University of California-Riverside Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


It is very diverse, has great teachers, and is a beautiful campus.


The friendly people that I met, and the cool things my campus has to offer


I tell my friends that my school is very diverse and you feel at home when you are there. You meet new people everyday and everyone so so socialble. Our school is very spirited even thogh we do not have a football team we support our basketball team like crazy. We have a spirt hype team that keeps the crowds going and supporting. We have numerous school activities that people from other schools always sant to come to because they might have heard it from other kids that say it was cool and they would want to be their again.


We give back to the community.


I brag most about the beautiful scenery that my school has. The mountains surrounding the school is so beautiful. There are plenty of trees and deep green grass. It is also very clean. I love the physical features of UCR.


What I brag most to my friends is how socially open this school is. The people are friendly, and making friends is easy. As far as I have seen, UCR is open to all races, religions, and beliefs. The freedom of speech is widely accepted in this campus, and cultural diversity is welcomed. UCR is a great place to open yourself to new ideas and make new friends.


When i talk about my school to my friends I brag about all the different organizations on campus there are. I think that all the differnt campus organizations halep a lot of the students get to know each other because it attracts people with common interests.


I tell my friends that UCR has perfect southern California weather, good-looking guys, and healthy food.

I brag that I am attending a UC school and that I recieved a very fair amount of financial aid.


The University of California of Riverside gives students the opportunity to create a curriculum for themselves that follows suit with what they wish to do for a career. For example, I want to go to law school. Therefore, I wanted to do a major that would help me be both politically aware and be able to create arguments and retort to others. With the help of the amazing staff and advisors, I have chosen a double major with Political Science and Philosophy with a minor in Statistics. These all fulfill my wishes and dreams of who I want to be.


I usually brag about my professors' methods of teaching. Most of the professors in the arts and humanities department are enthusiastic about teaching and I admire their technique to get us involved in class. For example, one professor for History plays World-genre music before class begins and then tells us how the song relates to the topic of history being lectured that day. Another example is some professors keep the books on reserve at the library, to encourage us to study on campus. We have more than one library and the libraries are spacious and relaxing to study.


I like to brag mainly about how I was when I was little. I like having people pay attention to me when I talk. I also like talking about what kind of cultures I know and which countries I have been to because they are the topics that I understand. There are many topics that I do not exactly understand when my friends speak with each other. Being a different race and believing a different religion really does not help me get along better with my new friends.


When I brag about my school, one of the things I like to put the emphasis on, is the diversity of the studetnt body that attends UCR. UCR is also a top research oriented school and we are always of the cutting edge of the majors we choose to focus on. Not to mention UCR is a tier 1 school, which is included in the top 100 universities within the United States.


Since my first year experience at the Univiersity of California of Riverside was amazing, there is a lot of things I like to tell my friends about it. One of the things I always mention is the fact that students are not realy competitive, meaning, they all like to help out. It seems as if each student is responsible for their own success, but at the same time everyone cares for eachother. Another this is the diversity in the school. There seems to be people from very different places, different backrounds, race and cultures.


I love telling others about all the friends I've made at school. How friendly everyone's been and how great the school is in the sense that it makes me feel like I belong. I really like UCR and I am proud to go to school there. I love bragging about all the interesting things I learned in class and I love that my professors are passionate about what they do. The fact that they love their field makes it easier for students to love their class.




Well, there is a lot of factors that make this campus amazing! The classes are not too large and the instructors are reasonable with their class/exam/homework rules.;students should always work hard and never "slack off." This campus has an awesome gymnasium and outdoor sport fields; I excercise regularlry, so I use the gym frequently. Also the research opportunities are emense; many students are researching with worldly-known professors. Researches range from insect studies to citrus grove research to bone fusions and tissue growth! This is an amazing campus that ANY student can dedicate their time to studying!


Our school spirit is out of this world!!!!! Everyone is down to earth. Staff and peers are always willing to help in any type of situation.


I tell them the campus is very nice. Everyone at my school is so friendly and willing to sacrifice personal time to help each other out. I love the professors at my school.


