University of California-Riverside Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Every freshman should know that the college system works very different from high school and even though you don't go to the same classes every day you still to use time wisely. Every freshman should also know what resources are at their disposal, for example exactly what you can find at the library besides just a study room, the academic resource center, the writing resource center, and how to get tutors or other aid if they require assistance.


Get at least somewhat aquainted with the layout of the school. Ever year, at the start of the year, I see dozens of freshmen get lost, trying to figure out which part of the Interdisciplinary building is INTS and which is INTN and trying to find their way around the building itself. Always look up where your classes are and find them before you need to or you'll likely end up late to your first classes. Also be warned that tuition is constantly going up and has gone up a lot in my time alone. Last, the administration is always difficult to deal with, so be patient and deal with them as the time needs be. Everything will take a while, so being impatient will make things worse. You also can't pay for tuition with a Visa card (as well as several others) and that can be hazardous if you don't know that ahead of time.


1. This is a commuter college. If you live in the dorms, prepare to have the place to yourself and maybe a handful of other people during the weekends. 2. If you don't have a car, get a friend with a car. Riverside is a great campus for explorers, and you can't get to LA, Big Bear, Anaheim, San Diego on the bus (well you can, it'll just take a million transfers) 3. Those people sitting on couches in the quad talking to people who walk by on their way to class? Yeah, that's our Greek row. Sure, we don't have a real Greek row with the big houses and all, but hey, it just cuts down on the campus population separation and makes all of us at UCR be one big happy family. 4. A-I Dining Hall food is better than Lothian. Scotty's makes the best sandwiches.No wait, Sub Station does. Idk, you can try them both. 5. Don't walk by yourself at night. Walk in groups when it gets dark and/or you walk past Chicago/University. In fact, don't go past Chicago/University on foot whether it's day or night. Again, look at #2 if you want to explore. 6. Take advantage of the Student Rec Center and their outdoor recreation programs. If you're going to the beach/slopes/camping, take a look at their rental equipment. They're cheap. 7. The Botanical Gardens are lovely. 8. You're not an official Highlander until you've hiked the C. Watch out if you're taking the Big Springs route. There's a crazy guy with long hair and no shirt who bugs hikers. 9. You can get fined if you pick the fruit off the trees. However, the kumquats are delicious. 10. Don't miss Block Party/Heat/Spring Splash- they're worth it. 11. In my four years at UCR, I've only see skunks, coyotes, foxes, owls, and bats ON CAMPUS but I've only heard about East Lothian being closed due to mountain lions prowling around (and that bit of info was from UCPD). Keep an eye out for the wildlife :) 12. If you like skateboarding, there's always a group of skaters near the belltower performing tricks. 13. The safest place to be during a big earthquake is in the entomology research center (it's fortified against earthquakes b/c they can't afford to have their experimental bugs break loose if a window breaks or something) 14. Most of your teachers won't know how to use the computer equipment. Be patient with them :) 15. The Denny's in the UV closes from 2am-4am for some reason, so avoid that place if you have the late night munchies.


Tuition will not stagnate, it will keep going up, so far as anyone can see for the time being. It takes a while to get anything done with the school's administration, so keep an eye out for timing.


Don't be afraid to ask questions if your confused and don't stress out if you don't get the classes that you want because it will all end up working out. get involved in activities make friends interact with people in your hall, and don't fall behind in your work


Don't be afraid to ask questions if your confused and don't stress out if you don't get the classes that you want because it will all end up working out. get involved in activities make friends interact with people in your hall, and don't fall behind in your work


Let loose. Try new experiences and you will find something that suits you and you enjoy. Learn to discipline and manage your time. Prioritize; you came to school for education and valuable life experience. Get to know you professors, they will be of great help.


Don't go to community college. You will regret it. I know you're scared about making such a huge transition in your life, and you feel that you aren't ready, but trust me, when you head out to any University; you're going to fall in love. It's a scary thing to do, but it'll be for the best. You'll meet a lot of great people and have a great experience. You won't feel like you're getting an education at a CC. It's not the same. It's a bit harder socializing with people here. Not impossible, but hard since people have already formed friendships since freshman year. You will love coming to UCR so much. And if you had applied to UCR as a freshman, you would have gotten a full ride and not have to pay a majority of the tuition fees that you're paying for right now. It will all work out in the end. Don’t stress and worry, just apply to UCR and the rest will unfold perfectly.


no matter how hard it gets keep going and it's a life time prize at the end waiting for me!


