University of California-Riverside Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I believe the worst thing about UC RIverside would be the dangerous location. Although the school provides many resolutions to the issue, the fear does not subside.


Personally, the worst aspect of my school is the commute. I financially couldn't afford on-campus residency, leaving commuting as my only option. While the campus itself is beautiful, my sixty-mile roundtrip commute requires me to maintain a steady job during college. My current fear is that this will affect my focus on school.


The location, there really isnt much to do nearby. I would say it is a disadvantage because once boredom strikes there isnt anything to go see or explore.


Thw worst thing about my school would have to be the fact that we had a period of unsafety. by this i mean that during a time perios it was realy uncomfortable to walk to and from my apartment from school because i had a fear of getting robbed or hurt. Situations like so were very common and students felt unsafe coming to school. fortunately our school police department partnered up with various programs to assure our safety, no i feel safe walking anywhere.


There is nothing that is bad about the school.


University of California, Riverside does not have the best athletics as students suffer with no football team and a poor male basketball team.


The worst thing about my school is that we get charged for things in our tuition that we don't even use. It is unfair for students who commute that don't use the gym and they are charged for it/.


the worst thing about the school is the place where its located since its like if its in the middle of nowhere. Hard to find entertainment on the weekends.


The worst thing about UCR is the weather. It is extremely hot in the summers, up to 110 degrees, and during the winter and fall it can be very windy and cold. It is wise to check the weather before leaving your dorm or house. Also, classrooms are typically cold so be sure to bring a sweater.


There is very little to complain about at UCR, but class avaliability can sometimes be frustrating. The school is quite crowded (but with CA's budget crisis that's to be expected) and this can result in difficulties when trying to register for classes, because the most interesting and/or most important classes fill up very quickly. Luckily, the academic advisors are willing to enroll you in a class early if you approach them, this services is mostly for student's one or two quarters away from graduation of course.


There is nothing wrong with this school.


The worst thing about the University of California, Riverside is that it doesn't have a football team. If we did have one, there would be more school spirit and togetherness among students.


University of California Riverside doesn't neccessarily have anything that strikes a bad reputation. It is just like any other university but is credited less because of it is one of the newest universitites. It isn't deemed highly credible like other schools such as UCLA or UCSD because it is newer. It is still growing and and it still expanding to create a well established university like the latter. It's classes and education content attributes the same difficulty level and requires the same prowess for certain classes and majors as other schools, but lacks the prestigous reputation.


The worst part about UCR is its relative surroundings. Students generally tend to stay on campus because the surrounding neighborhoods tend to be relatively unsafe. This forces students to be confined mostly to the campus and what little surroundings it has.


I don't know anyone. I transferred here and didn't know anyone.


I think the worst thing is my school's location. I feel safe when being on actual camps, but off campus I don't. To me, off-campus includes even a block or to from campus. There have been a lot of reported cases of students being robbed or assaulted, around campus, especially during the night. For this reason, my school's location is the worst aspect of it.


Well to be completely honest with you l would have to say the student population of the school is so high.During the school days,everything is so crowded and therefore one can barely get any food to eat and even if they do it takes alot of time by the time they are able to get it.Another thing is the public smoking at my school.l hate smoking or even the smell of it .l wish the school would implement some ground rules for people that smoke and make it illegal to smoke while on campus because it


The worst thing about my school is that most of the students that goes here do not have much pride in UC Riverside. For most students, UCR was not their first choice. They come here thinking about transferring to a different university. They do not come to UCR with an open heart and they do not give UCR a chance to warm up to them. It makes me sad that the students here do not have school pride.


I feel that the University of Riverside is an amazing place to be at. However, one main thing that I don't like about is the location. I feel there is nothing to do there without a car. I feel it is an isolated place. The trolley system there is great, but traveling at night in a trolley just doesn't seem too safe for students. I wish that there were more things to do there that were much closer.


It's not really known for much but is actually a pretty good school. Don't forget about Riverside just because of it's location. The beach is an hour away, the mountains 1 1/2 hrs, Palm Springs about 2 hrs, Disneyland 45 minutes, and Las Vegas is 3 1/2 hrs. The ontario airport is close by, but LAX has better deals and is about 1 1/2 hrs away, plus Hollywood is less than an hour away. Plus the campus is actually really nice and the people are friendly.


As a transfer student, the worst thing is the run around I received with my transcript process. The A&R department messed up my transcripts twice, both times, I had to pay for new copies to be sent here. I finally had to walk into the office with my official transcripts and handed them to the correct person. The A&R department doesn't handle transfer students as effectively as they handle incoming freshmen.


I consider the teaching system to be the worst thing about our school. Our school is known for research rather than the 4-year education. I've switched my major many times and have taken a lot of classes. I've noticed that sometimes the professor doesn't teach his own class but has office hours. Guaranteed, there are many teaching assistants who are relied on to judge and grade our performance for discussion (which is understandable), and, every once in a while, a teacher assistant conducting the lecture. It's not always the same as enthusiastic community college professors.


