University of California-Los Angeles Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Anyone who believes in "alternative" ideas, UCLA students strongly trust the mainstream.


I think that any kind of person should attend this school. Some will struggle more than others but I believe that this experience is necessary for everyone.


People attending UCLA have a strong will to succeed not only in the classroom but as active members of society. To attend a school like UCLA, one must be passionate, focused, determined, and ready to balance schoolwork alongside community involvement. You must be open-minded and ready to hear stories that will change your perspective. Alongside the astounding curriculum is the opportunity to get involoved in volunteer-work, culture groups, and reserach labs- the opportunity to find yourself.


Those who aren't willing to work hard and have no ambitions for the future should not attend this school.


There are students of all races, ethnicities, sexualities, political and religious backgrounds at UCLA. In fact, Southern California is known for its amazingly diverse population. Being at UCLA, one needs to be open-minded each other in order to learn for everyone. If you are not respectful towards your peers, UCLA is not the place for you; but if you can actively respect the differences while searching for commonalities, then you can learn tremendously at the picturesque UCLA campus.


Anyone looking for a small institution should not attend UCLA being that there are 27,000 undergraduates and from my experience the average class size is about 200 students. In addition, anyone who wants to go to school in a small, rural town will not feel comfortable at UCLA because it is in large metropoolitan city of Los Angeles. Also, people who are not looking to meet a diverse group of people should not attend this school.


As I mentioned before, the culture of UCLA is very accepting. There are hundreds of clubs, events, organizations, and activities to encompass everyone's interests. No one should hesitate to apply because there is no one characteristic that would exclude a person.


If you lack intrinsic motivation to succeed and do not have a strong academic work ethic, UCLA is most definitely not the school for you. The classes are not overly-challenging, but they do require the students to dilligently do their assigned work. The professors and Teaching Assistants will not force the students to do any work, but the students who tend to slack off and fall behind on assignments without a rigorous structure will not thrive in this academic environment.


I wouldn't say that there is a particular type of person that shouldn't attend this university; however, anyone that is not willing to work as hard as possible to be the best that they can be, and capitalize on every incredible opportunity that this institution offers would not be making the most of resources that this school has to offer.


If you're not prepared for a gorgeous campus, the rush of college sports, and great research opportunities, UCLA is not the place for you.


Lazy and those that destined to work hard


Someone that is not interested in taking their education seriously should not attend this school. Classes here are extremely competitive with many students that strive to recieve top grades. Therefore, someone that does not want to be part of this rigorous academic system should not attend this school.


A UCLA student should not consist of slothful traits that does not prioritize his/her academics. Someone who is not passionate and does not have personal aspirations that UCLA can help achieve should not attend this institution. One who does not demonstrate the ability to maintain a high academic G.P.A while participating in extra curricular activities is also an unqualified contestant. UCLA is an institution that values personal growth through the use of resources. A student who does not take advantage of opportunities and resources presented to them should not expect academic or personal growth while attending UCLA.


Someone who is afraid of being challenged or faced with stiff competition and hard work should not attend this school. This school is not like other schools where everything is chill and students can safely balance school, partying, work, and extracurricular activities without a few stress acne breakouts. Nonetheless, there is still time for having fun and other activities besides academics if one makes enough time.


People who don't learn well on their own or can't put up with large lectures shouldn't attend this school.


For students that are interested in "south campus" majors, or math and science majors, the pace of the curriculum is difficult to adjust to. I would suggest that students who read and work slowly or who need individual attention in order to succeed would have a hard time at UCLA. There is a certain level of independent efficacy in terms of study habits and time management skills that students need in order to survive the intense classes. This is especially relevant to those pusuing a medical profession because all of the pre-med classes are very cut-throat.


A person who likes small groups and to have their own space.


Those who don't like big cities, limited parking, or lots of hills should not go to this school. Those who prefer a slower paced college should be wary of the quarter system.


People who find don't like to socialize will find it hard with people always trying to sell you something or get you to come out to their event.


If a student is looking for a friendly, small community to become involved with, then this is not the school for that person. Most students are very studious, and focused on school. The campus is very large and it is difficult to get to know people or to make friends. Class sizes are often very large, with 300-student class sizes being common. If a person is looking for a more social environment, other schools would be better choices.


People who don't like big crowds and lecture halls of about 300 students should not attend UCLA. There are about 30,000 undergraduates and the campus is extremely diverse. So if you're very close minded, you should also not attend this school. Those who do not like big cities would not appreciate what Los Angeles has to offer as well those who can't handle 70 degree weather everyday. If you expect to party every night and never study, don't come to UCLA. This school is full of overachievers who party moderately on weekends, not every night.


Students who do not care about doing well and succeeding probably shouldn't attend UCLA. UCLA students are competitive and strive to do their best. If you do not want to put in the effort and give your all, you will struggle academically.


Someone who is not serious about studying.


The kind of person who should not attend this school is a person who is not interested in becoming a well-rounded student. If a person is interested in a specific trade, an UC is not a good choice. Anyone who does not wish to contribute hard work to his/her studies is another person who should not attend an UC. However, a person who is willing to work hard, to network with others, and to explore curiousities with new-fjound enthusiasm, is a great candidate for UCLA.


Someone that is willing to work hard yet is interested in having fun. Someone that knows or wants to learn how to administer their time in order to have a better, funner time. A person that wants to achieve great things in life and wants to make a difference through volunteering and clubs.


