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The campus at UC- Riverside is beautiful and is also the most diverse UC campus. This singel aspect alone seperates my school from any other because besides the educational aspect I've had the opportunity to learn so much from the various cultures and ethnicities here on campus. Although we all have different backgrounds UCR is one big melting pot.


The open and friendly atmosphere was very inviting. While I attended orientation over summer, both the students and staff were incredibly caring and helpful. I knew that if I had any questions or conscerns, someone would be there to assist me. My fellow undergraduate students were all welcoming, and I felt very at home on campus. The campus itself was very unique. The campus gave me the impression it was welcoming to everyone, and anyone could percieve the campus as a safe-haven.


Very diverse


What is really unique and makes the school stand out is the diversity the campus has. Here we have the opportunity to expand our social circle and be more aware of different ethnic backgrounds.


The unique part of UCR is how agrarian it is. There are many different types of produce produced in or near the campus. Also the people that attend the university make up the diversity of the school. It is interesting to connect with all the different kinds or people and cultures that make up one university.


What is unique about this school is even though it has been bad-mouthed before I as well as other students have found UCR to be really comforting and a great place to study. and even though the temperature gets to most students, these same students strive to always be present to their classes unlike other schools in which many students decide to miss class or arrive extremely late making them ten to twenty minutes late. I also really like how diverse UCR is, its' unique diversity truly explores different cultures and promotes better understanding and acceptance of different ethnicities.


It has a lot of diversity and also it manages to provide research for undergraduates that not a lot of other universities can provide.


UCR is ranked as one of the most ethnically and economically diverse universities in the United States. Also, US News and World Report ranks UCR 44th among top public universities.


The recordkeeping could be better, I'm worried that both of my majors will be swallowed up by budget cuts, and I'm sick of the costs going up. But at the same time, I have met plenty of friends, I enjoy my classes as much as I enjoy talking with professors, and the diversity of disciplines is great. Maybe Riverside is one of those schools that people drift between loving and hating at all times.


I cannot say this enough but I absolutely love the diversity on my campus! It's beautiful to see different cultures ad ethnicities getting an education together. The structure of my campus is very beautiful to me too. It has a very earthy, nature feel to it. It's calm and serene. The people are great! The staff and students are so welcoming. Everybody wants to help everybody succeed and I absolutely love that about my college.



Hoi Lam

University of California, Riverside (UCR) is truly representative of a melting pot, the epitome of American diversity. In this UCR land of the free, students of multiple heritages unite, encouraged to contribute their distinctive spices (cuisine), herbs (knowledge of different geographies and socioeconomic upbringings), sweat (individual toil), and tears (personal sufferings) into this melting pot to create an interdependent community, an essential element within this evermore globalized world. Through this compelled understanding of different cultures, UCR students are better able to transcend prevalent prejudicial barriers, able to communally integrate within this melting pot in order to strive for international betterment.


As a UC Riverside undergraduate student, I have learned how to laugh. Through centering my energy towards wisdom and spirit rather than outwardly setbacks, I shine. UCR is the gem in the surrounding city, in it you will find the sparkle of a warmhearted community. The both beautiful and comfortable aspect of UCR is that each student is individually considered, as opposed to a larger campus. As a highlander, I am encouraged to try anything I desire; I have no musical background, yet I sing the UCR Music Collegium for renaissance music. I am honored to be a Highlander.


What is unique about my school is the distance away from my house i have to drive every morning. The distance from my house and how much school spirit there is, is what made me choose UC Riverside.


Diversity of Riverside campus is clear immediately upon entering the academic population here. UC Riverside serves a greater population of first-generation university students than the vast majority of similar institutions. In addition, the faculty in the humanities departments in particular take connection with undergraduate students very seriously and connection between tenured professors and new admits is the norm rather than the exception. English department in particular is academically adventurous and marked by an enthusiasm for reevaluation and expansion of the literary canons, interdisciplinarity, and fresh thinking.


The school has a great opportunity called the Thomas Haider Program in which 24 students from UCR are to attend UCLA's medical school for graduate school. This is why I chose the school, I want to go to medical school and this will better my chances of getting in.


The great thing about UCR is it's friendliness. I feel that because my university is underrated and often not the first choice school for many of it's students, it has made us humble. I can talk to strangers easily on campus and not expect to be judged by my choice of university. The competition isn't malicious but rather, it encourages working together. I'm proud of my school and what I've learned here is that it doesn't matter where you start, it's knowing where you want to go and getting there that matters.


At UCR we are really diverse. There are some many different races and cultures. UCR accepts diversity by hosting events that teaches UCR students about different cultures.


One of the things that is unique about UCR is that it gives you a different feeling once you are on campus compared to the other ones. As soon as you are on campus, you sense the feeling of secuirty, comfortability and most of all you sense the friendliness of all the students and staff. It is also very unique due to its diverse campus. It is unique since you see all different types of people interacting with eachother.


The unique thing i see about University of California-Riverside is the diversity of the student population. I think many students are accepting of the lifestyle students choose. This isn't some rich school where kids were given everything but more of a school where kids strive to be better because of their middle or lower class upbringing. Also, all of the professors which I have come in contact with have been very understanding and helpful of my learning disability.