Dear Past Self, Research, research, research, and don't give up. UCR is a great school and to get here and stay here is a struggle and I don't regret coming to this school, but research. There are Universities closer to home, not necessarily in Florida, but a lot closer than Florida. Research more scholarships. Research more schools, brand names is not everything that matters. Research your major and other ways to get where you want to be. Most of all, don't give up. That is one advice that I want you to remember most. When I applied to colleges one thing that I didn't do was give up and that is why I am here now. College is a chance to find yourself, don't be afraid to assert your self. Even though you will be away from the comfort of family, it's alright, they are still with you in your heart. College life is beuatiful, look out and explore. Love, Your Future Self


Ashanti, apply for all the scholarships you can. Don't stop at just 5, keep going to you have a full list of scholarships because you and your parents cannot afford your college education. Also, study first before you go hang with friends. I know it's tempting since you are in the dorms, and surrounded by so many friends and fun things, but go to the library, and go study there. Get everything accomplished before fun time. Make sure you exercise, and try going out for the Tennis team. Don't get discouraged if you're not as good as the others, and even if they say no, at least you tried. Lastly and most importantly, go see a tutor! Even if you understand the material, go there and create a great relationship with your tutor, and a great relationship with your Professors and T.A.'s because you want to make sure that you grasp and understand everything so you can get great grades! Work hard and don't be lazy! Love you, you are going to do great! :D

Hoi Lam

I realize that breaking and entering may constitute a crime; however, it is my house. She is me, the past me, a fragment of my present genetic composition. Plus, this criminal act can be justified as an altruistic act as it is disheartening to see her late-night “bookloving” tendencies carry over to college. Out of annoyance with my past introverted self, I impulsively trudged beside her bed, seized the book from her gripping hands, and covered her mouth with my palm. Already, my counts of felony seem to be compiling. “Shhhh…I’m not gonna hurt you,” I whispered as her eyes enlarged, body stiffened with fear. To spare her an unncessary anxiety attack that may result in death which may ultimately result in the invalidation of my existence, I began, “in college, don’t be a pedant. It doesn’t matter if you get straight A’s but feel no sense of communion with your campus. You need to get involved. The sentiment of unity is greater than the sentiment of witless scholar. Of course, a moderation is needed between work and play.” My soul-saving mission was completed. I gently descended onto my dormitory bed, fast asleep.


The best advice is to not stress so much about staying on a strict career path. When transitioning into college life, you learn how to adapt. When I mean adapt, I mean adapting to different environments and learning how to make the best out of everthing. With full determination, one can beat any unsurmountable challenges one faces by makes the best out of resouces, having the desire to be knowledgable, and to always be curious. With curiousity, it leads to a wide array of opportunities that are uncovered, it leads to greater exploration of pathways and ideas. The greatest advice I truly wish someone suggested was to take classes that were interesting according to my perception, look at the rate my, join and get involved in some campus organizations, and to make friends with all the people in your dorm because they will be your friends throughout college.


I would tell mtself to work harder to get good grades because I've always been a student with great capabilities but I never applied myself. Also I would tell myself to stay focused and be prepared for rough times because if I had known how the world would be when I was on my own, I would have made sure not to have made the silly mistakes that I made early on.


If I were to go back to high school and have a conversation with Jazmine, I would tell her a few helpful tips that could enable her success in college. I would tell her to stop procrastinating because waiting until the last minute does nothing but stress you out in college. You must be organized completely. You should always plan your week out ahead of time so that you do not have to endure restless nights. I would also let her know that college is a place where her life is going to take a complete turn. She would need to know that in college, grandma is not there to make every decision for her, she must learn quickly how to be independent and make her own choices. She needs to know how to save her money for rainy days. She also needs to know that life is not all rainbows and butterflies and everyone does not have her best interest at heart. Lastly, I would let her know that she needs to love herself and know who she is and where she is going in life and NEVER let anyone tell her that she cannot do something.