Everyone can get something out of the school and also contribute back. However, sometimes students who are really closed-minded perhaps should not attend UCLA, because the campus needs students who are ready to learn, with questions that they could not ask in high school. As a community, UCLA is pretty tolerant, and values free speech that was hard-won by the Free Speech Movement in the 1960s. If a student is unwilling to contribute to the community of knowledge and action, then he or she should think twice about coming.


people who like small school schools


Closed minded people and those unwilling to get out of their comfort zone should not attend UCLA. UCLA is a place of great diversity that can really open your mind up to new things but if you aren't interested in expanding your intellectual horizons UCLA is not the place for you. During the week before classes it is not uncommon to see the Bruin Republican's being promoted next to the Brium Democrats or the American Chinese Association table next to the Afrikan Student Union table.


Someone who wants everything handed to them on a silver platter shouldn't attend this school. UCLA is like the real world. It is a huge establishment and you have to make your own way whether it is in classes, social life, and careers after college. There are so many great opportunities at this school and great potential to have the best time of your life but if you don't go out and look for them it will pass you by.


A person who should not attend this school is one who is lazy and takes this school for granted. Someone who will not work hard and someone who does not know where he/she is going. It is definitely valid to come in undeclared and not know what to major, but when I refer to somone who does not know where he/she is going, I am referring to those who are extremely lost and do not know what they what to do with their lives in general. More specifically, those who are emotionally and physically unprepared for college.


People who don't like big classes and aren't very independent


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school is one that wold rather be behind the scenes. This school is all about bringing out the light in each student and helping them to find a place where they elong and stand out. I also wouldn't suggest this school so someone who is very anti-social.


I don't think there is someone that should not attend this school. UCLA is an awesome university with a wide range of majors and minors for students to seek and engage in learning. UCLA offers a wide variety of majors and minors for students as well as organizations for students to participate and receive the help they need like tutoring. One should not feel that they do not belong in this school, it is competitive but I believe anyone has the pontential to strive at UCLA.


motivated, determined, intelligent, outgoing, deticated, and ambitious.


UCLA is definitely a school for the focused individual. The academic paths here are endless and would be overwhelming to anyone uncertain of their goals. Any student seeking to simply receive a diploma and enter the workforce would not benefit from the majority of what UCLA has to offer. Faculty expect students to be active professionals, as they themselves are, and students who are not afraid to carve their own career path would do well at UCLA. Conversely, those who shy from these challenges would most likely not find success here.


Someone who shouldn't attend this school is one who is not willing to be exposed to lots of diversity, one who doesn't know how to be independent, one who is afraid to make things happen, and one who is not driven and motivated to succeed.


People who don't put their heart into what they are doing shouldn't attend this school because it takes a lot of effort to succeed at UCLA. It's a huge transition from high school, so if you're not willing to do the work, there's really no point in attending. Not to mention it's extremely hard to get in here, so if you do, you should take advantage of the fact that you were selected and really dedicate yourself to your education.


If you don't like big schools, UCLA is not for you.


A person who is not open to changes and challenges should not attend this school. UCLA encourages student involvement and has many opportunities that students can take advantage of. Moreover, If students want smaller class size and need teachers who can actually teach, UCLA is not for them. On average, class size can be anywhere from 50-100 people. Most professors are researchers and do not have the skills to teach students.


Students who are highly dependent on others to help them find a niche or path will not do well. Because UCLA is so large and there is so much variety, independence and initiative are essential!


The kind of person who doensn't care about school definately shouldn't attend here because it is so difficult to keep up with all the work.


Someone who prefers small classrooms


The only type of person who should not go to UCLA is a person who doesn't care about their education. UCLA is a school for intellectuals to share their knowledge and learn from others. A person who is not openminded and who doesn't strive for excellence should not apply. UCLA prides itself on diversity and having a student population of people from all over the world, a person who is not willing to accept these fantastoc traits should not be apart of the student body.


I don't think UCLA would be a good school for students with disabilities because there are plenty of hills.


The class sizes are generally big, especially the pre-requisites such as chemistry and math. If you want extra attention and guidance, you have to work for it. Therefore, people who need a lot of help but are too afraid to ask for it or look for the answers themselves should not attend UCLA because they will get lost in the sheer mass of students.


Those who are not academically driven should not attend this school. I know of several students who will study on weekends and make little parties of them, and if one is not willing to devote sometime to their future career by investing thoughtfully in education, he or she should not attend this school. Having said that, there are a lot of resources to help one in classes, so this school is basically for everyone. Furthermore, I would testify to a high degree of diversity (in race, interests, views, etc.) on campus.


If you're the type of person who is looking for an academically nurturing environment, in which professors and administrators are willing to hold your hand through the learning process, then UCLA is not the place for you. Here, you are sure to participate in fascinating, cutting-edge research and attend classes taught by some of the most intelligent and successful people in their fields. However, it's a bit of a sink-or-swim environment, which can be a little overwhelming for timid students.


Someone is does not like a big school and large general education classes should not attend UCLA. Furthermore, you yourself must work to get yourself aquainted with your professors, seeing as sometimes classes can hold up to 500 students in lecture halls. You must make the initiative to go to office hours and interact with professors who will assist you in your respective field. Therefore UCLA is also not for non-ambitious people.


To be a UCLA student, one must have initiative. A big public university is a bureaucratic system. School officials never think about what's best for an individual student; they act in the interest of efficiency. Here, students are just components of the university machine. If you aren't prepared to be aggressive about geting to know professors, securing spots in popular classes, and seeking out information on how to fulfill graduation requirements, this isn't the place for you.


Anyone that is not used to having to work hard for excellent grades will have a very difficult time at UCLA. The university provides you with an amazing education and you most definitely have to put quite a bit of effort into your studies to excel.