The diverisity is something that can be said about our school. We are the most diverse school in the UC system and top-ranked in the nation. While there may not be necessarily things to do on the weekends, the surrounds cities heavily make-up for that


I think the fact that UC Riverside is an intimate diverse community is what seperated it from other schools I looked into. It made me feel more welcoming and comfortable. I felt a very good vibe when I got a tour around school. The school did not make me feel intimidated and helped me transition from high school to college immensely. I love how everyone tends to know each other through someone and gives you the feeling of familiarity which makes me feel like I have a second family here.


UCR is a very diverse school. Great campus enviornment with great professors! If you are looking for a nice sized campus, not too big or too small, come to UCR.


UCR is very diverse, and accepting of any person with a unique background.


My school is ranked as one of the most diverse schools in the nation. I feel that this diversity in a university is what makes it so great. Attending such a diverse school has allowed me to learn more about other cultures and ethnicities that I had little personal experience with.


One of our professors was an advisor on Avatar


The school is medium-sized so most of the classes are smaller. There are many opportunities available for research and professors are very welcoming. Many programs exist for students to form connections with one another.


UC Riverside is a very diverse school. As a student, one gets to interact with other students who come from completely different cultures and backgrounds, it helps students learn about a culture that is not their own. The tolerance for other people's background is high. UC Riverside is also a very social school in which it is fairly easy to make friends and and put together study groups for your classes.


UCR is a very welcoming school, with cheerful people, both students and staff alike. It makes the transition from high school to college life very smooth, and does indeed make you feel as if you are "at home in the world." UCR is a very diverse campus, which lets a student grow both socially and academically in a culturally broad environment.


The amount of diversity and the many different help centers that are available on campus.


What's unique about my school is the whole environment and how diverse it is. Within walking distance there's a mountain to hike on, within a 5mile drive you can get to a wilderness park, a 10minute drive in both directions of the freeway take you to places to shop, and when living on campus, there are many different cultured places to eat that are within walking distance and if you are still too lazy, there are shuttles everywhere. This school is just the right size, its big yet every class is walkable from any other.


The diversity.


I found the karate club, and the bellydancing offered. Also I like how it is set up around the bell tower.


UC Riverside is very good school because most of the professor are here to hlep students, they are not try to get student money and not care about student. All TA and Professor are care about every student education in UC Riverside.


UCR offers many opportunities to join organizations without feeling the pressure of too much competition. The curves for classes are generally steeper due to students not being as smart as UCLA or other colleges. Also, the Thomas Haider Program in Biomedical Sciences guarantees that 24 students exclusively from UCR will be enrolled in the UCLA med school, greatly improving the chances of admittance.


The wellness center and other similar student resource centers. This school is really concerned about student's well being and often have activities at the wellness center to help cope with stress. Other resource centers offer free yoga and other fitness classes.


We have a large diversity of people at my school. We also are researched-based. As a matter of fact, we grew the first seedless oranges.


Diversity is major pro-factor in choosing UC Riverside as well as the potential growth available at this school.


There is the feeling of dying ambition and restlessness.


University of California, Riverside is distinctively unique from the other schools I considered because UCR offered the entire college experience package. UCR is a humongous campus that offers dormatories, extra-curricular activities, diversity, and great education. I believe UCR puts great emphasis on diversity. The diversity among students is amazing. There is not one ethnicity that dominates the others. The ethnicity is spread apart within the students and the professors. I believe this is important because it allows future prospects to feel welcome and comfortable when making the decision to attend the University of California, Riverside.


My major, Creative Writing, is very unique as it is not offered in many colleges, and has coursework like no other college I have researched. The campus and city are unique because although they look boring and uninspiring on the outside, they contain multitudes of beauty and interest if only you know where to look.


Upon applying and entering University I was well aware that I wanted to attend an U.C., therefore I selected U.C.R. due to its proximity to my family at the time. Having chosen U.C.R. I was closer to my family but I think I would have preferred one of the more liberal schools like U.C. - Berkeley. Upon attending U.C.R. I found it to be a more conservative school which does not exactly pertain to me.


This school is the most diverse in the state, and offers a rich cultural environment and exposure to many ideas. Everyone is free to be themselves, regardless of politics, religion, sexual orientation, economic status, and race. This fosters a relaxing study environment and makes students feel secure and at ease.


I must say my school is unique in the area where equality lies in each classs. Gender, race nor religion are ever put down, instead they are looked respectfully and equal.


What makes my school unique compared to other schools is its diversity. On campus, you can find all types of people from every race, religion, interst of study etc. One never feels out of place with their background or interest because at UC Riverside, one can find someone exactly like you.


The most unique thing about my school is that there are so many diverse groups of people from all over. Everywhere you go on campus there are people of different ethnicities, religions, political backgrounds, and many more. There are many organizations that cater to everyone and their cultural needs, so it's easy to find people to relate to. There are people to talk to, and hang out with that are welcoming all the time.


The only unique feature about this school is it's small student body and easy to access teachers.


how diverse it is.


UC Riverside is out in the middle of no where and is very quiet. There really is nothing to do out here.


The University of California, Riverside is a very united school that is full of school spirit. Students are vey devote in learning and studying.