In high school, I excelled in academics, but felt like I never really got a chance to explore my talent in music, so I decided to take a music degree at university. I don't regret that decision as I learned a great deal, including the fact that I prefer to enjoy music as a hobby, not a profession. Now, with four children, I have returned to school to become a nurse. If I had a chance to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would emphasize caution in taking out loans for school. I would counsel my younger self to take a degree in something that would translate to better employment prospects. Even a double degree, with a more academic major in addition to music, would have served me better heading into the workforce. College is a time of many possibilities, and because I came from a lower middle class family, I had to hold down jobs to pay for books, food, and transportation. I wasted the precious opportunities available on campus because I had to work, and took the maximum in loans just to meet tuition. I would advise myself not to miss those opportunities.


As your graduation day approaches, you will be told repeatedly about your potential to succeed. College will offer you an unmatched opportunity to build your own curriculum, shape your own future, and grow into the person that will face the professional and social world on their own. No one, however, will tell you that you may fail. Your accomplishments and your failures will be a consequence of your work. It is important to realize that as you begin your college career, you will be treated as an adult, and you will be expected to act as an adult. You will no longer be under the careful guidance of your parents and teachers. The freedom that this affords will be one of the best and most terrifying components of college life. As you move from adolescence to adulthood, there will be a plethora of available resources that can help to ease the transition. It will be your job to seek out and utilize this aid. You are responsible for making sound decisions, and seeking out help when necessary. Relish in your new found autonomy and remember, your potential is useless without action.


As a UCR undergraduate student, I have learned how to laugh. Through centering my energy towards wisdom and spirit rather than outwardly setbacks, I shine. My father passed away from cancer when I was fourteen; his love that he furnished into my life withered. Trapped within my own misery, I detested myself and felt worthless. My loneliness swelled with a pulse of being misunderstood and disoriented. However, being a UCR student has served as my advancement to master my life through education, self-discovery, character, and purpose. I digest and apply the curriculum I learn into situations outside the classroom, such as the global studies and fresh, philosophical lifestyles. Studying Environmental Science and Public Policy, hoping to regulate the poor living conditions of animals in factory farms, stimulate me. I am honored to be a UCR Highlander in that it has been my escape and self-learning process; I acknowledge that I am still growing into an enlightened individual. Here, I am refining the confidence of trusting my principles and judgments. Possessing a peace of mind by living consciously has lit my laughter that has been concealed. The woman I have become is the person I’ve longed to meet.


As relatively well-to-do students, or Americans in general, we tend to take many things for granted, such as education. While the equality of educational systems is debatable, the fact remains that by law all students are guaranteed an education. In studying history and third-world countries, it becomes apparent that education is the most powerful gift that can be endowed to another human being. Education opens endless possibilities, and in such a fast-paced , rapidly expanding country, a college education is most invaluable. In this day and age a college education is almost mandatory, as more and more companies look to college graduates rather than mere high school graduates. Yet, while college may only seem like a mere ticket to a bettter life, it has offered many more enlightments to the individual as well. To say college is enlightening is an understatement. The sudden explosion of people; different ideas and cultures all flowing throughout the campus, have taught and shown me things that mere textbooks could never do. Meeting people with stories and backgrounds you never knew existed, and learning tolerance and acceptance of diversity, are all part of what makes the college experience so great.


I am currently going for my Associate's degree in Accounting, and will continue working for my Bachelor's degree in Accounting. I am taking online courses; which has enhanced my computer skills. I took a software class that taught me more about the different software application, such as word and excel. this is valuable for my career, because accountants can use excel to make budget sheets, balance sheets, and other financial statements. My math classes didn't teah me anything new, they were basic math classes, but were still useful. They were a great review to refresh my memory. Even though they didn't teach me any new math strategies or formulas, they gave me a better understanding of how to apply math problems to real world situations. I have taken business classes and accounting classes that will be beneficial for my career. These business and accounting classes are not only a requirement for my degree program, but they have also taught me some important financial information that will be valuable in the business field.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is the life lesson that what matters is your personal gain, not any face value. What I mean by this is that you should not let your college experience revolve around trying to get the letter grade “A”, but rather to take the education for your personal benefit. In a previous experience in college, I had received a lower, undesired letter grade. What had scared me, however, was the fact that I did not care about this grade, rather the education I received from it. I learned from my mistakes and personally learned more. It has been valuable to attend college because of the entire experience. Making friends, making connections, becoming more independent, and the list goes on, it just depends on how much you put into your college experience. Not only that, but you can personally gain certain life lessons just as I have. From my college experience I gained a life lesson that will carry with me for the rest of my life, and this would not have been achieved if it were not for attending college.


