entirely of Asians, hence the explanation of UCLA being the "University of Caucasians lost among Asians."


they recieve all A's, they have no social life, all asians


campus is sheltered, UCLA is too sporty, students are HOT but materialistic, LA is gross


asian, smart, studious


The student body is diverse enough so that it is difficult to pin down a general "stereotypical UCLA student." And that's a fortunate thing: we are one of the most excellent public institutions of higher learning, as well as one, if not THE most famous and world-renown. Our students go out into the world with the knowledge of this, making most UCLA students "stereotypically" high achievers.


There is the famous "Caucasians lost among Asians" stereotype. I'm sure many believe that there are a ton of "nerds" at UCLA and also that these are the students that couldn't get into USC. hmmm...


All Asians Lots of sports/ jocks Smart Film-obsessed


That they are all rich and spoiled white and asian kids.


Lots of white and Asian people.


University of Caucasians Lost in Asia. UCLA students have a reputation of being smart, responsible, book worms. We don't go out, especially the pre-meds who don't even shower. We're the "less athletic" of the two big LA schools because we don't win at football.


The stereotype is that there are a lot of athletes and sorority girls.


Some prevalent stereotypes of UCLA include UCLA: "University of Caucasians Lost among Asians," indicating a large population of asian and white students in comparison to a relatively small number of other ethnicities. UCLA students are also viewed as studious rather than partiers.


That all people do is study, its all asian people, people are sports obsessed


Stereotypes regarding UCLA are usually just associated with being in LA - lots of hot blonde girls, cute surfer boys, fashionable, all that. That if you come here, you'll see celebrities, have a ton of fun experiencing downtown LA, expand your boundaries. There's also a great academic connotation, and if you say you go to UCLA, people are typically pretty impressed and assume you know your stuff. Also it's often said nearly half the kids at UCLA are asian.


That all asians are biology majors


That there are lots of blondes and Asians (University of Caucasions Lost among Asians...a little racist, I know). Ucla students are known to work hard and party hard, especially when compared to Berkeley students (who ONLY study hard), and that it's a highly competitive university.


One stereotype is that UCLA is full of nerdy asians or shallow blondes.


We're absolutely brilliant and amazingly attractive.


One main stereotype is: University of Caucasians Lost Among Asians. It's really a UC-wide thing that we're very Asian. Also, that we're poorer than the privileged USC kids.


UCLA has Southern California "bros" and beachbums. UCLA students are shallow and very materialistic.


Everyone seems to think that we're all geeky people that never stop studying, or conversely that we're all super involved in the histrionics of Hollywood!


Being Asian, being smart.


I feel like we're stereotyped as being typical LA people ...stuck up, unfriendly, always partying, famous, etc. I've been at school here for 3 years now and I have to say I've met some of the best people while I've been here.


There seems to be the notion that there are a lot of Asian students here. This statement is very true, so if you haven't ever been afflicted by Yellow Fever in your life, well you better get used to it or you're destined to a life of loneliness as far as UCLA is concerned. Just kidding of course, kind of. There is also the stereotype that UCLA students are all very studious, not as much as say Cal, but still a lot. This is pretty true, while there are a fair amount of idiots who somehow got into our school, a majority of people here study all the fuckin time and are very well read and all that stuff. It's sickening, but it's also very invigorating to be around.


That they are fake and worried about their appearances. That they're smart.


We are a bunch of frat bro's, sorority chicks and crazily studying asians.


UCLA is rumored to be cold, impersonal, and so damn crammed full of students that you can never get the classes you want. And these students that swarm the campus- they're characterized as being over-acheiving know-it-alls armed with more useless knowledge than they know what to do with.


The biggest stereotype is that UCLA is super Asian and everyone is really into studying. The other big stereotype is that UCLA is like a west-coast, beach school, where the guys are buff and the girls are hot and everyone is into greek life.


UCLA knows how to balance school and fun, have the most amazing student life (sports, extracurriculars).


Asian, Nerdy


We are often painted specifically as a school that revolves around athletics and the related celebrations--a feeder school for professional sports that happens to hold classes by day and countless parties by night. UCLA absorbs many of the stereotypes of Los Angeles in general, in that we're often seen as anonymously large and superficial.


I don't know- that they're douchey frat bros?


There are generally two types of UCLA students. The South Campus Majors, and the North Campus Majors. South Campus Majors study Science. They are generally Asian, pasty, have poor dress sense, poor social skills and are insanely competitive. During finals week, they are known to go for inexcusably long periods of time in which they ignore basic personal hygiene and live at the library. South Campus Majors believe that they are superior to North Campus majors. North Campus students study the Humanities and the Social Sciences. They have it easy; they never study, wear hip sunglasses, smoke cigarettes, talk endlessly about movies and pop culture, walk around with their iPods plugged in, and will inevitably end up living in a box after graduation. North Camus Majors believe that they are superior to South Campus Majors. Other stereotypes include, All UCLA students despise USC students. UCLA students refuse to go outdoors in time of inclement weather conditions (i.e. when it is raining) and believe that it is a legitimate excuse to skip class becuase they are blessed with sunlight 350 days out of the year.


UCLA student are often characterized as being blonde bimbos with an average of two brain cells which they use to drink beer while cheering for the sports teams in skimpy outfits. Another stereotype is the asian nerd, who only associate with asians of their own flavor, and rarely leave their study rooms. Guys are often seen as fraternity whores and slackers, whereas on the other spectrum there is the typical science geek.


Beach school, lots of palm trees, superficial and materialistic, everyone is Asian, everyone just studies, big and impersonal