How amazing the English department is and why I love the classes I take so much.


I brag most about the ethnic diversity and the wide range of cultures that mesh on campus. Also, the honors program is superb and the professors are all professionals in their field because of their research that they have to do every year.


What I mention most to my friends about UCR is that UCR is known to have a great program with the University of California Los Angeles in the health care field.


I tell them how amazing my professors are. Practically every professor is an expert in their fields and are regularly asked and paid for their expert advice on anything from economy to medicine to culture. I also brag about how convienently located it is to both Los Angeles and the Coachella Valley (where I'm from). I love to tell people about how perfect the campus is; it's based on the edge of a mountain, we have botanical gardens, and most of our campus is covered by grass and trees, unlike others. It's gorgeous!


The location is close enough to travel to the beach, mountains, or Los Angeles. The dorms are much newer in comparison to other older universities on the East Coast.


When I talk to my friends who don't attend UCR, I always brag about the fact that I have generally warm weather. Riverside is in the Inland Empire and has desert like weather. My afternoons are spent in the sunshine, while many of friends are in the cold and rain. Warm weather in January is the best.


when i tell my friends about my school i tell them that they are building new buildings and that all of the professors that i have had are really cool.


When I tell my friends about my UC Riverside I tell them about all the great people and also programs I have been introduced too. After coming from a highschool that was not very diverse coming to a new school with all types of different people felt very great. I also love that the school provides so many programs and tutors and support groups that can help you achieve any goal you set. I brag about how these programs are helping maintain a high GPA and I am very greatful about it.


I tell them that the great study groups and tutoring sessions are extremely helpful because they are extremely interactive and are a great way to make friendships with those in the same major or who share the same interests as yourself.


I brag about the quarterly concerts that the Program Broad host. There is always at least one popular musical act, along with a few lesser known acts, that perform.


I like the faculty and staff at this school. They're quite eager to help the students be successful in their courses. Compared to what I've heard from my friends from other college campuses, I like our science labs better. Our hands-on labs and projects are all done in class. I haven't had to face any group projects that would make us meet with our group members outside of the classroom - this is a good thing because sometimes we cannot always rely on our group members whom we've just met.


I brag mostly about the people at my school. Everyone at my school are so welcoming and are more than welcome to mentor you through school. I've made so many friends that will become lifetime friends. Also the school is so diverse and so I spending time with my friends is like adventure were I experience new things.


Usually, I brag about the diversity of the students that attend here. I also like how there are small class sizes available here. It is easy to make friends with people that are in your discussion sections. Also, there are always people that try to organize study groups before midterms and tests in an effort to help everyone understand what is going on. The supplemental instruction is also very useful when you do not understand what went on in lecture. FInally, I love to brag about how students here are not so competitive but would rather help each other out.


There is quite a large variety of students. Every student can express their points of view.


The teachers are very into what they are doing, and they are very understanding. There is also a student lounge that is awesome because it has t.v. with cable, and games, as well as study areas all over the campus.


How cheap it is to live off-campus compared to other schools. Also, how diverse the campus is.


I tell my friends of the support I get from faculty, staff, and my fellow students in learning and embracing the challenges of school. I let them know of the many choices we have for activities outside of school as well, which have helped me to make new friends and learn more about different cultures.


The companies that are frequenlty in campus for interviews and internships.


Its a small campus. You can recognize most people.


UC Riverside is not known for prestige in comparison to the other UC?s such as UCLA or UC Berkeley, but I am proud of the Thomas Haider program which is part of a UCLA and UCR medical program; what is also worth mentioning of UCR is their plan to create new and expand their pre-med/medical facilities.


My school is a nice place to be because it is very easy to make friends, especially if you live at the dorms or nearby. It is close to my parents' house and it is convenient in many ways. For example, there are stores around, fast food places, movie theatre, bank, and the downtown is not that far away from the university. That city is culturally rich in general and there is always something going on there. Even the bus service and the vanpool are quite effective.