My college experience hasn't been too long yet, but I have acquired so much from classes and not necessarily all from the professor. I have only completed three classes so far, and because they weren't for just freshman there was a variety of students in there and I was able to hear about some of their differnet perspectives of UC Riverside. I played softball for the first three months of school and I took a lot out of that experiece, I was able to witness how much dedication is put into the sport with classes and and actual softball. I found that going to softball helped me to stay on task with my academics. I learned that by actually going to class it helped me to understand the text better because it was explained in context and from an expert on the text. What I've taken froms chool so far is the independence required to succeed.


In the past two years I have found my college experience to be rewarding and also something that pushes me to become a better student and person. I currently play fastpitch at South Puget Sound Community College and this has been a complete blast, I have learned to unite with many different people and backgrounds and the competitiveness of the sport has taught me to push hard for my goals and not to settle for less. When i began college I felt I was only attending because it was just something I had to do, but now I feel very fortunate to have had the opperturinty thus far, I am a first generation college student and it makes me proud and I know my parents and family will be pround of that also. It has been a valuable expericence because I it has made me want to be a better person and strive to be the best I can be. I now know that i have set goals for myself, Im now setting goals that I am proud of and proud to share with others. I am pursuing a Bachlors Degree in Psychology at Central Washington University


I have become a much stronger more independent person that I ever could have imagined thanks to college. I was able to learn more about myself and challenge myself in new ways, for example the various classes I took and clubs I joined. This experience has shown me that I do not have to put limits on myself and to believe in myself. U.C.Riverside has help me finally go from a catapillar to a beautiful butterfly. I can see myself being a successful college graduate and evertime I obtain success I want more of it. I have learned how to motivate myself and push myself because no else will. Attending college has truly been one of the most rewarding and liberating experiences of my life. I have been positively influenced by my experience and hope to continue on this streak of success and self discovering.


UCR allowed me to transition from the unnecessarily, sheltered environment developed by my high school and parents to a more real-life environment. In college, I am the one that chooses when and what I eat, when and how much I study, when and how much I exercise, how much money I spend, when and how much I sleep, everything. College truly identifies you as an adult and respects all the rights you have. Not like high school where insignificant things like being tardy and eating in class are punished. As an honors student, I enjoy many privileges like having first dibs on classes when it comes to registering for the next quarter. Although there are a lot of requirements to fulfill in order to become and remain an honors student, its rewards are endless. Here at UCR, the students are as diverse as California can get. It has exposed me to different cultures, races, personalities, talents, and as a result, I made more friends. No matter what background you come from or what you want to become when you grow up, education is a permanent investment in one's life which is why it is paramount to utilize it.


Before I reveal what has made my college experience all worth while, I must explain how I came to be here. I started working when I was sixteen out of necessity. My high school grades suffered because of this, but I knew that I would attend the community college so my grades didn't matter. After graduation I started working full-time and eventually became a certified financial advisor at a bank. After three years in the financial industry, culminating in my selling of investments, loans, and other accounts, I realized I was in the wrong field and I needed to concentrate on school. I left my finance job to focus on community college and eventually transferring to a university. I finally succeeded in Fall 2010 and transferred to University of California, Riverside. I learned what l really wanted to do with my life while stuudying at the community college, and I was able to many classes for less money to be sure of my decision. I am now an Art Major, but I left College of the Canyons with an AS in Biology and an AA in Graphic Multimedia Design. I love college.


I've gotten a greater education than I could have on my own. College fills you with knowledge and real life experiences to prepare you for the real world, although ungraded. My mind has expanded and is open to new things. It's a changing experience and helps mold you into the person you will become. It's amazing to be exposed to such a diverse culture and prodigious people. Community college has been wonderful. The classrooms are small and we get more individualized attention and equal quality of teaching as any other college. This is why I plan to go to Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. They have so many specializations with seperate buildings, that no classroom is too big. I plan to extend my knowledge to get my bachelor's degree so that I may be better prepared for what life throws at me. I will be the best that I can be.