The location of the school has been a major concern for me because of the neighborhood. The surrounding homes are decent, but eateries and grocery stores in the area are often lingering with homeless men asking for money, loitering men and persistant solicitors. I don't feel safe off University grounds and avoid hanging out even within a block of the University unless there is a heavy flow of students. Crime in this city is also relatively high, even on campus so it's discomforting that I can't feel safe on my own campus.


I think the worst thing about our school is got to be the difference in grading between easy and hard teacher. Some teacher gives easy grade while students learns nothing while other teachers tend to teach with very effective methods while giving students lower and more honest grade.


The worst thing about my school would be the location. In Riverside, there is hardly anything to do. The only places you can probably go to is the University Village, which has places to eat, 7/11, and a movie theatre. There is no shopping mall nearby or a huge grocery store, like Vons. You can only find these if you have a car and drive 5-15 minutes. Also, Riverside is known for the homeless and criminals. I would get emails often about recent crime reports.


The worst thing is the ONLY thing bed about my school, which is the weather. Personally, I prefer the winter, but Riverside is one of the hottest cities in California. It gets pretty hot and sometimes it also gets humid, but it only occurs in the summer.


There is not much I can say that would be really bad about the school. If anything it would be that it has a poor film program that is in need of being financed for a better start at the study of film. This would increase more hands on work and experience for the film major students.


The issue with this school primarily is that it is not a college town. In fact it was originally built after the city was already established. It made it hard since the residents did not particularly want the school to be built due to traffic, noise and congestion. Thus, the area around the school does not have much built around it other than fast food restaurants. I wish it had more activities for students to be attracted to, so it could have more life in the area. This way the students could be more prideful.


The worst thing about UCR is the administrative system. While everyone does their best to be friendly and helpful, sometimes there's so much red tape it can make your head spin (and in silly places!). Not to mention the budget- there are times you have to wonder where your tuition money is getting to.


The arts are underfunded, and the theatre department had little focus.


the worst thing about the school is not so much the campus but tis location. here in riverside the heat can get unbearable.


I consider the worst thing about my school is the fact that there is little near to none school spirit; many do not want to be there or love the school.


The community in which UCR is enveloped is full of crime. Students don't feel comfortable walking down the streets late at night or even late afternoon because they are afraid of the surrounding enviroment. Also, UCR is a university with a bad reputation for being the "worst" UC in the system. However, There are alumni that have proved that UCR is a great school and it's a shame no one else can see that.


The worst thing is the parking. Trying to park on campus is crazy and expnsive and parking services is crazy about giving tickets. No one likes parking and all the madness


The worst thing about my school is the weather. It can get extremely hot in the area since we are located on the mountains and desert.


The advisors. They do not have the correct information reagrding graduation requirements and are not updated.


The least exciting aspect of my school is purely non-academic. Riverside is located in the region named Inland Empire, but is also in the east side of what is known as ?the Los Angeles Area?. Because of its location, Riverside relies for many activities on the near city of Los Angeles. The University of California Riverside is affected by this phenomenon as well. Most of its students often leave Riverside for the weekends seeking more sport and cultural events than Riverside can offer. This creates a vacuum of activities that I believe is fundamental for the university-life experience.




i dont know .


The area. There isn't much to do when it comes to late night parties and clubs. Parties tend to get shut down early and good dance clubs are rare.


The worst thing about my school is that sometimes you have to do this alcoholl survey. Where it makes you feel like you're accused in doing this kind of action.


The worst part about college is the divion of lecture and discussion, discussions are taught by teaching assistants that are sometimes not as knowlegable as professors.


the school is great, the only problem is the surrounding area. there is nothing to do in this town and its quite poor. It is definitly not a place i would want to raise a family.


The worst thing about UCR is the city of Riverside. The school has a great student life (including live music shows at "The Barn" and events every week), but outside of the school there isn't much to do without leaving the city. It's especially a hassle of you don't have a car. Even if you do have a car, parking at UCR is very limited. They're building more classrooms to fit more students, but don't expect more parking.


The worst thing about my school that most people would consider bad is that we don't have a football team. It makes it hard for some people to have school pride. However, both our men's and women's basketball teams are div. 1 and it would cost a lot more for students to attend UCR if we did have a football team.


I think the worst thing about this school is the class size. It is too big . When the microphone doesn't work in a class, the students who sit in the back of the class room can bearly hear the professor's voice.


The worst thing about this school is the lack of complete security. Often times, one gets to hear cases of rape or robbery and that's why it becomes difficult to not be afraid when one is on campus at night. However, critical measures are being taken to increase security and decrease the crime rate on campus.


The worst is probably the fact that it is always under construction. Most UC's however are constantly under construction in order to build better facilities for students and faculty. The neighboring area is not that great either, I hope that Riverside will soon expand to a more student-friendly environment.


The amount of students they accept every year


The weather.