University of California-Riverside Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Being research based and the most diverse UC campus


I believe the school is best known for it's diversity, it is an extremely welcoming environment where people from various places are united without being judged.


Research, as it is research-oriented.


My school is best known for their citrus experimentation station in which they experiment and create different citrus fruit and find ways to become more sustainable in farming. We are also known as one of the most ethnically and diverse colleges in the country.


It is best known for its research, the programs are incredible.


My school is best known for being a reseach based school. In order to have any type of social interaction with others, you must be in a group project or be part of a sorority or fraternity and be willing to drink excessively. It is very expensive and you do not get good educationa advice unless you are in a less impacted major. The career department was not very helpful and I had to find my own internship.


Diversity and rated number 1 in community service work. Many students are enouraged to particpate in volunteer work doing something they trully care about. It changes the perspective of the student and provides more opportunities.


UC Riverside is best known for their business school and agriculture. Also, we are the most diverse UC out of the 10 UCs.



Ariana Jazmin

UC Riverside is best known for it's great student activities, an amazing science department, and helpful and kind teachers. At UCR, incoming freshman are welcomed with a Block Party. This is a social event with concerts, food, and activities to get to know fellow students. The science department has help in many researches, including maleria and human development. The teachers and their aides are there if you need help and aren't intimidating.


Tartan Soul is something you'll learn a lot here and something you will come to love. There is a Highlander in all of us!


UCR is best known for their incoming medical school. The medical school has raised its prestige over the past several years and now students from everywhere wish to attend UCR rather than avoiding it as people have done in the past.


Concerts! We have Block Party, the Heat, and Spring Splash. Other than that, we have frequent but small concerts at the Barn.


I think my favorite campus tradition would be the stress reliever the Chancellor provides during finals week. He brings puppies for all of the students to pet at the Belltower and passes out cookies in the middle of finals week to remind us that there are many happy simple things in life, and finals will be over soon.


Every quarter at the end of the quarter, the school's Taiko class has a performance in front of the arts building. You can hear the drums bouncing off of all of the buildings nearby and it feels like the sound will travel all the way across school. There is also the occasional bagpipe performance that goes on, which is never something one should want ot miss. We also have a lot of small concerts in one of the restaurants on campus. The open mic nights also, at the very least, provide quite a bit of entertainment when people are willing to go up on stage.


I love block party! my first time going The Cataracs and Big Sean performed. its a time when the school gets together and goes to a giant concert together, its normally pretty big and a fun time to make new friends since its in the beginning of the year


Block Party at the start of the year and HEAT during winter quarter.


This school is best known for its diversity and its research.


Most people refer to UCR as UC Rejects. However, after spending my first year here and second continuing year, I have found that statement to be false. UCR is a great campus, and the education is excellent. What it comes down to is your personal ability to study. Do not let what others refer to UCR as (UC Rejects), because it is actually a great school.


At UCR, the students are as diverse as California can get. It has exposed me to different cultures, races, personalities, talents, and as a result, I made many friends. As an honors student, I enjoy many privileges like having first dibs on classes when it comes to registering for the next quarter. Although not easy to remain an honors student, its rewards are endless. No matter what background you come from or what you want to become when you grow up, education is a permanent investment in one's life which is why it is paramount to utilize it.


I believe my school is best known for its engineering, natural science, and business programs.


The University of California of Riverside is best known for the research in the natural sciences. Riverside is the home of the navel orange which was created with the research of the professors of the natural sciences department. Along with that, the university is also known for an amazing philosophy department with professors majority of them with their PhD from ivy league universities. Many times, it may be difficult to study and do well, but with the right group of people, it is very easy to succeed.


My school is best known for its Business Administrative programs. Also, we have a medical program in which if you are accepted you can spend your senior year at UCLA.


UCR is best known for being a research school. Science is big at UCR and research helps students explore that field.




I believe that the University of California Riverside is best known for it's diversity among faculty and students. They are well known for encouraging students to learn and understand one another's diverse background. They are also well known for expecting the very best out of their students. The professors are well-prepared and are experts in their fields.


My school is probably most known for its diversity and Biosciences.


I think UCR is best known for its diversity and its size. I also think the medical school we plan on buliding is becoming a very popular topic as well.


My school is best know for acheving high in their academics.


Our school has an awesome entomology (study of bugs) program, along with a fabulous humanities department and the only creative writing program in the UC system. Each of these departments has professors distinguished in their fields and work hard to give students the best field-specific educations possible.


UC Riverside is best known for its oranges, diversity, and amazing social activities.


Apparently it has a good agriculture program


My school is best known for its personal professors and its excellent researching opportunities


the most diverse campus's in the UC system


My school is best known for being culturally and ethnically diverse.


Riverside is known for their oranges!


The entomology and sociology departments.


My school is best known for being highly scholastically focused and for having excellent science and business programs.


It's best known for its business program and its up and coming medical program. It's also known for being the college that accepted people who wanted to go to better colleges but got denied.


Diversity amongst the whole campus, including students and professors. As a result tolerance and a general understanding help produce worldly students who are prepared to enter their careers with a better understanding of people as a general. But aside from that, this school is in its sycophantic stages, its supposedly the largest UC campus amongst the rest but fails to utilize that space for other fields of academia other than science.


UCR is the most diverse school out of all the UCs. You will not feel racially out of place. Many people look down upon UCR as a lame school, but school will always be what you make out of it. If your attitude is positive, you will have a positive experience at UCR. I personally believe that the Media and Cultural Studies department is absolutely amazing. Don't think that because you're going to UCR, you'll have lame professors. UCR has the most intelligent and down-to-earth professors.


We have a good pre-med program linked to UCLA. There is also a very good business program and school of education. UCR is also one of the smaller UC campuses.


business and science majors.


My school is best known for research, the reason why I feel I chose the right school. As a small, up-and-coming UC, they've distinguished themselves as innovators and creative thinkers more attuned to what is coming than to what has passed.


Being a little in the middle of nowhere.... and it's national rating going up