My college experience thus far has been amazing. It is somewhat similar to high school but a lot of students have become more mature. We all have learned how to effectively make goals in life and live up to them. The reason why I am stating this is because I have done so myself. I use to be a student that was not confident at all with my work and it did not help me acheive my goals. What I have noticed throughout the year in a half that I have been in college is that now I am the complete opposite of who I use to be. Thinking back I am proud to say that I am satisfied with my college experience and I believe that it is an educational stage in our lives that everyone should experience. What makes me sad about this is that not everyone gets to attend college. Whether it is because they are non-citizens of the U.S. or do not have money to obtain further education. This means that a lot of students dont get to reach their goals in life. This also means that the world misses out on great ideas.


College experience is great. You get to take the classes you want, which range from anything to automotive to law. I have not been going to college long, but so far I love it! Its great being able to take the classes I love and being able to see what im going to be in two-four years from now. College has given me even more motivation than I have ever had. Not only is college a wonderful experience, but you will meet friends and terrific professors that will teach you so much more than they realize.


Education has always been a priority in my life. All through high school I was a very dedicated student. Likewise, I am still a dedicated student now that I am in college. There are many differences, however, between a high school and college experience. Out of my college experience so far, I have learned many aspects of my social, emotional, physical, and spiritual life. Through my social life in college, I have learned who is a real friend or not. It is valuable because we must always know who we can count on or not. In addition, I have found the "one." It is valuable becuase had I taken a different route, I may not have met this person. Through my physical life in college, I have learned to take care of my body & use the resources available to me (i.e. the gym) to stay healthy. Lastly, through my college experience, I have strengthened my faith on a much higher level than I have before. Through all these aspects, my life has overall been shaped to where I believe is Right. Had I not attended college at all, I may not be where I am now.


I absolutely love UC Riverside. Its so diverse making everyone different, yet everyone has the same goal and that is to be successful. College in general is very valuable to one's prosperity. Whether it be a community college or private university, college should be a crucial aspect of people's lives. I know UC Riverside is.


College has shown me more of the world, and proved to me I know nothing. Only now my mind is finally being filled, but I know there is so much more, and I want my brain to overflow. My main involvement on campus other than class is my job. I work with the police department and I see the ends and outs of everything that goes on, from a small protest, to large concerts. I have learned a lot about myself. In some ways I am the same, in others I have become much more complex, but simple as well. The wide variety of classes offered has allowed me to learn more than just what I am focusing on. The administration at this school can be a hassle, only about a quarter of them care for the students and will go out of their way to help. The rest make you work for what you need, make you stand up for yourself and not back down. Through that, I have gained strong life skills and I know I am ready for all that is after college, but I'm still looking forward to the time I have left!


College is the best part in everyones life.l know it has been for me. l joined college last yr and now am in my second quarter of school.What l can say about what l have gained from my college experience is amazing.l have met so many great,ambitious people that are fighting the same goals as me.There are some people that are different than me but we get along at the same time.l have learned that there are people that have different ways of life for example some people like to party all the time while others just enjoy to study for various amounts of time.My classes have been hard ;my first quarte of college as a freshman was the hardest .l had 3 classes;English ,Ethnic studies and Comparative Politics.l never knew how hard college was until when l stepped into college.l realized that l had to get better study skills for my Ethnice Studies and Comparative Politics class .These classes require alot of reading and alot of time spent on them . .College has been valuable to attend because l have gained more knowledge than l had before.


Coming to UCR has helped me develop a new layer of confidence within myself. Before I attended college, I was timid and discouraged my classwork. However, since I have come to this wonderful school, I have learned that confidence and the ability to believe in one self can help you conquer any challenge that lays ahead.


I have learned so far in college that hard work is a necessity. In my personal experience I have learned that it benefits to go above and beyond to acheive a proud grade. Submitting a little bit more than the minium has proven to benefit me. I have also learned that it is important to ask questions. There is no need to feel dumb if I have a question, it is better to ask and learn, then try to avoid embarrassment be remaining silent. Organization is a key factor in college. Being un-orgainzed can result in falling behind. It is also good to stay on top of grades, using whatever source the college provides. Keep communication with professors is also good. I found that the best way to stay on top of everything is to use all sources that are available to me. I tried to take my time to learn all of the online and on campus sources that were provided. A good college without a doubt prepares students for the real world. All the skills that I have learned in college so far are skills that I plan on carrying on when I prepare for my career.


So far my experience at the University of California Riverside has allowed me to view the world in a different perspective and has also allowed for me to more appreciate everything I've got as well as all of the opportunities I have had offered to me. Through attending college in a are very distinct than the one I grew up I have already witnessed different cultural differences which have opened up my eyes to different understandings and has also provided me with a different perspective in which i should view the world. Leaving home as also helped me realize everything I have most importantly all the support I have from home and how much having that support has helped me in many ways to achieve my goals by motivating me to be the best for myself as well as for them.


Through my college experience, i have obtained to be more well-rounded and understanding of the different cultures, environment, and studies that I had no knowledge of. By attending at University of California, Riverside, i have been exposed to different cultures, traditions, and information that really changed my perspective about the world in a positive way. The diversity among the school unifies the school as UCR students instead of being segragated into different categories. Therefore, diversity has to be the most valuable asset to UCR. I believe that with the knowlege and understanding of different cultures and traditions, we can set aside racial or class segragation and unify together to change the community and even change the world.


What I have gotten out of my college is that they are just so many ways to keep on succeeding and keep on learning new things. When you decide to move out and take the opportunity to experience college life.I learned to be an independent person and be responsible for all the things I have done or will do. I really value the opportunity I have because in m y family Im the first one to go to college and for me is a privalege. I really want to keep on studying an pursue a career I will like and achive whatever comes my way.


More than ten years ago I sat down as a high-school senior to begin filling out my college applications. Recalling that process now as a doctoral student and a teacher, the part I remember the most - and the most valuable part by far - was the realization that my parents' desire to be involved in my future plans had stopped being helpful. It had at some point become counterproductive. It wasn't until I had been rejected by several schools that I realized something: I needed to handle this process on my own. I gently but firmly told them to butt out. I'll be forever grateful that they did so. The next round of applications - my applications - earned me a place at UCR. It took me years to unravel the lesson behind that experience. My time here has both broadened and focused my interests. I have studied mathematics, fallen in love with law, read Melville, attended concerts, studied politics, presented a conference paper, fallen out of love with law, studied cannibalism, designed a game system in my spare time...earned a degree. Stayed. Earned another one. I have grown intellectually in a fashion otherwise impossible. Cliche? Maybe. True? Definitely.


In my college experience I have been able to mature and enrich myself as a better human being. I have learned to become more indepedent rather than depending on others for something that I can easily do myself.I have met many people and made many friends. If I never made the choice to attend my college I would have never made the friends I have now . Also I wouldn't have created the bond amongst my fraternity brothers. I believe things happen for a reason. I believe people should not be afraid of what is to come but rather embrace that "thing" that is to come. Although I have had many hardships in my life and some while in college those hardships have not deterred me from being that funny, humble and optimistic person that I am. Yes, I have learned things in class but the things outside of class are the things that I will always remember and live by. Therefore, my college experience has been difficult at times but memorable and valuable at the same time.


I feel as though the most valuable thing I learned through my experience at college has been independence and responsibility. As someone who will soon enter the working world and no longer have my parents to rely on anymore, these are very important qualities to possess. From signing up for classes and being personally responsible for attending, to paying utility bills for my off-campus apartment, I feel that regardless of the information I learned in classes that I manage to retain past graduation, at the very least, I can say I got something valuable out of my college experience that will have a positive impact on the rest of my life. It has been valuable to attend in order to keep to learn what commitment and dedication is. As a college student, for most people, your parents are no longer there to tell you to go to classes, as they did in high school. In college, one must have the stamina to wake up each day and attend classes from their personal willingness to learn. I did not realize how much dedication I would need until I actually started attending college.


The only person who can get you through college is YOU. You have to put in time, effort, and work. You have to take charge of your education. No one cares about how you are doing in your classes. It is important to be responsible, which means, making the right decisions for you. As a first time freshmen, I felt that as a high institute of learning and with the expenses I was paying, I was doing to get through college with a few scratches. Did I think it was going to be a walk in the park? No, but coming into a University with this tough economy, the University is not always going to make decisions in favor of the students. In other words, students are paying for filet mignon but are receiving burgers. When the walls are coming down it best to try and stand firm, you are going to eventually fall to the ground. Yeah you may have some cuts and bruises, but it is better to know that you attempted to stand strong instead of fleeing away and giving up. It was valuable for me to learn that it is really every man for their self.


College has been the best 3 years of my life. Not only have I experienced the social aspects of college, I have also gotten a great education that has opened my eyes. It has given me a more diverse learning environmnent as well as a more diverse knowledge. College has also given me a chance to be involved in my UC Riverside community as well as the Riverside community. I am part of a peer educator group that de-stresses students by meditation exercises. It has been a great program that allows me to connect and help with my peers. College has been valuable to attend because the knowledge and education I have received at my university is non-comparable to high school. I love to engage in deep discusses about the world, politics, international relations, and many other sujects during my lectures. College has also helped me find out more about myself and what I want to do in the future. Overall, I love college and there is nothing that can replace it !


I have gotten a CAREER out of my college experience. It was an invaluable experience that I would repeat in a heartbeat. UCR prepared me for my career as a teacher and I feel like it was the perfect school choice for me.


At the University of Riverside, I have gotten a lot of college experience that I thought I would never get. I was really stressed about moving out and living alone. However, living in the dorms has made my experience much better. Through this experience, I have met amazing people, got to know a diverse group of people, and as well taken advantage of the best education I can get. Through this experience I have been able to meet my professors one to one at office hours and got to know them better, which has really helped me to understand my classes even more. It has been valuable for me to attend because I have got closer to people that I never thought I would. I have turned from a shy to an outgoing student and as well learned from all my mistakes.


Before Ohio State, I attended a community college to start my college career. I did so because of the smaller classrooms offered for more interactions between the teacher and the students. To me this meant having more teacher and student interaction, I was able to get the individual attention that I needed if I ever had a question. I have received an excellent education at an affordable price. As a student, I’ve been involved in many different student organizations such as the Environmental club, Philosophy club, Phi Theta Kappa; International Honor Society, and the Psychology Club in which I was fortunate enough to be president of for a year. In the Psychology club, I helped organize undergraduate student research, and present my findings at research conferences, and obtain a scholarship through S.T.A.R.S. to continue the research. To further my education, I am transferring my earned college credits in pursuit of attaining either a bachelor’s degree at Ohio State University in January 2011, where I hope to find a career in my chosen field; in Dental health. My college experience has been very valuable because I am now more prepared and educated for graduate school.


The experience from the college that I am attending so far is basic information about computers ( powerpoint, excel, and word). It is valuable to attend college to better my future in computer technology.


I have gotten so much out of my college experience. Firstly I have matured greatly, and have learned to take classes seriously and enjoy them as much as possible. I have learned so much just in these quarters that I have been at college. Every class is an adventure no matter the professor, I now value every individual professor, and try and learn from their knowledge in their specific field. College is just great, even when things get tough or things are looking down I enjoy it, because God has given me the opportunity to come to a college and further my learning. College has been extremely valuable to attend. It gives me a glimpse of the real world, and it is purely fun. Learning is just a necessity for me, not just an want. Learning is so valuable in life and I want to continue to learn more and more, and as much as possible throughout my college years and further on.


My college experience has been amazing! I have been forchante enough to take advantage of some of the programs Riverside offers in helping students learn about life, verse just reading books and writing papers. I would highly suggust doing a program at any school that involves time living in a different city or country. I am currently partcipating in the UCDC program and working in an internship in Washington DC and I just applied to the Spring Quarter Aboard in London, where I will be learning about British Culture and Lititature while interning. Gaining life experience in college is just as valuable as earning your degree if not more. In this economy where the work force is overloaded with propspects that have years of experience in their field, any internships you gain while still in college will be all the more benifical to your success after graduation. Being in a safe environment while learning your place in the world makes a smooth transition into adulthood and a more well-round indiviual. This is why I value my college experience and find all my school has to offer priceless. I only wish I could experience it all!


College was a chance for me to get away. I moved over 400 miles from my family in order to experience something different and prove to them and more importantly myself that I could make it on my own. What I found was freedom, independence but most importantly, myself. I may not know what I want to do or where I will be in 10 years, however I do know that I will be successful and driven. I also know who I am, the values I stand for and the qualities I possess. The courage I found to overcome unfamiliar settings was the best gift I could gain. I went to UCR terrified of failing and after quitting engineering to pursue clinical psychology, I have learned that it was not about quitting, but in fact finding my career, something that will make me happy. The courses I am taking are both fun and educational, I could see myself loving this type of job. That in itself is an accomplishment some never achieve. My strenghts and newfound knowledge is irreplaceable, I would not change my first year away from home for anything.

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